8 Beautiful poison

"What a pitty. You have got an innocent face but a sharp tongue."Alpha chuckled and in just about 10 seconds the situation was upside down!!!!?

He snatched the sword from kezia,got up from his position and hugged her tightly from behind by twisting her arms. He trapped her waist like a snake, his deep breaths were hitting her skin expecting to send shivers but....

She stood there like a statue, unaffected. Instead Alpha was becoming nervous. He was curious that how the hell she wasn't reacting at all ??

" Your highness, am not a wolf. So stop dreaming about me". Kezia said in a sarcastic tone.

"Your not looking forward to your own death na?? "Alpha said in an uninterested tone.


Days passed but that memories were hard to forget. Kingdom was trapped into rumours stating Dazel as a selfish, evil mind with disturbing intentions. 'special jobs ' were adopted by citizens such as gossip messengers.

While inside the palace the whole family was playing 'hide and hide '(original one is hide and seek) avoiding each other.

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While Maria blamed her daughter for killing her ' pseudo husband ' and was deeply sad. Bella lost her charm and enthusiasm. While Dazel was busy handling administrative issues under the guidance of minister Cavour as 'the crown princess '.

After finishing work, one afternoon in her study

"Your highness, princess Bella is now of 14 .She should debut in the society as soon as possible " Minister Cavour remarked.

"Let her choose. She's an enthusiastic princess ".Cavour interrupted "was" while staring at Bella, who was sitting under a tree with a sad expression on her face with fear and no hope through a small window.

On seeing her sister in this state, a tear slipped from Dazel's eyes but she managed to tidy herself in no time. "I do hope that there are many youngsters interested in her "Dazel suppressed her emotions.

Minister Cavour was not expecting such a reply. He was left with a wide opened mouth .He was like an uncle to her and a well wisher.

"Your highness , we can't marry her off to anyone else, but in a well reputated royal family. "Cavour's mind was wondering for a perfect name but...

Suddenly a soldier came, who appeared to be in a hurry to spit something out. With sweat all over his forehead.

"Your highness " he bowed without making an eye contact but , Dazel was in a mood to play. She was staring directly into his eyes. When their eyes met, that soldier was lost into her brown eyes but wasn't daring enough to say anything.

She broke the contact and raised an eyebrow with an expression of 'spit it out '.

<<Author: Huh, is he blind?? I forgot to mention it.

Dazel : Seems like someone is burning (smirked).

Author : In your dreams>>

"Your highness, the Lord of Klara's forests Alpha Tom is willing to meet her grace ".He shivered while informing .

"Then where's Jerry? "Dazel chuckled. She laughed out.

Minister Cavour was staring at her in a surprised expression .He was assured with her skills and work,but a few habits were non tolerant for these nobles.

Due to awkward stares she turned her face into cold one. "Let him know that this princess is ready ". Soldier nodded and left.

Vibes of curiosity and seriousness filled the room. Bright sun also cooperated and hide behind the dark clouds with rejection every single ray to approach the room.

"Princess, he is a schemer with evil intentions. Why is he trying to approach us "??Cavour spitted his curiosity out.

"Minister Cavour, prepare two horses.I will make sure to take care of our unwanted guest ".

Cavour was sometimes pissed by her light mood on intense and sensitive issues but was left with no choice.

Dazel was staring at two flowers with pink petals and white thread textures in a flower pot near a few papers, appearing like twins but facing each other 's back.

"Minister Cavour, can you guess the name of this flower "?? Dazel asked while her eyes were locked on those flowers.

"Yes princess, it's called Dazellina. It grows into a pair like twins. But left one is known as a goddess while right one as vixen. Some theories also suggests that both are same with a delusion created as two. " Cavour explained.

"Hmm, delusions "she murmured.

Cavour was a scholar with a lot skills like cooking, cleaning, painting etc. in a nutshell a helping husband for his wife.

Dazel nodded and left the study with a wicked smile and her legs were following the way to the 'royal stable'.

"Your highness "the guard outside bowed. "Minister Cavour had prepared horses as per order of your grace, may I lead you to the place? ".

Dazel was lost in her own thoughts ,that were broken by this guard's interruption .

"Ah, huh no need. But he's so fast" she ordered and entered in order to select a perfect companion for her.

She glared at each horse with her bright eyes into that dark stable. Strong and plump horses with soft and long hairs were standing attentively all were as tall as 'giraffe '.

But a white horse with bluish hairs caught her attention , a few blue patches on his body were highlighting his status as a royal horse.

She went near him and patted carefully on his head. His face was gifted with sharp features and big eyes.

'Since it has big eyes, he'll not fall here and there' she chuckled.

"I want this one "she ordered.

The guard that was following Dazel like a kitten, broke the silence. He was amused after looking at the selected one. He was shaking in fear.

"Your highness, this is a poisonous horse " the guard shivered in fear.

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