The blood prince
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The blood prince


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What is The blood prince

Read The blood prince novel written by the author Xerulo on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, reincarnation, r18. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"when he walks the battlefield all that's left are bodies lying around. he is death itself if you see him run for there is nothing you can do except to run" "He is a cruel murderer and a maniac. God! how can someone be so cruel." " Whenever he kills he doesn't see if it's a woman or child his sword is merciless" "I once challenged him to a duel and all that I saw was him looking at me with his cold eyes before I fainted" Ariel is the Grandson of the DEMON EMPEROR, the Prince of demons ,the genral of the blood army . He is a cruel and merciless person. In his previous life he was killed by his best friend. but due to some lucky coincidence or you could say dumb luck he was reincarnated. He wants to be strong so that he can return to his planet and take revenge.. But will he. ___________________________________________________________ Post reviews. support me .https://www.p-a-t-r-e-o-n.com/Xerulo

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I really like this novel ❤. Just give it a chance. L First 2 to 3 chapters are a bit rushed but after that it's awesome. Man is the demon general a badass. Give this a try and I'm sure you won't regret it.


Now I've been In love with his one. The characters are not without backgrounds. All of them have some backstory. Some characters are especially badass ,like the Demon general , he's one of my fav's. If you're going to give this book a chance then keep in mind there are some errors as the Author is new. But he's has improved a bit chapter by chapter. Trust me you're not going to regret reading this.


Really good novel recomended to read, the novel has very few typos and every thing flows smothly the charecters feel alive and eveyone till now seems to have a backstory overall i like it so do read to try for yourself


AMAZING AND COOL. Two words to describe the concept, plot, pacing, and flow of the story. Although there are things you need to pay attention to: the use of commas, and capitalizations. But overall, grammar is good. Chen reminded me of Chen from EXO, I don't know why, haha. But yeah, this book is another must-read.


Interesting start. Grammar could use some work. Capitalization is missing in some parts and some sentences are missing a linking verb or two. Prose would drasticlly improve with grammar, as well as using more descriptive words. Dialogue is fine, so long as the grammar of them improves. I might suggest that you use a "said" replacement cheat sheet to add some more spice to the dialogue, as wellas swapping the Prologue and World Info chapters for more consisteny. Over all a very remarkable effort. Keep on writing 👍


The pacing and the all out writing of the first 2 chapters was a bit off and confusing. But my god, the pacing of the 3rd chapter was amazing. The demon general was a badass character that I hope we get to see more of


My book my rules ... Well it you like the novel then a big thanks and if there are any problems or suggestions feel free to tell me (honestly don't ) Well see in our journey to the end..............


omg, I love this fanfic, I was about to go to sleep but I found this and I couldn't stop reading it. pls, don't drop this........... ........................................................


Hello this is the author. Well this is me asking for something which concerns the future of story so go to ch 5 and give your opinions. Hurry.


Well I have liked the story till now. It's been a ride of emotions for me like in ch 4 I felt so bad for the kid and in the previous chapter I loved the demon knight. Please just don't make the demon knight a useless character.


Tell me about the world ie update the damm page.. Btw where is the fem. Mc also exp gang exp gang exp gang exp gang exp gang exp gang exp gang exp gang


Till now it's iffy but stop skipping the training part .. exp. .exp. .exp. exp. . .


OK Love the Story so far no complanies from my site. Love nice Revange Novels and when the MC is a cool Motherfu*ker with a nice cold Personality but still carring to his Family *cough* *cough* Girls *cough* of corse.


I'll give you 4.8 total score, the plot seems promising, I got hook up but I feel it will be nicer if the quality could improve more because that makes the reader, enjoy the book. Overall there's nothing I can critique because the book itself is so good. Highly recommended to everyone.


The story is really impressive. The background of the characters is well defined. The plot is also flowing smoothly. Rather than a few grammar typos (That I also do) All in all it is a good novel to read. Good job author. All the best


A good beginning, it establishes why the mc is special and how. I don't really read cultivation stuff, but even if I didn't understand everything, the story and writing is good enough to still be able to follow along. I couldn't find any grammar errors, the characters were well developed, and the story progressed naturally. A really good cultivation novel all and all.


I like this book so inorder to get more people to read it I'm writing this review. And this is a message to the author .. don't timeskip please. Listen to me ...also please try to do a mass release on Sunday like 4 chapters at least. Thanks.


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Awesome, worth the read. Go for it.............Awesome, worth the read. Go for it.............Awesome, worth the read. Go for it.............Awesome, worth the read. Go for it.............


Good book, could update more with a equal amount of words a chapter.The character is missing something i justo dont,know what but i still like his personality.the back ground story is good so far and the writing quality is good for me.


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