6 Stolen

Pain... all I can feel is pain. Suddenly I see Drago, standing in front of me shaking his head. "You really thought you'd get away from me? Me?" He said roaring with laughter, "I thought... I thought-" "you thought I loved you? Hahaha! You were but a means to an end!" "How could you!" I say tears burning my eyes "easy, I take you away, kill your family then keep you as a pet" no no "No! You wouldn't! You love me!" Suddenly I feel a splash of water cover me, I wake up. It... it was just a dream. But he still betrayed me, he still wants my family dead.

"Wake up!" A man shouts and throws more water at me, I hear growls and snarls in the room. I look around and see a pack of wolves in their wolf forms barring their teeth at me and a man stood next to me, go to run but I suddenly notice I have chains around my neck, wrists and ankles all connected by a bar going down by body. It's so tight it's cutting in, I feel the blood running down my body pooling on the floor. I hear a commanding voice echo through the room "you thought you would out run me? I must admit I'm impressed at your speed my lady but I planned for speed, you fell in my trap all the same" a tall built tan man walked in, if I didn't hate him I would admit he's handsome. He was topless and wearing a pair of shorts and trainers. Long black hair to his shoulder, strong chiselled jaw, musty body.. not as much a Drago, his body is pure stone... stop thinking about him! "Who are you!" I hiss. "Excuse me of the ill manners my lady, I am Blake. Alpha of the blood river pack. 12th generation of alpha, at your service" "you're the black wolf?" I asked curiously "I am indeed, and no need to introduce yourself. We all know who you are, don't we boys" he says spreading his arms out wide showing off the mighty pack surrounding me, they reply howling, barking and growling. Blake walked closer to me looking at my body in my now bloodied and torn dress, he reached out to lift my chin slightly "your beauty is far better in person my lady, the rumours do not do you justice" he says sweetly and smugly. I spit at He floor by his feet "but your attitude does need adjusting me dear" he said annoyed at the disrespecting showed. Wolves snarling behind him, waiting to tear me apart. "What do you want with me!" I spit the words at him, "my dear, it must come as no surprise that we hate the dragons. However we unfortunately do not lack the size nor power to wipe them all out, we have done many but it's too messy. We aren't very keen on vampires either, eating their way through the human population, growing in numbers etc. So I figured if we take the blood kings bride, he would instantly blame the blood suckers. The trouble was, how did we get to you without leaving our sent and showing our hand. It was until I hear from my sentries you left on your own accord without any protection. I mean what kind of kind leaves his wife unprotected, lucky us. We took our shot, and we'll here you are. The kind will think your family have taken you back, then they will fight to the death wiping out both sides to the point wolves can take over" wait is that why Drago asked me to have an escort ? Because he was protecting Me? He knew? I feel a little bad, but he still wants my family dead! This changes nothing. "You're wasting your time, the king has no interest in me" I say dismissing his plan "ah my dear, you see that's where you're wrong. I have in good authority that he was planning on impregnating you, to create a halfbreed, To help control the magical world. Not knowing that you either need to be mated pair or do it during a blood moon, the fool. Besides nobody steals from him, he will slaughter all who appose him in the most brutal ways imaginable. Your poor vampire kind hahaha" WHAT! He was using me to make a crossbreed! Suddenly memory's came rushing to me of the obvious clues—

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any dragon can live together. In fact some have mated to create even more powerful dragons that combine more than one element— that smug grin when I asked the question about why hasn't he done it. That's why he planned the wedding, this whole thing was to do it! wait.. did Lily know about this? Again another memory flashed in my mind —you used protection right?— did she, was she working with him? But she wanted me to use protection? Was she trying to protect me from him? When I left I heard a voice that sounded like Lily —She's my friend, you're not killing her!— was it actually her? If she's protecting me, Drago would kill her given his track record? But how would she know about it? Drago sees her as a maid. My head hurts I'm so confused. "Nothing to say my dear?" Suddenly those words snap me out of my thoughts, his sly smug grin. I could rip it off! "So what, you're just planning on keeping me here till they kill each other? Then what? You kill me? Why not just do it now you coward!" He smiles a cunning smile that send shivers down my spine "my dear, such an attitude. Why would I kill such a little beauty? If you act like a good girl I may even keep you here as my pet, maybe I'll mate with you instead. Create a wolf vampire hybrid, that sounds good. The blood moon is in 4 months time, maybe I'll keep you here till you break. Then take you as mine on the blood mood, creating a new era of vampire wolfs... or maybe I'll just have my fun now then kill you. Decisions decisions" he's not touching me! I must escape this place. "Don't think about escaping, you're in the middle of pack territory and will have guards posted with you at all times." He turns his back on me but before he leaves he turns his hand into a claw and scrapes it across my back. AHHHG! Must not show weakness "that all you got" I baited him, I should not have done that. His smile spread from ear to ear and his eyes darkened, he took swipe after swipe. "Keep a fire by here at all times, she's slippery" he says to a guard and leaves. I can't escape the chains just yet, I need to plan something. I'm glad my father made me keep my fire proof ability secret, he clearly has no idea... that's it! I'll use fire! Although it's still unstable, I could burn the entire place down.


"Find her! I don't care how tired you are how far you've searched! FIND HER!" How could I be so careless, she left unguarded. She heard part of my conference call and left! She doesn't even know how I feel about her! She must think I'm a monster! Damn you Ragnok! Should have kept his bloody mouth closed!

"Sir, maybe she went home? Should we ask her father?" Hmm if she heard what I think she did then I can imagine she would try to save her family, silly girl. Why would she not just wait in the room, I suppose she wouldn't be the woman I lov.... care for. If she didn't go home we could be starting a war, part of the marriage contract was her protection. I can't have people thinking I can't protect what's mine. DAMN IT! Why couldn't you just stay in the room! "No, We can't risk it. If she hasn't gone home we could be adding file to the fire. We have ties with the sirens still?" "Yes we do sir" that works "send two a male and female, ask them to travel to the vampires territory posing as a couple on a break. Tell them to keep an eye out for any information regarding my wife but they are not to kill anyone unless they are under attack. Understood?" "Yes sir"

****** sapphire

Okay so I'll use my wind ability to knock the fire bowl over to create a panic, then I'll break my chains and make the fire spread enough to cover me to get out of here. Then run home... home. There was a time I was considering stonefire mountain my home. I can't think of that now, who knows how long I've been here, I'm hungry so it's been at least 2 weeks as dragon blood stays in the system longer than human blood. If I leave it any longer I'll be too weak to escape, I gently blow a small breeze to knock over the Bowl which contains the burning fire. The big brown wolf sends the grey wolf to stand it up, damn I'm going to need to spread the fire. Okay breath, you got this. I concentrate on the fire spreading to the wall and flex my hand, it worked there's now a huge roaring fire. The brown wolf goes to help, I have a short go, I break off the chains and run! I'm slower than normal. My wounds from daily beatings have taken their heavy toll on me. I run as fast as I can but what I assume is Blake jumps out in front of me in wolf form. He starts to circle me, he's getting ready to attack me. I grow long vines from the floor and mace the wrap around his legs, it's taken him by surprise. I run. I dare not look behind me, just as I think I'm free I feel claws slicing their way through my back. "AGHH!" I cant help but scream, it feels like he's nicked my spine. I..I can't move. Suddenly the wolf bites at my throat, I let out one final scream "AGHHHH, Drago. Dra. D." I don't know why I screamed for Drago, he never loved me, he isn't going to come for me. I just like how he made me feel safe but I can't think any more I'm I'm


I awake to find more chains around me than I can count, I see Blake there cutting into an apple with a knife. "Thought you could escape huh?" He said as he bites the apple slice off the knife, "that was really stupid, guess I can't break you mentally so I'm going to have to do it physically." He said with a malicious smile, he stabbed the knife into a nearby wooden table. He takes of his shorts "oh I'm going to enjoy this, I've never fucked a blood sucker before" wait! Is is actually serious! " don't come near me or I'll rip your face off!" I spat the word at him, venom filled my mouth. He removes his pants, he started to walk towards me. "I'm going to have to muzzle you girl" he said as he put a dog muzzle on my face, I physically couldn't move. Weeks without blood, constant beating, I just don't have the strength to break the chains. I feel weaker than a human. He came to me slowly like a cat playing with a mouse, he turned his hand to a claw and started to leave marks all over me. "Get off of me" I yelled, to no surprise it made him happy to see me scream. He pinned me down with his whole weight on top of me "GET OFF OF ME! DRAGO! SAVE ME. PLEASE!" I don't know why I called for him, I was still mad but he made me feel safe and I didn't want this creep to wash drago's scent off of me. "You dare call his name instead of mine? He's not coming. You will be mine, I'll mark you if I have to. He'll never want a used up blood sucker like you, especially if another man has his mark on you!" He brought out his fangs ready to mark me the moment he claimed my vagina he was going to mark me. What will I do?


No news in the vampire clans, the sirens returned with nothing, they had no idea. What a hell that was.

"Sir! They've found blood, it's defiantly a vampires blood. We think it's hers" what! No! She, she can't be hurt! I swear to god I will rip the spine out of every last creature who cashews her pain! " where! Are you sure?" "Yes sir, I went myself. It's hers, it's in... wolves territory" "those mangey mutts! I'm going to skin them alive! You, and I will go. Ragnok will guard the mountains." "Yes sir".

She better be alive or else I will torture every last one of them until they beg for death, then only then will I give it to them. I turned into my mighty dragon and we took off to where the scouts found the blood, it's her. I can smell her scent, it may have been a few weeks but it's her alright. We follow the sent as it got stronger and stronger, soon we were flying above there homes "burn them all, leave no one alive!" I roared. We started burning the place down, I knew she was fireproof I knew she would be okay. She had to be. Suddenly I heard the voice I long to hear "GET OFF OF ME! DRAGO! SAVE ME. PLEASE!" There, in the barn! I land taking half the barn with me, I let out a mighty roar! "Get. Away. From. My. Wife!" I boomed out, the small human dare try to take from her without her consent! He's even got long fangs, he's going to mark her! All I could see was red rage! The pathetic mutt transformed into his wolf, and came charging at me howling for his pack. Little did he know we have killed every last one. With a quick swipe of my claw the wolf was down, they can't do shit to a dragon. I transformed into my human self but I turned one finger into a claw. This bitch was going to pay dearly for his attempt of **** against my wife, I started to blow fire onto the claw, heating it up until it was red hot. I grabbed the sad excuse for a wolf "please spare me my lord, I was nearly playing. She's fine, she's alive" "ALIVE? PLAYING? She's half dead! It's fine, I'm a forgiving dragon, I'm going to play a little game with you. I'm going to give you questions, if you answer wrong or lie. You will be punished"I smile knowing there no way he will win "and if you're honest and the answer is right, I'll let you go" "ttttthank you, ssso generous" "let's begin, did you steal my wife? "N n n n no your majesty" LIAR! "wrong answer" I smile. I take the the white hot heated claw and I put the point of it in his eye "aaaaghhhhh" he screams writhing in agony "you see, I've made the claw so hot that it's cauterised the wound sealing it in your eye, but because it's so hot it's boiling the liquid inside your eye. How does it look? Watching your own eye boil? You'll be able to see it until it pops from the pressure, fun game right?" As expected his eye pops, "haha okay question 2, did you or did you not beat and starve my wife?" "Please please I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" "that's not an answer" "yes I'm sorry but I didn't have a choice I-" "wrong answer" I simply slice off an ear, I don't need him dying from pain just yet. He's crying and screaming like a baby, he's even soiled himself, what a sad pathetic mutt. Try's to play the big bad boss, he's nothing to the blood king. I feel no sympathy, I revel in the blood I shed from people. I'm all powerful and this creature went too far, he will be punished. "Okay last question, not doing very good here are we. Did you or did you not try to **** and mark MY wife?" "Please sir, I'm sorry, I'll never do it again, I beg you. I'll do anything you want. No more, just let me go or kill me, I can't take any more of this" crying and snorting, what a dishonour he his. I pop his other eye he's going to die soon. I cram my hand into his abdomen and rip his spine from his body, killing him instantly. At the entrance of the now destroyed pack house I hang his body by his own intestines with his spine shoved down his throat. This will serve a message, nobody touches my girl! I scoop her into my arms, "Drago? Is that you?" She asks hazily, "yes baby, I'm here. You're safe now. Here, drink my blood, it will help" I cut my wrist and put the blood to her mouth, she looks so sick. She covered in deep infected wounds, even a dragon couldn't survive this king of torcher, so strong. They clearly starved her, she stared to drink my blood. Thank god. "Why are you stopping, drink more" she looked up at me "no, any more and it will effect you. I'll be fine I just need to.." her eyes closed. Is this normal? I though vampires didn't need sleep? Is she dead. "Baby, what's happing. Are you okay? Please drink more, there another dragon. You can drink her blood if you don't want mine, please. Stay alive" she was scaring me, and I've never been scared of anything. Apart from losing her. "I just need to process the blood, give me time" she said and then she drifted off to sleep. Curled up in my arms where she should be, "sir? Is she okay?" "She will be" I hope "let's go lily". "When she wakes up I'm going to tell her the truth, everything. I can't lose her again. I just hope the truth won't make her run" Lily looked at me with sad understanding eyes " I hope so too sir, I'm worried she won't forgive me when she finds out who I really am". "let's go, we can worry about this when she wakes" I climbed onto Lily's back, still holding the curled up Sapphire in my arms.. It's time she came home