The Blind Side

Author: Cornflower
Contemporary Romance
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What is The Blind Side

Read ‘The Blind Side’ Online for Free, written by the author Cornflower, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, MYSTERY Light Novel, BEAUTY Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Being mistreated by her entire family, Rosa always wondered why they hated her so much. But one day when she discovers t...


Being mistreated by her entire family, Rosa always wondered why they hated her so much. But one day when she discovers the truth, she decides to run away from her so-called parents and family to lead a peaceful life, away from all the mess she grew up with but little did she know that this was just the beginning of all the difficulties and troubles she had to face. On the very day of her elopement, Rosa ends up meeting a powerful and handsome young man who will change her fate and life forever. She eventually falls in love with him but later finds out that he is forbidden fruit and she shouldn’t be around him. What do you think will Rosa do when she finds out that she shouldn’t be loving him or be with him? Join Rosa in the journey of dealing with all the problems and challenges that come in her way and how she also tries to find happiness and love from her messy life. The cover is not mine. SUPPORT THE AUTHOR BY VOTING AND WRITING A REVIEW. Joined Discord channel https://discord.gg/hSzneEe

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Recommended!!!! This book very interesting!!! I recommended to all readers must reed this book! ! recommended !! crazy book! !! 😘😘😘😘🙈🙈🙈


Omg i neeeeedddd mooooore!!! I absolutely love this book, a very similar thing has happened to me. Thank u so much for this great book. It has touched my heart probably more than others. Keep up the good work!


Curiousity does kill the cat. And I become the cat because of reading the synopsis of your novel. What kind of forbidden fruit he is? Keep wondering.... Start reading then. Thanks, Author!


I would recommend working on the grammar and some spelling since it gets very confusing at times. I would also love to see more descriptions of the characters - as in how they look like and just more detail in general. But overall this is a great story and you're doing an amazing job. Thank you :)


Its really interesting and nice to read. Character development is good going as well. Things are getting really excited and interesting. I just can't wait to read more from this. Its really refreshing to read.


I like the book. The update is not slow. And after reading a chapter you can't wait for the next. I love leo and rosa relationship. They are too cute


Some quality story line. Really engaging to the reader. Creative plot and nice character design and colour pallet. I wish I could get coins faster


Kindly upload the chapters fastly I am really interested in reading them... !!!(:=:)*$ I like this story...so kindllllllyy upload it faaaastttt...


it's refreshing to see not so pathetic background of female lead and she actually having parents.. 😀😀😀 majority novels gets rid of female's family as soon as possible...


I really really really really really really really really really really really really love this book man this the 1st time i saw this type of somewhat really differentbook




Will be reading to see how Rosa defies the laws of gravity and does what she wants. As she should. Adding to list of stuff to read. Thank you


Ok I'm hooked I was hooked from the beginning. The story flows good it's not your typical love story I love that there are multiple stories between couples, I find myself rooting for the FL to let leo take her virginity Well done Author I think this is my favorite novel so far and I've read quite a few I look forward to reading other chapters and more work from this author. Only novel I've found myself reading at work that's how well it's written spoiler these sex scenes are not something you want to read at work unless of course you have your own office.


Just started reading this and I find it interesting. It seems original and full of potential. I'm curious to see how the fl life will turn out. Wishing the author goodluck in her story✌


This book is so good I really like it. I love the story plot and the characters as well. I just really recommend. 😊


Reveal spoiler




Other than a few grammatical errors, the story is good. It's easily readable and simple. Yet there's an underlying complexity to the characters. Please update more.






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