The Blackrose EmpressThe Blackrose Empress

The Blackrose Empress

by Steelrod_Immortal

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Kriss Blackrose, the Dark Empress and the last member from the Taboo family of black rose, decided to end her life on her last battle against the coalition from the empire and kingdom across the continent. In the moment of death, she found herself summoned to the dark space by the goddess who reincarnated her and change her gender to female!!! "So, how does your life have been?" "THE F**K WITH THAT LIFE!!!" Kriss shouted with all her might at the Goddess question. "You promise me an easy life without problems, great strength, and a powerful family to live. but instead, you give me a corrupted family who hated across the world and that shitty mission with their f**k up condition." she points her finger to the goddess with a trace of rage and Disgust appeared on her face. "But you enjoy that kind of life too, didn't you? You enjoyed the feel of corrupting innocent girls and break their mind until they pledge their loyalty to you and transform them to your liking, Right?" Kriss struck Frozen when she heard the goddess word. she looks up to the goddess who sits on her dark throne with her head leaned on her hand. "I know the real you brat. I know your desire, your weird-ass fetish for corruption, and how you view those heroes. don't you try to refute it and act like a hypocrite, you know better about yourself and why I choose you to do that Missions." The goddess suddenly vanishes from her throne just to appear in front of Kriss's face. she looks down and stared at Kriss. She lifted up her Chin to match up to her eyes with Kriss. "So, what are you gonna do? those thousand years of living as dark Empress has ended and now you are on the Verge of dea..." "Can I have a wish?" Kriss interrupted her before she was able to finish her words. the goddess gave her a stare with an annoyed look on her eyes for she disturb her when she was still talking. "What wish do you have?" "I want my compensation for my life that was ruined by you. while I can't refute what you said earlier, it doesn't mean that I'm an evil person. I kill those who stop and blocked me from my goal and repay those who are kind to me. and I'm not corrupting those women, they're the one who was willing to be corrupted by me and live as my servants and slaves." The goddess raised her eyebrows slightly, interested by what Kriss has just said. "So what wish do you have kriss?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kriss starts her journey in the world that totally different from her previous one, with a totally different power system, culture, and even she herself we're in a different world. Different World, Different girls to corru-- eh to Conquer. can she manage to survive in this world with The Twist of fate Played with her and Girls surrounding her. This is my first time writing a novel, while my English somehow limited but I still try my best for bringing enjoyment and perfect reading experience for me and for those who read this story. So, if you have any criticism and idea for my inspiration, I gladly accept those as a help for my improvement.dont hesitate to mock me and review to your heart content. *Later tag Will be added Along with how story' progress.'* A/N:" Please expect futa Tag later on the story. There Will be a good reason why and what Made her like that. but, it still long enough before that happen."

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