1 Prologue

Warning: Grammatical errors ahead.

The Kingdom of Leuvania is one of the most organized country ruled by King Achilles Vespaland. He was recognized as the 99th king who is much powerful, influential and renowned among the 98 people who wore the crown. He's been serving for thirteen years, married to Queen Athena Vespaland. A father of two children - Prince Merthin Icarus and Princess Natalie Athena; and a father to all citizens of Leuvania. His desire to bring joy and peace to everyone had granted by his actions.

Leuvanians is what they call to all people who lives in this country. They are known for hospitality and kindness to one another. Love, trust and showing concern to others are the main components to win the war thirteen years ago.

It was October 3rd in the year 2007 when Ruihoba Kingdom declared war on Leuvania. King Rastus Eheogepis commands to attack by killing bunch of people, setting wildfire in forests, destruction of buildings and houses, even the royal palace didn't escape from their hands.

The survivors, along with the King, Queen, the young Prince and Princess managed to escape by pretending to be Ruihobians and temporarily moved into a strange place where no one can found. They finally had an opportunity to build plans on how to defeat the enemies and bring Leuvania to normal once and for all.

Leuvanians returned to the kingdom with enough strength to beat Rhuihobians. With their determination to win, the fight between Leuvania and Rhuihoba ended in peace as King Achilles proclaimed the independence for Leuvania.

As for the Rhuihobian King Eheogepis, returned to their kingdom - wounded in his right leg - to start plotting his revenge. Two years later, Rhuihobia became Rhuilatha as his sister Electra was crowned as the queen.

It's been thirteen years since the war and it took five years to restore Leuvania. Still, King Achilles remained the purity and braveness in his heart. For his wife, his children and for Leuvanians as well. He'll be stand still and no one would ever take him down again.

Or so he thought.

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