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"Hahahaha!!!! Finally! I have finally ascended after piercing the heavens!! Now, I am finally one of those peerless immortal Gods!! Hahaha!!! Nobody could stop me now! I, Feng Bingwen, am an unmatched Immortal! I am a God!!" A young man kept laughing arrogantly. 

There was no one around the young man, as he was literally drifting through Space. The man's name is Feng Bingwen, and after cultivating for hundreds of years, he was finally able to transcend the Heavens and achieve Godhood. 

Back in the mortal world, he was known as the Unmatched Peerless Supreme Divine Phoenix, at least, that is what most of the people used to call him. In reality, he had a lot of titles, some were good while some weren't. Not that he cared about those titles. 

Feng Bingwen was born with Divine Phoenix bloodline, and he was the eldest son of the Emperor of the strongest Empire in his birth continent. That is why nobody dared to hinder his growth in his younger years and when he finally left the Palace to travel around and experience the world for his own… he was already overpowered as fuck. 

Cultivators needed a lot of resources to grow and flourish and as the eldest son of the Emperor, no expenses were spared. When the Emperor noticed his eldest son's talent, he decided to invest even more resources in his eldest son. Obviously, this immensely helped Feng Bingwen in his younger years. 

The Concubines of the Emperor were jealous, but there wasn't anything they could do as the Emperor had assigned the strongest guards for his beloved eldest son. So, the Concubines could only grit their teeth in anger while sulking in the background. 

So, when Feng Bingwen finally became overpowered, he decided to leave his father's Palace. At first, his father refused, which was understandable. Feng Bingwen said that he wanted to experience the world on his own, maybe find a few beautiful women to marry. It was a well-known fact that he was going to be the next Emperor, so he also argued that he needed to experience the world on his own. 

His father couldn't fault his arguments, so he reluctantly agreed but he assigned the strongest woman under his command to take care of his son. Feng Bingwen didn't mind as he was sure that he would end up sleeping with that woman and it took him only a month to seduce that woman after leaving the Palace. 

Feng Bingwen kept travelling around the Empire while slowly gaining more lovers. Soon he started to travel to the other Empires and Kingdoms of their continent. By the time he finished travelling around their continent, he already had twenty lovers and many Mistresses. 

Even though his Father wanted him to be the next King, Feng Bingwen knew that it wouldn't be happening for maybe some hundred years as his father was still young according to the standards of Cultivators. Additionally, Feng Bingwen didn't have any intentions of becoming an Emperor… for now, he wanted to become stronger and get more women for his harem on the way. 

So, Feng Bingwen decided to get married before travelling to another continent. Unfortunately, his lovers weren't strong enough to travel to the other continent, so they decided to stay back in the Empire. By that time, Feng Bingwen was already the strongest Cultivator in their Continent. 

Feng Bingwen found that the Cultivators of the neighbouring continent were much stronger than the Cultivators on his continent, so he decided to lay low until he became unmatched once again… Feng Bingwen knew that he didn't have his father's influence here, so he needed to be careful. 

After almost a decade, he was finally confident enough to hold his own… and he was right, once again, he was overpowered, and that helped him travel around the continent without any hindrance and women flocked around him on their own. Feng Bingwen built his own Empire after becoming the strongest Cultivator of that continent. 

So, once again, he decided to travel to the next continent to become stronger. Once again, he married all the women and after appointing his most beloved and strongest wife as the Empress of this continent, he decided to travel towards the next continent. Once again, his wives weren't strong enough to accompany him, so they decided to stay behind. 

The whole process repeated multiple times until Feng Bingwen finally transcended the Heavens, achieving Godhood… now, he wanted to reach even upper worlds to become even stronger until he reached the Pinnacle of this Omniverse. He knew that he was destined to become the Pinnacle… as he had The Strongest System accompanying him throughout his life. 

This is the only secret he has never revealed to anyone, nor that he plans to reveal it to anyone in the future. This wasn't Feng Bingwen's first life… in his past life, he was a normal human born in a completely normal world. As he slowly grew up, he started to become a fan of Eastern Fantasy novels and Manhuas. 

He always dreamed of becoming a Cultivator and building his own Harem and finally transcending Heaven… he simply couldn't give up on his dream, so he decided to become a martial artist… that was the closest he could get to becoming a Cultivator in the normal world. 

Now, he needed to solve the problem of the Harem… no woman would agree to something like that, so he decided to date multiple women behind their backs… Once again, that was the closest he could get to fulfilling his dream of having a Harem. Unfortunately for him, one of his girlfriends found out and she informed the other girls. 

He was killed by his own Harem… they stomped him to death after busting his balls. The women walked scot-free as his death was never reported. To manage his Harem, he had abandoned his family, friends and relatives. So, nobody cared about him as he left the world. 

Even though all of his lovers betrayed and killed him, Lady luck was still supporting him. After his death, he finally met a ROB, who offered him a second chance with some perks. Obviously, he wished for the Strongest System, a random Divine Bloodline, and finally, a strong background...

Now that Feng Bingwen has finally transcended the Heavens… he wanted to fulfil another one of his dreams. He wanted to give someone a second chance… he wanted to see how it felt and he had the power to fulfil someone's wish, just like the ROB had fulfilled his wishes. 

Feng Bingwen didn't have to look for long as he found a perfect Soul for the offer. This boy wasn't stomped to death… but after watching how the boy had died, Feng Bingwen wished that the boy would have stomped to death… that would have been much better. 

The boy was wanking while peeping inside the girl's locker room… unfortunately for the boy, there was a non-poisonous snake hiding in the bush, the snake sank its fangs on the boy's nutsack. The boy freaked out after he saw where the snake had bit. He wasn't able to get over the shock and died due to a heart attack… 

"I suppose, he would do, for now… at least, he would be able to get rid of my boredom" Feng Bingwen muttered and summoned the Soul of the pathetic boy. 

The Soul of the boy finally appeared in front of Feng Bingwen… Feng Bingwen had to use his own powers so that the boy could interact with him. Feng Bingwen didn't have Mind reading or Soul Reading powers, and he couldn't talk with a formless glob. 

The boy frantically looked around for a second after taking a form. His eyes finally focused on the young man standing in front of him. "Are you God?" The boy asked in an awed tone… Feng Bingwen's ego swelled after hearing the question. 

"Yes, I am God. You see… it wasn't time for you to die. It was a non-poisonous snake, and it was your destiny to achieve greatness but unfortunately, you died before that could have happened…" Feng Bingwen said in a saddened tone. The boy gasped in horror after hearing Feng Bingwen's words. 

Feng Bingwen wanted to stroke the ego of the boy before reincarnating him so that the boy would look up to him and pray to him after becoming strong. Probably start a cult to worship him in the future… Feng Bingwen had gained Divinity and he knew that getting followers would make him stronger. 

"...Wait!! You said that it was a non-poisonous snake! Then how did I die??" The boy questioned hurriedly after contemplating Feng Bingwen's words. 

"You died due to a heart attack… I am really sorry" Feng Bingwen said with a fake saddened look on his face. He was a Cultivator, so he was good at acting and he had cultivated his acting skill for hundreds of years, so his acting was impeccable. 

"Oh…" the boy looked sullen and lowered his head due to shame. 

"But you shouldn't worry… I am here to give you a second chance. I can reincarnate you into any world you want… maybe you could reach your destiny in those worlds?" Feng Bingwen offered and stars appeared in the boy's eyes. It was his dream to be reborn into a fictional world. 

"Any world you say? Can I reincarnate or transmigrate into a fictional world?" The boy gushed out excitedly and Feng Bingwen nodded his head with a proud look on his face. 

"Great!! Am I getting some wishes too?" The boy asked in an excited tone. Feng Bingwen was already planning to give the boy a few perks before reincarnating him. 

"Yes, I will give you five wishes… you can ask for anything except for the three big O and Godhood" Feng Bingwen said and the boy excitedly nodded his head. 

"Will reincarnating or transmigrating in my desired world be counted as a wish?" The boy asked and Feng Bingwen nodded his head. 

"Yes, but you could also customize your body according to your liking… that would be for free" Feng Bingwen answered with a gentle smile on his face and the boy nodded his head in understanding. 

"Ok… I want to be transmigrated into the world of Highschool of the Dead just one month before the Z-Day and I want to merge a couple of Worlds along with that world… I have a list, can you do that?" The boy asked and Feng Bingwen nodded his head with a smile. 

Feng Bingwen might look happy right now, but internally he was cursing the seven generations of the stupid brat standing in front of him. Feng Bingwen could do something like that but he would have to use a lot of power to achieve something like that but it was still doable. Feng Bingwen produced a pen and a paper and handed it over to the boy. 

The boy eagerly wrote down the name of the worlds he wanted to be merged with Highschool of the Dead. The boy handed back the paper while the pen disappeared into thin air. Feng Bingwen took a look at the list and it was kind of manageable… 'This is for my future cult' Feng Bingwen repeated inside his mind and used his powers to merge those worlds mentioned on the list. 

It took him a few minutes, as Feng Bingwen had to change the whole history of that world. The boy kept staring at Feng Bingwen with a worried look on his face. "Done" Feng Bingwen said and the boy sighed in relief. 

"Ok, next I want the zombies to slowly evolve until they reach Resident Evil level so that I have stronger challenges. I also want the fictional monsters to appear in the World as the World Phase continues to evolve" The boy said and once again, Feng Bingwen started to curse internally. 

He simply didn't have enough power to do something like that but he couldn't go back on his words and he had already spent a lot of power to give up now. He was the Divine Phoenix and he was doing this for the sake of his future cult… Feng Bingwen couldn't do it on his own but he knew a way to achieve the feat. He simply needed to awaken the Mana of the World and the rest will happen on its own. 

But even activating Mana would take a lot of power as he would need to change the history of that world. Once again, Feng Bingwen took a couple of minutes to fulfil the wish… "Done" Feng Bingwen said with a big smile on his face, but internally he was exhausted. His Divine Phoenix bloodline was rejuvenating him, so he looked completely fine from the outside. 

"Ok, I want to have a system but I don't want any Quest or mission system integrated into that. Though I want to have a shop from where I could buy skills, abilities, or weapons in exchange or some sort of currency" the boy said and Feng Bingwen almost sighed in relief. This was something very easy to do. 

"Done… you will know how to buy skills when the Z-Day starts. Your system will also activate during that time" Feng Bingwen said and the boy nodded in understanding. 

"That is fine, I suppose… next, I want to have the power to absorb the power of my enemies after I slay them" the boy requested and once again Feng Bingwen cheered internally. Feng Bingwen smiled as he didn't even need to do anything, Mana itself will take care of that but the boy didn't need to know that. He would act like he had fulfilled the boy's wish. 

"I have given you the power but you would never be able to gain your Enemy's full power, after maxing the ability… you will only absorb 50% of your Enemy's power" Feng Bingwen explained and the boy nodded his head after pondering for a few seconds. 

"Ok, finally I want to have Space Powers" the boy requested and Feng Bingwen grimaced internally. He wanted to swat away the boy's Soul out of existence. Feng Bingwen was way too invested to back out right now. So, he gave the boy Space Manipulation power while gritting his teeth. 

"Done… but you would need to master it from the scratch on your own" Feng Bingwen said with a smile on his face. 'All for the sake of a cult' Feng Bingwen chanted inside his mind. The boy cheered in happiness. 

"Ok… can I customize my body now?" The boy questioned excitedly and Feng Bingwen nodded his head with a gentle smile on his face. 

A character customization screen appeared in front of the boy. The boy immediately rolled down until he found the setting the size of his dick. He immediately set it to 10" in length and 2" in thickness. 'Hah! Now, I can customize everything else' the boy thought as he started to customize the rest of his body. He was going to the Modified Highschool of the Dead World, he needed to have a huge package. 

The boy finally finished customizing his character and his character was easily comparable to the male models he had seen in his past life. "I am done… I am ready to be transmigrated" The boy said and Feng Bingwen nodded his head. 

"Good… and don't forget to pray to me. I will keep looking after you" Feng Bingwen said and the boy nodded his head. 

"Of course, I will build a religion for you as soon as the Z-Day starts" the boy proclaimed and Feng Bingwen nodded his head with a satisfied look on his face. Moments later, a portal appeared behind the boy and he disappeared… Feng Bingwen morphed into a face of utter loathing as he cursed the boy. 

"At least, I will be getting worshippers" Feng Bingwen thought as he decided to kick back and watch the show. 

"Hakai!" All of sudden Feng Bingwen stiffened when he heard an unknown voice from behind him and before he could even turn around, his whole body was disintegrated into nothingness. A black-haired young man wearing pyjamas came into the view. The man was bare-chested and his eyes were pitch black matching his hair. 

"Motherfucker! I can't even sleep peacefully with my wives… where the hell do these guys come from?" The man cursed. Itsuki Reo, otherwise known as the Leviathan of Destruction, was sleeping with his wives after having a nice time. 

(A/N: For those who don't know, Itsuki Reo is the name of the MC of my first fanfic named The Epic of Leviathan. He is the Omniversal God of Destruction. This is a completely different story and he won't have any direct involvement in the plot. This is a completely separate story.)

"Now, let's see what kind of mess he made" Reo said as moments later, he grimaced. "Well, I guess it will be fine" Reo shrugged in a dismissive manner and disappeared…

[In the Modified HOTD World] 

An extremely handsome boy found himself lying on the ground inside a forest… It was nighttime and the moonlight was barely illuminating the boy's surroundings. The boy slowly sat up as he looked around. He noticed that he was dressed in a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. He looked kind of badass. 

His hand shot towards his crotch and he smiled in satisfaction. His package was big!! Once again, the boy started to look around and found himself inside some random forest. The boy had no idea where the fuck he was. 

'I should have specified a place… but it is not a big deal' the boy thought. This is the boy who was transmigrated by Feng Bingwen into the World of Highschool of the Dead after giving him five wishes. Feng Bingwen was erased only a few moments ago by Itsuki Reo, and that is why the boy ended up in some random forest. 

'Hmm… this is a good place to think. I should make plans for my future' the boy thought as he knew that he needed to make a plan. He decided to become a janitor… Janitors went pretty much unnoticed by anyone and this way, he would also be able to get some tools in his hands before the shit hits the fan. 

Getting a weapon in Japan is very hard, but he knew that he could get weapons pretty easily after the Z-Day. At first, the zombies were going to be pretty weak and he would be easily able to dispose of them while impressing the girls at the same time… and with his ability to absorb his Enemy's power, he will be OP as fuck in no time. 

'Don't worry Takashi Komuro, I will take very good care of the women. You can watch from the sidelines just like you have always done' the boy thought while rubbing his hands together. "Kukuku" the boy started to chuckle sinisterly as his lips curled upwards. 

The boy stopped laughing as he saw a bright light and a loud revving sound coming from his right side. 'Wow… God works really fast. He already sent someone to pick me up? Well, I shouldn't have expected anything else from God. Don't worry God, I will make you a shrine' the boy thought as kept sitting on the ground. 

All of a sudden the boy noticed that the vehicle wasn't slowing down. "Wai!!" The boy exclaimed loudly as he tried to get up but it was already too late… there wasn't anything he could do to change his fate. His story ended before it could even begin when a yellow hummer crushed him into a sack of mangled flesh, shattered bones, and crushed organs… 


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