1 Those eyes are familiar

She ran towards the light...

Amidst the dark and cold void, Emmy couldn't find any hope of life until a small beam of light started shining. It was as small as a jelly bean but her eyes could see it. Shivering, stumbling finally as her hands were just about to touch the source of light, she felt a cold touch over her waist pushing her towards the light.

Emmy was completely drenched in sweat when she opened her eyes. Snoozing her alarm, she tried to forget that nightmare which was haunting her for the past few years. Looking to her left, Emmy calmed down. The family photo sitting on the table provided her warmth encouraging her to reach her goal. It was taken at their cliff-top manor during the summer vacation four years ago, specifically saying it was their last vacation together after which she lost everyone and everything.

"Ah, I have to go to this stupid college. Out of all other colleges, why did I get admitted to this particular one". Emmy was worried but cursing her ancestors, she tried to calm herself. Little, did she know, her life will have a tremendous change due to this condition in the family law.

The Salian Envoy college was famous for its existence of 100 years. The method of teaching and principles were somewhat ordinary, but admissions were rarely opened to outsiders. Students were from various mysterious family clans and highly trained in every subject.

Emmy looked at her schedule and reached the corridor at level 3. As she entered the class, several pairs of eyes looked at the ugly – nerdy girl which appeared at the door. Emmy quietly ignored all the stares and took the last bench where a guy was sleeping. Suddenly the sleeping guy popped up his head towards her and a pair of golden brown eyes welcomed her which gave her a chill feeling.

Emmy averted her gaze and quietly tried to remember those eyes from her memory, but it was blank. Then a bone-chilling voice rang in her ears, "Hey lady, would you mind sitting elsewhere".

"Nope, you can change. I am fine here" Emmy didn't even give him a chance to retaliate. She ignored him and read her book. She sensed the guy in her front seat looking at her, slowly she met his gaze. He introduced himself – "Hi, I am E. S. Miran but loved to be called Mike, read it if you love yourself".

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Emmy looked at the folded yellow paper, ignoring Mike she read the message- "Watch your tone, he is dangerous". The next second Mike was shot with a murderous gaze, the fire in her eyes made his hair stand straight. Her silent but ferocious expression made Mike and his deskmate, Jordan disturbed and someone who was uninterested in everything turn to look at her. "Are you blind? He isn't that handsome to drool over like this. Look at me, beauty". Emmy got lost for words, her anger management techniques were no good but few sentences from Alex made her mind very calm.

She looked at Alex, his eyes were like a deep black hole, more accurately a void, so deep that it was mysterious and engulfing her whole. Throwing the yellow message paper on Mike's face, her arrogant eyes gave Alex a "shut your mouth" look. The bell rang, making the awkward situation to an end. After the classes got over, Emmy didn't wait for another second to look at Alex. She ran straight to the hostel to find her room. Walking along the dark corridor, Emmy found two rooms at the end facing the old graveyard. It was scary enough for any normal person that they might pee at its ghastly sight, but she wasn't scared.

Room 54– as the door was opened, she sensed familiar aura in the room. Emmy had her eyes wet because that aura reminded her of her mother. Her mother used to share this room with her father when they were doing their graduation. Their precious memories were all written out and that was the only reason why she came to this place even when that haunting memory of hers started from here.

Inside the opposite room, 2 voices were heard discussing heated topics. Mike gave a pity expression, "Alex, let us be serious. You never initiated contact with any women, but today started noticing an ugly chic. Stop it for our father's sake, you can't even dream about anyone else than Lady Vilmon".


The temperature suddenly dropped, Jordan put on his alert mode on. Someone was fuming out; his anger was getting out of control and body radiating coldness. "THUD", a punch got dropped on Mike's chest, making him fall on the ground. Jordan couldn't help but tried to make Alex calm down whereas Mike was flabbergasted. "How many times do I have to repeat, no one can order me around and that name shouldn't reach my ears." Alex sounded as if the king of the hell returned and he barged into the opposite room without thinking.

He marched straight into the room opening the door with the duplicate room card. He sat there in daze, gloominess shrouded his body as his mind was full of her. "I will find you my lady, will protect you and never leave you alone ever." Alex couldn't get hold of his emotions and he closed his eyes without noticing the changes in the room. Emmy felt refreshed after taking a shower and opened the bathroom door with only bath towel wrapped around her.

The sudden squeaking of the door alerted Alex and he turned around to see Emmy in an enchanting state, the storm inside his mind suddenly became calm and his eyes seized her from head to toe. Alex couldn't help to control himself as his eyes savored each part of her curvy body, he realized that she had disguised herself with the ugly look to hide this damsel beauty from other's eyes and his eyes halted when they met the other pair of eyes clearly displaying shock.

"Those eyes are familiar"- he thought.

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