8 Blind Love Paid The Price

The morning sun rays fell on the lake water making it sparkling and mesmerising but still, it couldn't shade the man's majestic appearance. The white-robed man even without facing around knew Emmy's aura near him. "It's true you are an Esbertrazian. I can feel your presence. I heard you lost your memories in the accident but I can make you help to regain it."

Jordan's lord's voice stirred Emmy from her shock. In front of her was standing the great master Rotrigues of the dark clan. Only a few knew that she was an Esbertrazian member by the paternal side. Though Emmy lost her memories, she knew about her father and mother through their last note left for her. In the locker, with the final note of her parents, she also found the family testament sealed under the Esbertrazian emblem giving her the chance for education in this college.

Emmy was afraid as she was in the light and her enemies in dark, hence she couldn't confirm herself whether the Esbertrazians were a friend or foe. However, sensing the calm manner of the esteemed master, her tumultuous mind erased every bit of guard against the Esbertrazian lord. "You knew my father right, do you know who killed my parents and why? In the will, I found this college was mentioned so as my final chance to know the truth I came here. Please tell me what had happened? " Emmy frantically asked.

"Shawn, he was like my younger brother, took care of our little miss. She always wanted him to be with her whenever she went outside the castle. It was on such a trip, your father met the Dagardian lady and the little mischievous miss gave them their chance to become one. She ascended the throne at the age of two only to use her authority to make them leave to earth. Hence, your family name is Esbertraz. After 16 years, when I tried to contact your father then only I came to know what happened here. I am sorry my child, we were not able to help you till now but I promise you to avenge the death of your parents." Rotrigues turned to face Emmy who was on the verge of breaking apart.

"Where is your miss, I heard she is an omnipotent woman and as my father was her favourite person, why couldn't she avenge his death till now?" the anger inside Emmy was bubbling up but she still gave some respect to the person standing in front.

"My child, our miss has been missing from the past 3 years. I highly suspect that she reached at the clifftop manor when your parents were in danger. So, my only hope is to revive your memory about that day to know the whereabouts of our miss." the great master was in agony thinking about both the girls.

Emmy and Jordan could not digest the information which was bombarded in the early morning. Jordan was looking at Emmy as she was a princess now, he was also an alpha guard of the dark clan and have heard about the mightiest guard of the clan, Shawn Shadow.

" Where do you fit in this Esbertarzian's clan?"Emmy asked glaring at Jordan while coming back to their respective rooms. "All the guards of the clan are formed from the great Vilmon prowess. There are three levels; Alpha, Shade and Shadow." The guards who are at lowermost power comes in the Alpha team, the second will be in the Shade team, almost all the elders are under shade team. Finally, it's the Shadow team who is most powerful, the direct fragments of Vilmon power. Your father was in the Shadow team. Well, I am an Alpha guard, here enrolled in Life class according to my lord's command."

"So why are you with the Salian people?" Emmy snorted under her breath. "That is also according to my lord's wish. You might not know much about our mistress. The eldest prince of the Salian family was betrothed to our miss but he was in love with another girl. As our miss was blindly pursuing Alex, she paid the price for blind love. Don't know, what happened between them, later both our mistress and his lover went missing. So my lord asked me to follow the Salian boys to know more details."

" The supreme Esbertraz's mistress fell head over heels for that braggart, sheesh, her love quotient must be zero for her to be blind. Anyway, blind love paid the price, about our meeting and my relation with Esbertrazians must be kept secret from them." Emmy concluded her conversation and straight away dashed to her friends leaving a stupified Jordan.

"Jules, spill what all things you about the Esbertrazians and Salian people now." Emmy poked Juliet to wake her up from her sleep. "Emmy, in the early morning, you want to know about the Salian people, don't tell me you are falling for that iceberg." Janet smiled.

"No way, is it true Emmy? You being my sister in law will be cool rather than that evil lady." Juliet totally lost her sleep. " You mongers, stop it. First, tell me what you both know. Then I shall give you a big surprise." Emmy threw the bolsters at Janet and Juliet. "Okay, the story is simple, lady Vilmon who is the Esbertrazian princess takes a fantasy to the adonis of our generation, Envoy Salian Alexander, in short Alex. The Esbertrazians elders forces a betrothal between Alex and Lady Vilmon to which Alex rejected immediately as he never wanted to be a pawn of a princess. The elders threatened the Salian lord with the termination of the whole family. But Alex fells in love with another woman, then on their engagement day, Lady Vilmon stirred up some trouble and both the women in the story go missing." Juliet finished narrating the incident in one breath.

"There is also the rumor that Lady Vilmon killed his lover and erased her existence from our world. If I remember clearly, it all happened three years ago. Now, tell me what's with your surprise?"Janet asked.

"Jordan is under my control now." Emmy chuckled evilly.

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