1 Prologue

Flashback: Here I am, locked in a room with nothing but this dark, empty feeling inside. The only thing I have is my black mirror. This specific mirror gives me hope that I'll make it out of this place. As of now, my hope is diminishing day by day, night by night. "Will anyone get me out of here?!" I questionably exclaimed.

The Present: Good news, I eventually did get out of there, by escaping and been on the run ever since. I dyed my hair jet black and got at least two Botox treatments. I have no one to run home to since my parent died sometime during my captivity. My 14 year old twin sisters left without a trace, leaving me flustered. I'm starting to wonder where they could be and if they're okay. Now it's time for me and my black mirror to move on to the rest of our lives.