16 Very heavy tears

"What the hell is this?!"

[Host, these chains are called "Fate Chain", it will bind and destroy any foreign person who gets in the way of history and fate imposed on the individual and this world]

Sora was shocked by what he had just heard, he would never have thought that killing Rung would lead him to that... even if he believes this reminder that the system had already told him so.

Sora tried to force on the chains but it must be believed that her strength was not enough, after all, it was the chains of fate and not just any chain from anywhere.

He turned his head, being the only member who was not bound by the chains, to watch to see where the chains came from and maybe find a way to get rid of them. But as he watched where the chains came from, he only saw that the chains...were floating? The chains didn't come from anywhere, he thought they would surely come from the ground and even from the sky or the clouds.

Since the chains came from nowhere, there was no visible point of attachment, so he could pick at the point of attachment to remove them.

As he continued to think, he began to notice something.

There was no noise. There were no sounds of fighting, attacking, colliding, or shouting. And not only the noise, he also didn't feel the touch of the wind or the smell of burning. After all, even if he had killed most of the dragons and most of the humans had been killed by the dragons, there should still be a few left and their fights should not go unnoticed. All these senses have been like... disabled, and yet God knows how highly developed the dragons' senses are.

Sora had come to a simple conclusion that even a fool would have understood... unless he really was the biggest fool in the universe.

Time was stopped. Finally, time around him, in a radius big enough to encompass the whole valley, and maybe even the whole world stopped... even though he doubted it would happen just for a simple scum like Rung.

Speaking of him, Sora turned in the direction of Rung to see him right in front of him.

His face completely terrified, his eyes almost coming out of his sockets and reflecting the madness and fear he felt as they were directed towards my hand which was about to enter his body to crush his soul. His skin was a pale white that really made him look like a ghost as well as covered with sweat that soaked his entire face with a beautiful glanders coulis that hung from his nose and almost touched the ground as he was stopped in the middle of his run. As she looked down, Sora could see a big yellow puddle coming out of Rung's pants as she walked towards him but luckily the time stop came at the right moment to prevent this puddle from touching him. This is the only reason why Sora could be happy about this sudden stop of time.

But even with Rung's comical face and all the rest, Sora always kept an inviolable look on her face, showing no facial expression. Only those draconian deep red eyes at this wrinkled moment expressed a dangerous light as well as abundant anger.

Sora also tried to use the energy of the void but she was as if blocked and her chains were surely preventing the energy from being used. Also trying the laws of fire, water, earth and wind but none of them could be used; he didn't try the laws of death and life because it would be useless, after all it's not as if the chains were a form of life. It even seemed ordinary, he felt nothing of it, but he knew that ordinary chains could not hold him back. The law of space and time obviously didn't work either, and even if it would work, he doubted that with the little control and experience he had with it he could do anything.

Tensa Zangetsu didn't answer his call either. So he turned to the one "person" who could help him.

"System, how do I get rid of these chains?" Sora asked in a harsh, hoarse voice.

[Host, in order to get rid of these chains, you will have to resist...]

As Sora listened attentively to his system, he suddenly felt a strange sensation throughout his body. He felt his body light and weak, his brain was becoming clear and his eyes were beginning to gain weight, a lot of weight. He felt like someone was forcing his eyes to close with all his strength.

When he couldn't stop those eyes from closing, memories began to come back about the woman in of his life.All the joyful moments he spent with her discussing, talking about the future, those unforgettable moments he cherished the most in this new life, the news of his child being born.…

Unable to stop those eyes from closing, memories began to emerge about the woman in his life. All the joyful moments he spent with her talking, talking about the future, those unforgettable moments he cherished most in this new life, the news of his unborn child.

Thinking about all of this, a tear would accumulate in his eyes because this tear contained all his love and regrets, it would start to flow from his cheek as if he was able to transcend time, passing in front of a beautiful smile formed on Sora's face.

This tear finally touched the ground, at the same time as Sora's eyes closed for a supposed eternity.

/ Dragnof Kingdom /

"Breathe Irene, breathe, everything will be fine, Sora will be home soon."

Irene was in that private office right now, alone. Since Sora had left, she was really worried about him because on one hand, he is very powerful so nothing could happen to him on this battlefield but at the same time, since he was so powerful, it should have ended quickly.

And after all, it's normal that she was worried about her husband, even if he wasn't officially, for them, they were.

Irene then began to rub her belly gently with a look overflowing with maternal love and a beautiful smile as the sun entered the room surrounding Irene with light accompanied by the chirping of birds that made this scene for anyone who looked at her, fascinated by the beauty of this scene and would forever be imprinted on their minds, unfortunately no one was there to see this divinely beautiful scene.

Continuing to caress her belly, Irene soon noticed a strange reaction from the pendant around her neck. This pendant was everything to her, it was her most precious treasure, a gift from the most important person in her universe. With which she could not imagine living without it, it was a living drug and a vital person for her.

As she looked at the pendant, she noticed that the deep, shiny red stone that was the center of the pendant was beginning to get darker little by little. She squinted and frowned as she tried to understand the reason behind this reaction.

But as she tried to recall it, she remembered a phrase that made her pale.

"If this stone ever starts to get dark, it means my life is in danger, and when it gets totally dark then... it means I'm dead".

"No, no, no, no, no" Irene's eyes widened and she began to panic and squeeze the pendant in her hands as she prayed to God that nothing would happen to Sora.

After a few seconds, Irene began to reopen her eyes and hands with fear and apprehension of what she was about to see. Looking at the pendant in her hand, she could see it.

The once beautiful deep red pendant, illuminated with a divine light, was now deep red and darkened in darkness.

Irene's eyes were wide open and quickly became empty, devoid of life and full of death, a pale skin that made her look like a corpse. The light that before illuminated her to give a divine image had now gone to make way for darkness, giving a dark, dead image rather than a divine one. These lifeless eyes became glassy and wet, making a terrifying combination and giving an image that could give children nightmares.

The stone reflected in Irene's sorrowful eyes as she made her remember all her memories with the man she loved, her family and the most loved one in her universe with her child, plunging her into an infinity of suffering and sadness. These memories were pure happiness, but in the present situation it was pure torture.

/ In an unknown place /

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"Takes Sora salad"

The young man handed his plate to the woman in front of him to be served.

"Stop. Thank you."

"Big brother, give me some food," said a little girl in the next chair. She looked just like the boy next to her except at eye level, she had brown eyes instead of red eyes next to her. Medium long brown hair with blonde highlights, a cute chubby face that you wanted to pinch. A little girl of about 10 years old who had everything to become a great beauty.

"Liz, you're 10, you're a big girl now."

"But I want to be fed by you!" said the little one, turning her head, pouting and pretending to be angry. A drop of sweat appeared on the boy's cheek.

"How cute. She wants to be fed by her big brother," a woman exclaimed happily in front of the boy. She was a beautiful woman with long blond hair and beautiful brown eyes. Jade skin, long thin legs and assets of a more than reasonable size. She had her hands glued between her hands next to her head with a little smile that made her even more beautiful.

"Come on Sora, feed your cute little sister" said the man on Sora's right with a smile and humor as the little girl nodded her head at the man's statement. He was a rather handsome man with long brown hair, resembling the boy next to him with deep red eyes. He had no wrinkles, and had a youthfulness that was insolent enough for a person supposedly old enough to have children, just like the woman next to him.

"Aaaaah" the young man sighed as he began to feed his little sister who ate with happiness and victory.

Of course, it is clear that this young man was Ouma Sora; the little girl was his little sister, Ouma Liz; the woman opposite Sora was his mother, Ouma Saeko, and the man was his father, Ouma Korosu."So, since it's the weekend, how about we go for a little walk after we eat and then we'll be able to eat ice cream for a snack afterwards."

After Saeko said that, Liz's eyes lit up with stars in her eyes as she quickly took the fork out of her mouth.

"Ice cream!"

Seeing her antics, everyone laughed at the table as they continued to eat their meals peacefully and happily.

1 hour later -

"We're going to go, Sora will help your sister put on a jacket."

"Yes mom"

Sora walked a little fast to her room to get her green khaki jacket and then walked to her little sister's room to help her put her jacket on.

"Come on, let's go put our shoes on" said Sora as she left for the living room to take her shoes with her little sister.

"Here, go and meet mom and dad at the front door, I'm coming".

"Yes" Liz would leave in the direction of the front door while Sora put on these shoes.

"Sora" as Sora put on these shoes and stood up, he heard a female voice behind him.

"Who's there?!" Sora suddenly turned around and shouted a little but when he turned around, he saw nothing, only his living room with his table, his sofa, his TV, in short a living room what.

"I must be hallucinating" said Sora, scratching her head in confusion at what he heard. He was sure he heard it.

"What's going on Sora, are you coming?" exclaimed his mother at the front door.

"Yes, I'm coming, sorry" He went towards the door, still confused about what had just happened, but he decided to put it aside when he saw both his parents and his little sister standing in front, waiting for him at the front door, giving him a happy smile that he usually didn't have, at least not for any reason. But it was weird, he felt like he had to do it and that it was the last time he would see them.

"What's up Sora?" asked his mother as she was intrigued by the smile on their faces.

"Nothing, I just wanted you all to know how much I love you all."

Confused by this statement, he sketched a beautiful family smile.

"We love you too," said his mother.

"It's mutual, son," said his father.

"I love you madly, big brother" says his little sister.

Happy, Sora began to walk towards her family.

"Ouiiinnnn Ouinnnn"

As Sora walked forward, he suddenly heard the sound of a baby screaming behind him, making his eyes widen. Strangely enough, this cry caused a surge of emotion in his heart as he turned around gently.

Completely turned around, he could see an open door in the middle of the living room, a door full of light that blinded him as he hid his eyes with his arm and a whiff of wild wind escaping from it. After a few seconds, he opened his eyes again and lowered his arm as he saw a scene in front of him.

A beautiful scarlet-haired woman sitting on a chair with a beautiful smile, holding a cute little baby in her arms with a small tuft of scarlet hair on her head with beautiful deep red eyes. This woman and child wrapped in light with beautiful blooming vegetation and chirping birds circling above the child and the woman.

Seeing this beautiful and indescribable scene that even the divine word put them to shame. Seeing her through the door, a flood of tears streamed from Sora's eyes as a cloud of memories invaded her head that the tears only flowed further like an unstoppable raging river. The world lit up, the birds sang.

His tears, which seemed so fragile in appearance, had such important meanings for Sora and yet were so heavy.

They meant the realization of this imaginary dream and the real treasures that await him behind this dream and this door.

But they also meant that the death of her family was real and that all those good times at the table were not real, that a dream created from his memories and his desire.

On the one hand, everything he gained, a wife, a child, a new family and on the other hand, everything he lost, those parents and his sister, his family. That's when he let go of everything he had on his heart and finally had to accept the truth. All this time of not believing and rejecting the truth... was over.

After several minutes -

The river of tears calmed down but continued to flow... as it always will.

With tears in her eyes, Sora turned towards her parents and sister with a smile more sincere than anyone and overflowing with more love than anyone could give.

"Thank you for everything, I love you and I will always love you, I think about you every day and I hope you still love me after what happened to you... because of me. Goodbye mom, dad, Liz."

After he finished, he turned to face the door as his clothes were beginning to change. The clothes he had been wearing were disappearing to be replaced by the clothes of his new life. Continuing forward determined not to turn around, because if he did, he doesn't know if he would have the courage.

"It's not your fault, filston" (Dad)

Hearing this, Sora stopped as he lowered his head, preventing him from seeing his face.

"We never blamed you, my darling" (Mom)

With these words, Sora began to tremble like a leaf.

"We love you very much too and we'll always love you, big brother."

These words sounded like a final blow as Sora, still with her head down, shed all his remaining tears as he cried out in sadness inside his head and bit his lips to the point of bleeding so as not to scream.

Sora continued walking towards the door as he began to wash his face with those tears, stopping right in front of the door as he turned around one last time with the biggest smile he could do for his family.

"Thank you," he said as he entered the door.

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