14 Torture

Rung sat there in front of this murderous, powerful aura person without being able to say a word.

He could only watch this existence beyond him from everywhere. Charm, strength even his popularity in the world far exceeded him, rivalry was impossible for him.

Normally jealousy should have been born seeing such a perfect man in front of him, yet in the situation he was in, it was the least of his worries. The emotion that overwhelmed and controlled his body was nothing but fear that expressed itself through his tremors.

Even his brain was almost scared to death, the liquid dripping from his pants explained it very well too.

His brain was only working because of a question that came and went, bordering on flipping and blowing his brain.

'What did I do to provoke him'

He had noticed that the anger that was expressed through his eyes was no joke. Even he, a very proud and arrogant man who provoked and humiliated many people, had never seen someone with such expressive and raging anger.

Trying to find the reason and connecting all the points he knew about this mansion, or rather this dragon, he found the central point of this anger.


Saying this name, he got lost in his memory and his mind as he recalled a scene.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------

- In a throne room of a kingdom -

"Did you call me Father?" said a young man in his twenties kneeling before a throne upon which sat an old man.

"Yes Rung, I have news for you" replied the old man on the throne who was none other than Rung's father as well as the king of this kingdom.

Rung looked at his father with a curious and puzzled expression.

"We had a political marriage with the queen of the kingdom Dragnof"

Those words made Rung's eyes widen at the announcement but his eyes widened even more at what his father said next.

"And I decided that it would be you who would spend this political marriage with the queen of Dragnof"

Wide eyes that almost popped out of their sockets appeared on Rung's face upon hearing this news. But his surprised expression disappeared seconds later as evil and dirty images appeared in Rung's head. After all, it was known that the Queen of Dragnof was a beauty.

With his poker face appearing, Rung looked at his father and nodded in approval and gratitude.

"You will be leaving for Dragnof in 1 month so by then, prepare yourself"

"And above all, do whatever it takes to please the Queen. Having the Dragnof kingdom as an ally would be a great ally for our kingdom. Mistakes are not allowed !!!"

"Yes, father. I will conquer the heart of the Queen at any cost, you can be sure."

"Fine, you can go out" exclaimed the king, raising his hand.

Rung nodded as he bowed respectfully before heading out of the throne room.

Rung walked out of the throne room to see a vicious stare and a perverted smile as he licked his lips like a predator.

"Oh my queen, I will finally have you to myself, since the time I have waited for this moment. I will conquer your heart and then fuck you like a bitch, I will use your body as a toy to satisfy me"

Except what Rung didn't know was that from the moment he accepted this marriage, his death had been decided.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------

"Do you know your mistake now?"

A cold, murderous voice brought these wits to Rung as he again saw the scene in front of him.

The man in front of him moved closer and closer as a maple mark appeared on his right hand as blue-gray bands, emerging from his mark, swirled all around him. A katana then appeared in his right hand as well.

The image of the dragon was gradually fading but could still be a little visible although blurry but despite that, the aura emanating from it was not a joke.

For Rung, this scene in front of him was nothing other than the appearance of the god of death with his scythe come to harvest his life accompanied by the symbol of death represented by the dragon.

He even felt like he saw souls howling and screaming all around the dragon, which intensified his aura of death even more.

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"a H..."

Rung suddenly felt great pain in his lower body as he was in a sitting position. The more Rung lowered his eyes, the more he started to cry, to tremble, to feel a growing pain more and more.

His eyes reached the bottom of her body and widened at what he was seeing.

A hole. Nothing. Rung looked confused for 1 second and then showed eyes filled with fear, anguish, pain, every negative emotion imaginable.

The void wasn't meant to be there. it was supposed to be filled with a few things. And that something are those legs. She was no longer there.


He was screaming in pain and fear and whatever you wanted. But these cries of pain did not even end that another feeling of lack appeared.

But this time, she appeared on the left and right side of the top of her body. A new void was present on both sides when Rung laid eyes on it.

His arms were no longer present. He was gone like those legs. She hadn't been cut, no she had vanished in black flames.

As Rung stared at the figure in front of him with his draconic red eyes, the devil, the god of death or none other, he got it.

He understood that this was only the beginning of a long torture.

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