1 Prologue :

April 2020, Tokyo, Japan

On an even more mundane day, a 19-year-old boy was walking down the street with a bag in his hand filled with instant noodle boxes while listening to music with these airpods.

This young man was called Ouma (name) Sora (first name), he was a very beautiful young boy with quite long brown hair with a blond wick forming from the crown, fairly dark red eyes with a touch of brown and a face that would rival that of a girl, while wearing a high school student outfit. But if we looked at these eyes more closely, there would be ... nothing, a void, no emotion.

However, there is a reason for all this, Sora came from a small loving family with her mother, father and little sister, Liz. Sora was a harassed and beaten boy at school because of his appearance that made them jealous, especially boys, and his intelligence, having good grades and a bright future ahead of him. The only reason he is not depressed is his family. While school was hell for him, his home and family were heaven. Besides the only place where his eyes and his face were filled with love, affection and so many other emotions, his family was his only catch in this hell, he loved his little sister so much, by his homework, he stayed and played with him nonstop

But as they say: all good things come to an end. On his birthday, a rainy day, when he came home from school, he learned something that even in the wildest nightmares he could never have imagined ... the death of his parents and of her sister in a car accident while going to buy his birthday present. It was the day his paradise collapsed.

Since that day, he has not been to school, living in his house with the money left by his parents. He only went out of his house for necessities like food, ... He took refuge in manga, light novels, animated films and series that he liked very much, he envied the manga characters who reincarnated because he would so much like to be in their place to be able to become strong and perhaps resuscitate his family or even make one even, if he knew that all this was impossible.

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And that brings us back 1 year later. As Sora walked, he heard a noise coming from a rather dark alley and looking inside, he could see a woman of about 25 years old with long brown hair going to her waist, beautiful brown eyes, beautiful round gold earrings with a pretty sexy body, dressed in a white t-shirt tucked in her black skirt, a small brown leather jacket and black heels, attacked by a group of pretty dirty old men , very dirty and probably drunk with knives, the woman would probably have been raped, stolen and possibly even killed.

Seeing this, despite Sora's lack of emotion, he still felt sorry for this innocent woman. Taken out of pity, Sora walked over to the group of men and struck one, then kicked the second.

"Get up and go. And tell the police if possible." Sora said in a white voice, without emotions.

Recovering from the shock, the woman cried and got up running towards the exit of the alley.

"Thank you," said the woman, running and crying.

The group of men awoke from their shocks and the other two stood up with sour expressions and dangerous looks. One of the men rushed towards Sora and threw him a punch but Sora dodged sideways, unfortunately by dodging he lost his balance, then one of the men who was on the ground quickly got up and threw himself on Sora with his knives pointing his abdomen. Sora unbalanced, had neither the time to dodge nor the reaction time while he received the knife in the abdomen.

With a pained expression, Sora kicked the private parts of the man who, kneeling in pain, dropped the knife and grabbed his private parts to fall unconscious. Sora then took the knife and pointed it at the group, which froze in fear while holding their knives angry. But Sora, seriously injured in the abdomen in addition to a fairly significant loss of blood, fell against the wall while feeling that his mind was starting to go, his hearing weakened, his breathing and his eyes becoming heavy. The group approached him on hearing voices and a sharp noise, comparable to a police siren.

He then saw a silhouette of a woman running towards him and then crouched down in front of him and spoke to him in a sad voice.

"Hold on !!! You must stay ..."

As he listened to the voice, it gradually faded to complete silence, no sounds, no voices, nothing. Thinking he was dead, Sora had only one thought: his family. Since there is a good chance that he is dead, he wondered if perhaps he could see his family in paradise if it exists or some other place. It was then that Sora opened her eyes to her greatest surprise. If he is dead then how can he still open his eyes? As he opened his eyes, he saw ... nothing.

He saw nothing, only infinite darkness, emptiness.

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