10 Prelude to the battle against fate and the laws

After Belserion's death, the kingdom was recovering from his death.

He was a pillar of the kingdom and of war, his death made the kingdom lose a lot. The whole kingdom was in a bitter and bad mood as well as Irene, except Sora who felt no pain only because of Irene, otherwise he felt nothing else; the others thought he was hiding his emotions except that he had nothing, that's all.

Dragnof was in bad shape, lacked motivation and was losing ground in the war. Belserion's death is a big loss in battles because Belserion remained a fairly powerful Dragon Sage; In addition, Irene took care of the kingdom even more while she was not far from the depression which was remedied only thanks to the presence of Sora.

If Dragnof did not lose the battles, it is largely thanks to Sora who killed more dragons. Now he only did that for Irene because the battles no longer allowed him to increase her strength, he was now at rank AA (higher).

He knew that he was almost unequaled and that the only beings who can threaten or kill him are: Acnologia, Igneel, Zeref, potentially the dragon gods on the other continent and perhaps others but he remained at the top.

The only thing that concerned him was the fact that he did not know for the moment the level of Acnologia because the war should have reached its peak in a short time and Sora does not know if he will be able to manage Acnologia if ever he was to meet him on the battlefield.

Sora would prefer not to meet him because he is sure it is that even if Acnologia is not as strong as it is at the beginning of Fairy Tail, he felt that for now, he should be on the same level if it is not more.

Acnologia has become very well known as "Dragon King of the Apocalypse" with the revelation of his dragon form and the fact that he does not differentiate between good and evil, all that he does is that these killed without respite causing death and the apocalypse wherever he goes.

He instilled fear in the whole continent as well as in the Dragnof kingdom which feared Acnologia because it was a kingdom in cohabitation between humans and dragons. But in spite of their fear, there was a part in them that said that if his were to happen, he would always have the "Black Dragon King", Sora.

This is a question that has aroused much interest in many people: who will win between "the Black Dragon King" and the "Dragon King of the Apocalypse?". Everyone thought about it but nobody had the answer, the two dragons could kill hundreds of dragons easily but they never met to compare their forces.

But one thing was certain, if he were to fight, this fight would become legendary in the future. It was already obvious that Acnologia and Sora would become myths in the future, legends after all there are already a lot of stories about them. Tales of praise for the "Black Dragon King", at least in humans and Dragnof, and blame, horror for the "Dragon King of the Apocalypse".

But there is also another problem that has arisen: the transformation of slayer dragons into dragons. This great power began to corrode the human body, some unable to suppress their power, went mad. The inadequacy of the sight of the dragon and the sense of human balance caused an extreme vertigo and finally, Dragon seeds have grown inside humans; seeds that turn people into dragons.

This caused panic in many dragon slayers, many were killed in battles by going crazy, many started to become different due to the change in worldviews between dragons and humans. Irene also started to have her skin cracked to make room for scales.

The fear increased when people understood that Acnologia was originally a slayer dragon become a dragon, people were afraid to become like him. There have even been suicides; the only one who was the least terrified was Irene.

At first, she was terrified but remembering Sora who was a dragon, she told herself that if she became one it would be better between them even if her beginning of transformation started to scare Rung, she left didn't care because she didn't really like him, she distrusted him even if she didn't show him.

Having related, Irene was less terrified of the idea of ​​becoming a dragon, in addition she told herself that she could take back a human form since Sora could. Sora explained to her that he could transform this into human because he had an immense magic power (energy of the vacuum) and that he was a little special case what started to scare a little Irene.

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But Sora quickly learned from his system that the pendant he gave her will allow her to switch between human form and dragon when she wants, which reassured Irene by thanking Sora.

1 week after Belserion's death

In Sora's bedroom, Sora got up from his bed as he dressed with a disgruntled and thoughtful look. Since he got up, he had a bad feeling for this day, he felt that something was going to happen today.

Having finished preparing, Sora headed for the court where he, Irene, Belserion and Rung were talking about the kingdom and the war, still upset by his presentiment. When Sora opened the door, he saw Irene in the courtyard.

"You're alone ?"

"Yes, Rung left to prepare for today's battle" upon hearing the word "battle", Sora had a bad feeling but he did not look any further as he approached Irene for the 'to kiss.

"Are you going to go to battle today?" Irene asked, which gave a thoughtful look that Irene noticed.

"What is happening ?" Irene asked as she wondered what could make Sora look so thoughtful and unhappy.

"Nothing, I just had a bad feeling about the battle but it must be my imagination. Yes, I think I am going to the battle"

While Sora was still thoughtful, he noticed that Irene was playing with her fingers but in an embarrassed manner accompanied by a blush and a beautiful smile on her face.

"Sora, I have to tell you something"

"Um, yes?" Sora exclaimed as he stepped out of his thoughtful air.

Irene looked at Sora still with her beautiful smile and her little blush but now these hands moved on her belly as she rubbed him lightly.

 "I am pregnant with our child"

These words resounded in Sora's head as her eyes widened and began to shine with a thousand colors and emotions like never before appeared. A big smile appeared on his face as his hands trembled a little; his reaction might be too much knowing that he already knew she would get pregnant with him but living it is something completely different.

He jumped on Irene to hug her as hard as possible without hurting her.

"I'm so happy, I love you," said Sora as he thought of his future daughter, how he would like to see her birth, cherish it and make her happy. He was so determined to take care of his daughter that he began to think of killing Rung after the battle to be able to live with his daughter and his wife.

To hell with the laws and destiny.

Sora lacha Irene moved and happy with the reaction of Sora when they started to discuss about the baby. This even more cited Sora to live with her daughter even if it changes history. While he was speaking, Sora left for today's battle, completely forgetting his bad feeling at the start of the day.

But even with the decision that Sora chose to make after the battle, the laws and destiny are strong, too strong for Sora at the moment.

Sora was heading for a battle that will wipe out his desires and hope.

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