12 Massacres

Sora was sitting in a corner of the entrance to the city.

He was alone, no one dared to approach him on the one hand because of his identity which already intimidated more than one and from this aura that he gave off that there was no good start.

His murderous and draconic look had disappeared or rather hidden, but he still had this disturbing and cold aura surrounding him clearly signifying that he was not in his best condition.

Some groups of dragon slayers wondered what or who could enrage this terrifying dragon. Slayer dragons had improved senses and could sense Sora's aura better than normal people.

As a few minutes passed, a large group of 10 slayer dragons arrived. But this group was special because it was a group whose mission was to protect a person.

And this person is the one Sora is interested in, Rung.

Sora, still in his corner against the wall, sitting with one arm on his bent knee and his head in his arms as if he were sleeping with his katana between his legs, looked up a little with only his eyes visible, having felt the familiar smell he was looking for.

He could see Rung speaking to others like a saint, innocent and wise but with a warrior character and confidence.

Many despised him because of his great airs when he only came into battle to watch or finish the dragons like a vulture to take credit. Only, nobody said it because of his status as a Queen's groom who was respected by all; he was therefore only acting in a friendly and admiring manner towards him.

Seeing this, Sora despised him even more especially than he thought of what he had heard, especially a sentence he had heard from other soldiers.

'Have you heard of the general's plan?'

'Yes I heard about it that the general was going to overthrow the Queen by saying that she was going to turn into a dragon like Acnologia to make her fear citizens and kill her'

Thinking back to this conversation, uncontrollable rage poured into Sora as he narrowed his eyes, transformed into the shape of a dragon, with a murderous look directed at Rung.

Rung was talking to his soldiers, still surrounded by slayer dragons who must protect him.

As he spoke to them, he suddenly felt a monstrous presence and pressure on his body as he began to sweat rivers. The pressure was such that his legs started to shake at a speed hard to see with the naked eye and became as soft as mud.

The slayer dragons around, thanks to or because of their improved sense, felt a small part of the pressure emitted by Sora.

Even this little part was enough to make them feel an instinctive and appalling fear as he started to turn pale and sweat. But when he compared their condition to that of Rung, he said to himself that he had no right to complain.

Rung was on the ground, on his knees, four-legged, trembling and staggering, his pale face comparable to that of a ghost, completely wet with sweat, a hand on his mouth as he spat out a little blood and by only feeling one thing ... death.

The soldiers who had felt nothing approached Rung to see what was wrong when he saw his condition and that of the other slayer dragons.

The pressure then went away and the soldiers took Rung to a military tent.

Rung's soldiers who had not accompanied him still did not understand what was going on while he inspected around them to see any reason or threat.

Only the slayer dragons had managed to see where the pressure was coming from by directing their terrified and also questioning eyes to the person concerned.

But when they looked at Sora, he had his head in his arms. However, they were all sure that it was he who had put this pressure; in addition, he is the only one who can emit such a terrifying aura and pressure in this kingdom.

All the Slayer dragons had understood where this pressure was mainly going by comparing their condition to that of Rung.

Now they were all wondering.

'How did he provoke the black dragon king'

"Why did he pressure and be so terrifying to him?"

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'Does he have a grudge towards him?'

'Will he kill him?'

Because of this event, Rung, his soldiers and his group of slayer dragons which must protect him remained in Dragnof and will join the battle a little later after Rung is recovered.

All the other slayers dragons as well as Sora left in the direction of the battlefield.

In the battlefield, the land was completely dry, dehydrated and dead. There was no vegetation even the grass was incapable of existing in these lands, the only thing visible was half-destroyed hills, huge craters the size of a dragon, smoke ruling the sky. A sky devoid of sun, lit only by the flames of dragons who were thousands in the sky, land which was not nourished by nature and life but by the destruction and the blood of dragons and slayers dragons, accompanied corpses strewn on the ground.

In one place on the battlefield, there was a huge mountain that could pierce the skies. Only, this mountain was special. It was not natural or made of earth, but was made of a massive stack of dragon bodies.

At the top of this mountain of bodies, there was a silhouette. A man dressed in black and red, hair fluttering and dancing with the wind, a white face of jade as delicate as that of a woman with spurts of blood on his face, making him of a divine charm.

Eyes split deep red without emotion which shone with a murderous gleam and pulsated with a terrifying power; he had a katana in his hands which even shone stained with blood and emanating a domineering aura.

This man was like a god of evil, of war or of death, standing on top of the world and looking only at simple prey. He was obviously Sora.

Sora had already killed a thousand dragons in just an hour and he was holding back. He had just killed a dragon, still standing at the top of this mountain of corpse which was not approached by anyone, neither dragon nor dragon slayer, who were terrified by the sight of this mountain of body.

While Sora was still standing at the top, he smelled like he had been waiting for all this time. Even with an abundant smell of blood, he managed to instinctively smell that of blood.

When he smelled this smell, a smile appeared on his face which was clearly not friendly but rather as if a predatory beast had just seen his victim enter his trap.

"He's there"

With that smile, those murderous draconic eyes and an aura of death emitting a pressure cracking the ground, he jumped from his mountain of body, landed on the ground, bent his knees and flew towards a direction by creating a crater behind him .

"Prepare to die, Rung"

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