9 Marriage & Death

A few days later

After doing the act, the two began to be less embarrassed and more ambitious by doing little things they didn't do before while remaining discreet.

He could not display their relationship to their great misfortune because Irene prevented him by giving him excuses that he pretended to understand, although he knew the real reason behind these false excuses but he did not say anything because he knew she didn't want to lie to him and that she would tell him soon.

As Sora and Irene walked through the halls of the palace in the evening, Sora had noticed that Irene was acting oddly, she lowered her head towards the ground with an air that was difficult to describe; you could see confusion, sadness, remorse and regret for regrets which was obvious to Sora but he acted as if he suspected nothing.

"What's wrong ?" Irene looked up to look at Sora seriously.

"Let's go to the bedroom. I have to tell you something"

They went to Sora's room and entered it. As Sora closed the door and turned around, he could see Irene's face, sitting on the bed, devastated and filled with sadness.

Sora walked over to the bed to sit next to Irene with eyes full of heat that Irene could not help looking at to start crying loudly as she jumped on Sora to snuggle against him, his head in his chest.

Sora wrapped her arms around Irene to comfort her while stroking her head to calm her.

"What is happening ?" Sora asked gently and in a voice as soft and soothing as possible.

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Irene parted from Sora's embrace to her great unhappiness as she looked down.

"I hid something very important from you" as Irene, still looking down, started to tremble.

"I am politically married to a man from another kingdom, a solution for the disputed territories between humans, I would understand if you resented me" Irene did not dare look at Sora for fear of his reaction but in the end, she took her courage with both hands to lift her head.

As she looked at Sora, those eyes widened in surprise. Sora didn't look sad or disappointed but rather warmly with understanding and love with a beautiful smile.

"I don't hold it against you, I know it must not have been easy to admit it to me. It's not your fault, you're doing this for your kingdom, how could I blame you? I will always love you and as long as you still love me, we will always meet even if we are separated. Are you going to marry? And then, this is only a political marriage, he can't force you to love, we can always see each other and enjoy each other secretly. You will become my wife whatever it costs me, even if I have to put kingdoms on my back or even a country "Sora say all this without any hesitation with a soft sound but at the same time serious and certainty.

Irene was moved by what he said while her heart was racing, she jumped on Sora with tears of happiness by pressing Sora on the bed while cuddling her head in his chest. It was the place where she felt most secure and a warmth that she would not find anywhere else.

"I love you so much, even if I am married politically, I will always love you. I will wait for the day when you impatiently take my hand, I will do nothing with this man I am only yours and you alone Even if you have other women, as long as you love me, I will love you forever ... and I will be the first to bear your child "said Irene as she removed her head from Sora's chest watching him as she said the last part with timidity and small blushes.

After that, they kissed each other vigorously and lovingly for a few minutes before falling asleep while huddling together with a small smile on Sora's face while an angelic and peaceful face was seen. on that of Irene.

2 months have passed since Irene's declaration about her political marriage. A few days ago, Irene's "husband" arrived in the kingdom of Dragnof and went directly to the palace to meet Irene; Irene, I and Belserion were in the yard talking about a lot of things but mainly about the war when the door opened to present a middle-aged man with long wavy black hair, drooping eyes and a small goatee; as a general, and who frequented the battlefield, he wore armor. He had presented himself to Irene and Belserion with respect

when he was quite shocked that he learned my identity, i was known all over the Ishgar continent as "Black Dragon King" after all, especially dragons. In addition, I was known as a very powerful dragon in human form, my prowess could be compared with very few dragons; in addition, dragons are considered superior species so he automatically addressed me politely.

After the presentations, Irene and her "husband" Rung were left alone to get to know each other even if I didn't like it, I didn't have much choice, it was for the Dragnof kingdom. As they got to know each other, rumors of his arrival broke out in the kingdom with different opinions. Some said that this would put us on the right track with another kingdom that would be a good help during the war, others said that the other kingdom took advantage of Dragnof only for the protection of the dragons. There were even some who said that the queen should marry Sora because her protection will be much more interesting than that of the other kingdom; in addition Sora was also known for his close relationship with the queen but the only problem was that Sora was a dragon, a dragon-human relationship was impossible, although Sora was appreciated by the people because despite his lack of emotion expressed and his power, he did not oppress the weakest, he wandered around the kingdom like a normal citizen, talking to the child he approached with admiration.

After a few days of discussions to get to know each other, they officially got married. Despite being married, Irene kept Rung from sleeping together or doing anything else, telling him that she was not ready, which was obviously a lie, but Rung believed her. . Sora and Irene always saw each other to talk with others about the war or others while they both saw each other secretly in the evening before going to bed.

All this continued until one day. During this day, Sora, Irene, Rung and Belserion had gone to the battlefield; Sora had left on his side as well as Belserion while Irene and Rung had left together on their side. During the battle, Sora in the shape of a dragon killed all the dragons without great difficulty as well as Belserion who had a little more difficulty but got by, while Irene helped more other dragons slayers and some dragons while Rung observed impressed by the magic of Dragon Slayer; after all, only the Dragnof kingdom owned it since it was the only kingdom that coexisted in peace with the dragons. After a while, Irene went towards Belserion to help him because she knew that Sora would not have difficulty even with a hundred dragon. She was killing a few dragons on the way as she heard a big "boom" on a mountain next to her; walking towards the mountain when she knew it was the direction of Belserion.

Arriving towards the mountain, she could see Belserion lying on the ground covered with wounds.

"This is the end for me ..." said Belserion in a weak voice.

"Belserion !!" Cried Irene in a distressed voice.

"Irene ... I failed my duty to protect you ... I failed to preserve our co-existence" said Belserion in his last breath in a disgruntled and suffering voice.

That day, Belserion died killed by Acnologia.

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