6 Irene and Belserion

In the streets of the Dragnof kingdom, Sora was quite impressed by the size and the beauty of the city built in a medieval design and the good humor as well as the harmony between humans and dragons, it was not unpleasant to see. It was a little sad inside to know that this kingdom and this property was going to disappear, but there will always be places as calm and prosperous in the future as Fairy Tail. As he thought about all of this, Sora felt a good smell coming from a little further down the street, which is still large enough to accommodate dragons.

Walking faster, attracted by this food, Sora noticed that many people looked at him with different looks like envy and lust in some women while we could see jealousy in those of men but there are also , whether woman or man, that he looked at him attentively while some surprised looks appeared on the face of some.

Sora knew these few people were dragon slayers, which made him think he might have guessed that he was there, because Sora knew he had become very popular as "Black Dragon Slayer ". Which is understandable because during his month of training, he really only killed dragons, which gave fear for some, admiration for others as well as the relief due to the fact that he only attacks dragnof's enemy dragons even if he doesn't know the reason. In addition, there are very few people dressed like Sora so it would not be difficult to recognize him after reflection.

Sora, ignoring the looks, continued walking towards the stand which emanated this good smell and saw large skewers of meat with a sauce that he did not know. He bought one and ate it, after which he became addicted to it so good the flavor that he bought several. After buying all these skewers and putting them in a small bag, Sora continued his visit while savoring these skewers with a small smile that was rare to see. You have to understand that after the death of her family, Sora only ate instant noodles and forgot the taste of good dishes so for him, these kebabs were a divine culinary delight. As Sora continued to eat, he arrived in front of a huge palace; The exterior of the palace had many tall structures with dragon statues placed on them, walkways and passageways, as well as trees and plants. The palace itself was a large stone building with many unique structures and arches. The interior of the palace had a large courtyard in which dragons and children played regularly.

As Sora looked at the huge palace, he called out to a large earth-colored dragon who landed next to him.

"You come with me please, the queen and the Sage want to see you" exclaimed the dragon in a neutral and fairly respectful voice.

"Okay" Sora nodded as he started following the dragon into the palace. Sora could see many humans and dragons interacting and talking together, as well as children playing with dragons who looked quite young. Sora really liked these scenes of happiness, making her recall memories when he was playing with his sister. After a few minutes of walking, he found himself in front of a large door as the dragon stopped in front of him when he knocked on the door.

"Come in" said a powerful but noble and wise voice behind the big door.

The earth-colored dragon opened the door and stepped forward before nodding toward two figures. One was a large earth-colored dragon, large tusks protruding and bending on each side of his jaw, two large horns protruding from the back of his head as well as two long maxillary canines protruding from his lower jaw; his chin is quite pointed; he has a horn on his muzzle. While the woman next to him was a tall, voluptuous woman with long scarlet hair with one side having a rope-like braid, light brown eyes, as for the clothes, she wore a white coat behind her, wore an armor of black guts in front of her covering from her belly to her neck. What could be seen were the lines on the armor that were made for her chest, she had a belt on her red-black pants and a hanging sword. It was of course, the Queen Irene and the Sage Belserion

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"I took the man to you" said the dragon respectfully before the queen and the sage.

"Okay, thank you, you can go out now," said Sage Belserion.

"Yes" the earth-colored dragon turned in the direction of the door and went out, closing the door behind him while revealing Sora who had been hidden behind him from the start.

When Irene saw Sora, she began to blush when she saw her beautiful face and her emotionless eyes that made her shudder, while having her heart as stabbed. Belserion when he saw this was a bit surprised because it was the first time he had seen Irene react like that but he was smart enough to understand as Sora started to speak.

"It is a pleasure to meet the great queen and the great Sage" exclaimed Sora kneeling on one knee while making a small smile. Sora was not stupid and knew how to show respect to those he deserved, he was not an arrogant person even if he was a stronger person than those in front of him. In addition, he found really worried that Irene carries the dragon even if she was naive, he liked this side.

Irene and Belserion were rather surprised by this politeness, he expected more of an arrogant person content with his strength; this smile also made quite an impact on Irene as she blushed even harder.

"Do you know why we summoned you?" Belserion asked with hope in his voice.

"I think I know why." replied Sora, getting up.

"Well it will be faster so are you the famous" Black Dragon Slayer? "Asked Belserion still hopefully.

"I am the one you call" Black Dragon Slayer ""

"So are you going to help us in this war?" suddenly say Irene with eyes filled with hope and another feeling ... maybe admiration ... or something else, who knows.

"Haven't I already helped you by killing all these dragons since last month?"

Irene and Belserion didn't know what to answer, thinking it was a trick question, but Sora retorted quickly.

"I must say that I very much admire your determination with the cohabitation between humans and dragons, you have a great will.

I don't know if I can help you a lot but I will do what I can "said Sora as Irene blushed at the first word while becoming happy at her last words. Belserion sighed in relief too, happy not to have as an enemy because he has already seen in combat and he is very powerful, he will be an aid not to be denied.

"Can I ask you a question?" asked Belserion who was skeptical of something.

"Go ahead," retorted Sora.

"How are you so powerful? I mean dragon slayer magic has only been invented for about a month." exclaimed Belserion while Irene is also a little curious.

"It is because I am a dragon" explained Sora normally while Belserion and Irene were quite shocked by this revelation.

"Can you use transformation magic so easily?" asked Belserion, quite surprised

"Yes, I can use it all the time and whenever I want," said Sora as Belserion was even more shocked and skeptical about believing it or not. You should know that the magic of transformation into a complete human for dragons requires a great magic power even if the dragons have a great magic power, to be able to be in human form requires a lot of magic power. Plus, it's not a big deal because dragons all prefer their dragon forms alike because even though they appreciate humans, they are still very proud creatures.

Seeing the skeptical dragon, Sora unleashed its magic power, or rather its energy of the void, while the whole kingdom trembled as did all the dragons within a few kilometers around. Sora stopped unleashing her energy so as not to attract too much attention, even if it was already done.

"Sorry, I just wanted to show you that I wasn't lying. I'm going to go now, you can find me at an inn" as Sora turned to leave, Irene grabbed her clothes as she looked at the floor blushing .

"Please wait, you can stay here, we have rooms," Irene said shyly, still looking at the blushing floor.

"With pleasure, thank you," said Sora, giving a little smile to Irene, who had raised her head when she heard her answer.

"So follow me" said Irene with her shy tone while feeling the warmth she had been looking for for a long time as she walked next to Sora towards the bedrooms leaving Belserion alone in the room.

"Ha ... It's good to be young and in great shape" sighed Belserion.

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