11 Instinct, desire for murder.

Sora was heading towards the entrance of the city to join the other slayers dragons and dragons who were leaving for the battle.

During his journey, he was always thinking about his future daughter, how the future was going to happen.

But he was determined to see his daughter grow up, and to cherish her with Irene by his side, he would not let anyone stop him, be it the gods, the laws or fate.

His protective and paternal side began to arise while a flawless determination was present in his eyes that began to shine there.

As he walked down the city street, he heard a conversation coming from the entrance to the city. Even though he was still far from the entrance to the city, he could still hear the conversation with his overdeveloped dragon senses.

Normally, he did not listen to conversations from a distance because he rarely had a reason to do so. But the conversation of these people challenged him when he heard a word, the Queen.

When he heard this word, he stopped in the middle of the street without moving to focus 100% on the conversation. When someone talks about his family or loved ones, Sora shows an interest that he never shows, even more when it comes to his wife who is pregnant.

His dragon instincts gave him an already very protective behavior with his wife but now that she was pregnant, her haste and protection was to such a degree that would make or kill anything or anyone would be a threat to her. , even friends so this conversation had obviously put him on alert.

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He then concentrated on the conversation with impeccable concentration in order to succeed in hearing only the intended conversation which came from soldiers from Rung's country.

"The general is very fortunate to have been able to be married to the Queen of this kingdom"

"It's true, the Queen is really a very beautiful woman"

"Besides, the general doesn't even like it, he just uses it to be king of this kingdom"

"It is true, by becoming King of this kingdom, our country will most likely become one of the most powerful with the help of its lizards"

"And did you see her body and the size of her breasts? They are really huge" they said as they started to drool imagining dirty pictures of Irene.

Sora narrowed his eyes which turned into his dragon eyes, with a murderous look full of rage when you could see his veins on his forehead and his teeth gritted.

A dense and cold murderous aura was beginning to spread around his body which frightened everyone around him as he recognized his identity; he was all praying for the one who had made him angry.

Sora then noticed his aura and rectified it but kept his murderous look as he disappeared from the street.

"I want to pee, I'm going to the bathroom," said a soldier to two other soldiers.

The soldier walked away from the entrance to the city as he entered the public restroom.

The soldier was washing his hands after he finished pissing as he started to have cold sweats running down his back. He looked up at the mirror while starting to tremble when he felt a presence behind him.

The soldier looked at the mirror and saw something he didn't think he saw now.

Death ... he saw death behind his back but he didn't have time to do anything his eyes started to fall towards the ground unintentionally before he saw his body next to him. His head was severely cut without being able to do anything.

The other soldiers were starting to get impatient with the time their friends took to the bathroom, so they went to the bathroom to see what was taking him so long.

The soldiers returned to the toilet when a smell of blood seeped into their nostrils: they discovered their body of their friend lying and separated from his head without a single drop of blood scattered elsewhere. It was professional work, a clean and fast break.

"Go get other people," one soldier shouted to another as he crouched down to check on his dead friend.

But he didn't have time to examine him until he heard a cry of fear behind him.

As he turned quickly, he could only see one thing. The devil.

In the shadow were slit eyes like the completely red dragons, a magnificent red but just as terrifying. Emotionless eyes making him think he was before the devil and death themselves.

He pissed himself on the blow of fear but did not have time to react before his head was cut without he could not see anything.

The last thing he saw, these are the eyes that will haunt him to hell or heaven, he will be haunted by these eyes for the rest of his miserable life.

Sora was in front of the corpses of these 3 soldiers. He felt nothing except anger.

He wiped the blood from his hand which he had used to cut off the heads of his men, not wanting to soil and stain Zangetsu with the blood of these dirty men.

He then made a flame appear in his hand as he burned all the bodies as well as the blood, everything.

After he finished, he turned around and left the bathroom to head towards the entrance to the city. But while walking, he always kept his murderous gaze accompanied by a cold and murderous aura which was less powerful than before but which remained intimidating for many.

These soldiers were not enough to quench his anger, there was only one person left to quench his anger. Until he kills him, his anger will not go away. These instincts of dragons had completely taken over.

Still walking and arriving at the entrance to the city, Sora whispered a name with a tone filled with the urge to kill and the coldness that would even scare the gods.

"Rung ..."

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