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As I said in the synopsis, there will be a harem but a small one with a maximum of 3-4 women and potentially children but much later. The first world will be Fairy Tail to introduce the fact that the MC is a black dragon because I think it's one of the best worlds for that (in addition to my first and favorite manga). Do not hesitate at the end of each chapter what you would like to see later and in the next chapter which in addition to helping me, you will enjoy. As I mentioned, this fan fiction is basically a way to kill time but if I see that you like and participate in development, its will motivate me to do more.

Regarding a potential "calendar", there will not be all this will depend on my desire and my time but I will try to do as much as possible (3 per week?)


Soul : The type of soul of a person varies depending on the mental power, character and emotional of the person as well as the strength of the individual whether his soul has been cultivated or not. The souls of all "mortals" are generally of the Human Soul level or rarely Earth Soul if the individual has strong emotions and a stronger mind than the average. The worlds of cultures are the places where we generally find the most powerful souls because they have the possibility of strengthening their soul thanks to arts of culture of the soul. For example, characters like Ophis or Grand Rouge from High School DxD have a Divine soul because they were born as a Dragon God and are characters of divine power level (for me).

All types & levels of souls:

- Soul of the Void

- Primordial Soul

- Soul of God

- Heavenly Soul

- Earth Soul

- Mortal Soul

All power ranks (can be changed/modified) :

Rang F

Rang E

Rang D

Rang C

Rang B

Rang A

Rang AA

Rang AAA

Rang S

Rang SS

Rang SSS

Rang Demigod

Rang God Officers

Rang 3rd Class Divine

Rang 2nd Class Divine

Rang 1st Class Divine

Rang Divine King

Rang Divine Sovereign

Rang Supreme Divine

Rang Créateur

Rank F to Rank Demigod has three steps: weak, middle, top

Weapon / item levels:

- Common

- Uncommon

- Rare

- Super Rare

- King

- Immortal

- Divine

- Ultra Divine

Laws: laws are divided into 4 four levels: low, medium, superior, supreme.

Laws allow control over the element of law. The better the level of the law, the better the control of it. For the power of elementary laws, it depends on the power of the user.

To increase the level of a law, one must "cultivate" it by increasing one's understanding of the law.

For example, the low level fire law allows you to produce a normal fire, a medium level allows you to materialize the fire in different forms, a higher level allows you to change the heat of the fire and gives you a high fire resistance then the supreme level allows you to do what the lower levels allow you as well as new things, supreme control (invulnerability to fire, fusion of fire with energy, ...) only your imagination restricts you.

Space: low level allows to teleport to places already visited, medium level allows to teleport to any place just by thinking about it, higher level allows you to travel between the worlds of a universe, and the supreme level allows you to teleport to the entire multiverse.

Elementary laws:

- the law of fire

- the law of water

- the law of the wind

- the law of the Earth

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Higher laws:

- Law of life

- Law of death

Supreme Laws:

- Law of time

- Law of space


- Energy of the vacuum: The energy of the vacuum is an energy formed in the vacuum having all the energies because it is the energy at the origin of everything and the most powerful, even more than the primordial energy. For example, Sora is a person with a soul of the void in addition to being connected to the vacuum (Sera), always supplying him with energy from the vacuum, so Sora has unlimited energy.


Some levels will only be gateways for the following levels, what I mean is that if Sora has all of his A-rank stats (low) and then goes from level 1 to 7, it won't necessarily increase all of his rank A statistics (average); to pass from rank A (weak) to rank A (medium), it will be necessary to pass from level 1 to 20 and therefore the 19 levels will have only served as gateways at level 20 (this is an example)

Moreover, it must also be understood that the difference in power between each level (low, medium, higher) is large, for example: a rank A (low) will almost certainly lose against a rank A (medium) except for those who have skills that can fill the gap.

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