7 For 1 week

1 week timeskip

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It's now been 1 week since Sora met Irene and Belserion and decided to help them against the dragons. It was announced that Sora would join the kingdom against the dragons to be able to increase the morale of the citizens, and it worked. The citizens were relieved and happy to have someone like him on their side.

Sora participated in all battles against dragons with the dragon slayers and dragons of Dragnof. During this week, Sora also thought about starting to use his dragon form to get used to it, after all he has already gained a lot of experience in sword fighting as well as in the law of fire which he finally master at the supreme level that gives him total control over the fire, Sora has therefore decided to use fire as main magic until having a sufficiently powerful body to be able to withstand enough attack linked to the vacuum.

He also bought the 3 remaining elementary laws in the shop at the low level with these 10,000 points thinking of increasing them to the average level later, which should not be too hard because the level of the laws increases by "cultivating them". "Thanks to the knowledge of the law and since Sora comes from a very developed world, he knows a lot. With all that, Sora revealed his dragon form to the world, which shocked everyone, dragon or human, by the beauty of his form or even the simple fact that he is a dragon as well as his power. immeasurable; he killed dragons like insects. Its popularity has increased dramatically, its title has changed and is now contained in all of Fiore as "the Black Dragon King".

The Black Dragon King became known as a dragon with immense magic power (this magic power is actually the energy of the vacuum but it is confused with magic but the energy pressure of the vacuum which he can release for the instant with its current body is equal to that of acnologia) being able to eat all types of magic as well as the capacity to use the 4 types of elementary magic although it mainly uses fire. His human form is also well known as a boy with an extremely handsome face accompanied by cold and emotionless deep red eyes; brown hair with a blonde lock and gray tips, all dressed in black and red with a white t-shirt; all that accompanied by a magnificent black katana, a black / red handle and a chain falling from the end of the handle.

When there were no battles, Sora was always accompanied by Irene; during this week, the two got very close and Sora knew he had already fallen in love with her. She was innocent, naive and believed strongly in the cohabitation between dragons and humans, in addition, this belief became even stronger following the revelation of Sora as Dragon; she was even more determined to be able to live with Sora forever. Irene had fallen madly in love with Sora, she brought him a warmth that she had never received, he did not look at her with any desire which was rare in a man, these eyes told him that he had a sad past, what which made her want even more to stay by her side by giving him hugs and kisses even if she would not allow it for the moment, not before being in relation.

There have also been rumors spreading that spoke of a dragon slayer who killed all dragons without distinction, good or bad. He bathed in the blood of the dragons with a devilish laugh all saying that he would exterminate all the dragons. It was the beginning of the legend of Acnologia, it had not yet undergone its transformation into dragon but its would be without delay.

Sora also knows how to dwell a little more on the functionality of the system. He discovered that the shop was not separated into several sections but was in fact a shop where it was enough to ask what you wanted and the item would be offered with the price, this shop had all that existed in the entire multiverse . Sora also asked why he had no quest from the start to get a response from the system.

[The quests are given randomly when an event or other is worthwhile, accompanied by a reward that can vary according to the difficulty of the quest or even the impact of the quest on the future compared to the original story. You will be able to notify when a quest appears]

Sora doesn't know how to ask more questions thinking that it will come when the time is right. He also asked the system a question about how it can change the history of the original, if it could, for example, kill Irene's future husband.

[You can only change the story on small details or intervene at times that will not greatly affect the story. Your presence will necessarily change the story, as an example, the beginning of your legend as "Black Dragon King" will have little effect on the story and the characters in the original story like Natsu. You cannot kill Irene's future husband because if you did, then Irene would not be imprisoned, so Erza would be born in different circumstances. You can really intervene freely at the time that corresponds to the last battle against Acnologia. It is even possible that Erza is your daughter because the consequence would be only a change of appearance as well as an increase in magic power]

Sora was only slightly shocked by what he heard. He already knew that he could not change the original stories of manga world too much, he was as happy as he learned that Erza could be his daughter because he and Irene were already in love and it might be that he make the act so the possibility of getting pregnant. He was even happy about that because it bothered him to know that his future wife would become pregnant with another man who would mistreat her later, which was already torture for him. He asked if he could later intervene in the unrestricted worlds.

[You will be able to intervene in the worlds without restriction with the skill [Breaking Rules] costing 1,000,000 points in the shop. You can also receive it during a quest]

Disappointed by seeing this amount and the luck necessary to have this skill, Sora sighed even if he knows that luck is pretty good with him after all during this week, he had gained a very powerful new skill.

[Magic Eater (passive): Allows you to eat all types of magic in all worlds with magic. Can only eat magic, the magic that will be eaten will disappear after being eaten, being useless because the host uses the energy of the vacuum in addition to being unlimited]


Sora status:

[Name: Ouma Sora

Age: 1000 100 (18) Gender: male

Race: Dragon - Title: Prince of the Void, Black Dragon King

Level 1

Strength / Power: Rank AA (weak) - Defense: Rank AA (weak)

Speed: AA rank (low) - Dexterity: AA rank (low)

Endurance: rank AA (low)

HP: 150,000

Intelligence: genius

Vacuum energy: infinite

Soul: Earth Soul (80% sealed empty soul)

Physics: Black Dragon King of the Void (Rank AA (bottom)) (evolving)

Bloodlines: The Void, Black Dragon King


- Human form: Your human form has the same appearance as in your old life and has the power indicated on your status.

- Black Dragon King form: your Black Dragon King form will give you an overall power of 1 step above.

Example: Rank A (low) ----> Rank A (medium)

(The appearance must be chosen by the host during the first transformation and the name of your form as well as a new title will be added)


Advanced (passive) regeneration: Gives a great regeneration of the wounds, more and more slow according to the gravity of the wound. Regeneration of members will only be available with the [Instant Regeneration] skill.

Fast mind (passive): A mind which can make calculations very quickly, think more quickly of a solution during a difficult fight, very reactive reflexes and instincts, process information quickly as well as withdraw from a "state of panic ".

Advanced (passive) mastery: allows faster mastery of techniques and skills. Allows only to understand and know how to use the technique / skill, to increase the power of a technique, he will continue to use it and gain experience.

Analysis (active): analyzes the status of a person or an object.

Photographic memory (passive): allows you to absolutely remember everything you see. It is possible to delete memories from memory.

Scales of the Black Dragon King of Void (passive): Dragon evolves very strongly, only a person with an equivalent power or weapon or as powerful as the user can damage it. Can also cover parts of the body with vacuum energy to make them even more powerful.

Roar of the Black Dragon King of the Void (active): roar of an extremely powerful dragon using the energy of the void which can destroy everything.

Claws of the Black Dragon King of Void (Active): The claws of a dragon using vacuum energy can tear anything, even space.

Fist of the Black Dragon King of Void (Active): A very powerful fist using the energy of the Void can crush anything.

[Void Getsuga Tenshou (active): A technique derived from Ichigo Kurosaki's getsuga tenshou which creates a slash of increasing shape using the energy of the vacuum whose power varies according to the energy used.]

[Hand of the void (active): A technique showing a maple mark on his right hand (see link on the message at the end of the chapter), using the energy of the vacuum and allowing to destroy the soul of a person putting his hand in the person's chest. Can only be used on people whose soul is less than or equal to that of the user.]

[Magic Eater (passive): Allows you to eat all types of magic in all worlds with magic. Can only eat magic, the magic that will be eaten will disappear after being eaten, being useless because the host uses the energy of the vacuum in addition to being unlimited]

Mastery of the sword (passive): Master level

Laws: Fire (supreme), void (upper), space (average), time (weak), water (weak), earth (weak), wind (weak)

Points: 0]

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