15 Do you feel this pain? This suffering? [Corrected]

/ In a valley /

A valley filled with corpses belonging to dragons and humans with knowable sorrows. If the families of the victims were to see the corpses, they would not even recognize the lost family member.

The blood of dragons and humans strewn on the ground and mingled to become one.

The corpses of humans were either burned to such an extent that their body was still in a solid state and not in a state of ash, if there was even a small breeze of wind, the bodies would be blown away. wind and travel around the world ... that will make one less safe and free trip. But there were also corpses with holes in craters twice their size, limbs strewn everywhere, like in a dragon's mouth.

The dragons weren't much better, with holes all over the body, burns, less scales, severed horns, all done by anti-dragon magic. If the humans had not acquired this magic, the corpses of humans would dominate the valley and cover it on their own, without a single dragon corpse.

Humans believed themselves to be invincible against dragons with this magic now in their hands, a magic created to kill and destroy dragons by the one who loved them ... what an irony. But even with a magic made to kill a specific being, it is also necessary to take into account the strength of the being in question.

But the human, in his arrogance, hadn't taken into account the details of the strength and even skill of the dragons they were fighting against. They were only rushing straight into the mouth of the law like wild beasts thinking they were a supreme predator when they were only for some but not for all.

If ever a dragon king would have joined this battle, all by himself, the so-called greedy and arrogant "supreme predator" named human, would have been wiped out of this world in just one full blast.

In short, this valley had everything going for it to be considered hell, there was even molten lava from the earth and corpses produced by the heat of a roar of fire of an almost solar degree.

And after a little while, an essential part of taking to hell reached the ear of all things in the valley.


A shout. Or rather a howl.

In fact, it's hard to know, because this screaming sound was coming from a human but at the same time, it seemed inconceivable that this screaming was coming from a human.

This cry was distorted, like that of an animal in agony but much louder and more serious. Like that of a pig being tortured but more sinister, serious, strong.

/ In a place in the valley /

You could see a man standing on top of some sort of strange big bag of meat and with a really bizarre shape. It looked like the top of the human body. The torso and head as the lower abdomen was being eaten by a sinister black flame that contained the souls of all its victims.

The standing man was Sora while the torso and head belonged to Rung.

"So? What are you feeling? Pain? Despair? Hate perhaps?"

Sora asked him as he watched him consumed by his flames. The flames were not only hot to an almost solar degree, it was un-extinguishing like Naruto's amaterasu flames, only the user can extinguish them. But that's not all, the flames eat your soul little by little until it engulfs it completely.

To have your soul eaten is an unimaginable pain, surely the worst pain in the universe, the worst possible death. It's like having the limbs torn off fiber by fiber, muscle by muscle but multiplied by 1000. A death reserved for the worst being in the universe.

It may sound like too much death for Rung, but he was by no means a saint. Murder of innocent, **** and so on, it was his hobby but unfortunately, being the son of the King, these crimes went unnoticed and were hushed up. Sora knew it, he could see deep inside his stained and moldy soul.

On top of all this, Sora's hatred and rage clouded his understanding and compassion. Never threaten the family of a dragon, especially not its unborn child.

Sora continued to watch Rung burn his body and his soul. Rung's body, or rather half of Rung's body, was cooked, resembling pizza from the molten lava that had flowed over his body earlier.

If Rung was still alive, it was thanks to Sora keeping her alive with the medium level Law of Life that he had cultivated in secret to keep his child and family healthy. He also cultivated the law of death at the medium level but it was mainly thanks to all the dragons he killed that she managed to improve.

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The black flame continued to eat Rung's soul as well as his body as he screamed at death.

"AAAAAHHH !!! Fi ... nish me, I ... you ... beg"

Rung plodded his life as he suffered and screamed in this hell of endless and unimaginable suffering. Hearing this, Sora narrowed his reptilian red eyes as he glowed with anger, madness and trembling with destructive and growing power.

Rung shivered at the cloudy sight he had of Sora's eyes, but even with eyes half closed from fatigue and pain, he could still see those terrifying eyes that he made him think his request to the god of death was not would not be accepted.

Closing his eyes, relish to survive today and to fall into the madness of this unbearable and insurmountable suffering and pain.

However, this famous pain and suffering disappeared after a few seconds.

Opening their eyes with difficulty, they still saw the god of death in front of him but this time, eyes wide open and a smile on his face. This smile was terrifying but in his eyes, for him who had no more life in his eyes and a broken soul, this smile signified a hope of survival, a forgiveness.

The joy and the life was reflected, even though it wasn't physically visible on his charred face, it was felt. An immense joy that he made him forget in the state in which his body was.

"Why did hope arise? Why are you happy?"

Shock and surprise gave Rung the strength to widen his eyes and see Sora's true face and its true meaning. His smile and his eyes did not signify the hope of survival, but the end of a life and real pleasure for him.

"No .... no .... plea..se .... don't .... kill..me ........... I .. ..don't ... want..to .... die "

In a heavy, scratchy voice, Rung begged again but this time he was sure no hope would be there for him.

"You don't want to die? Do you think the people you killed and raped wanted?"

Rung was silent and gasped at Sora's statement as he recalled all of his crimes.

As he remembered all his crimes, he saw the ghosts of everyone he harmed. All these ghosts and their words were starting to drive him mad as he screamed in madness holding his head with his imaginary arms and hands.

"Hand Of The Void"

Seeing Rung's soul starting to shatter, Sora crouched down in front of Runh's corp and a maple mark appeared on the back of her hand as she approached Rung's soul located in the middle. from his chest, always accompanied by his evil smile.

His hand was only inches from his chest and about to enter it to take hold of his soul.

But it was then that suddenly, chains appeared out of nowhere, grabbing and sealing his hands as well as his entire body.

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