5 Direction the Dragnof kingdom

1 month Timeskip

During this month, Sora has only been fighting, eating and resting. While fighting against Dragnof's enemy dragons, Sora not only gained combat and sword experience, but he also learned to use the law of fire at the top of the upper level, which allowed him to produce a black flame of extreme heat comparable to the flame of Igneel; he also learned the law of space to the top of the upper level, allowing him to teleport to any place thinking about it, however he does not know how to dwell on the law of time. He also learned that these techniques, dragon or human, linked to the void cannot be used several times at the same time (including the getsuga tenshou) because even if his soul provides him with unlimited vacuum energy, his body will not support it , it will therefore be necessary to have a more powerful body to be able to support ALL the attacks made with the energy of the vacuum. At the moment, he will only be able to support one attack, which will be, for the moment, his rescue card

So he had the idea to use the same dragon techniques but using the law of fire instead of the energy of the vacuum, which he tried in the forest wanting to hide his dragon form for now , not wanting to cause panic over the appearance of a large, very powerful black dragon (like acnologia lol); he therefore decided to use fire place techniques thanks to his fire law until he had a body strong enough to withstand several attacks made of vacuum energy. Sora has also managed to bring up members of his dragon form or scales in human form; he also noted that since his first transformation into a dragon, he can use his dragon eyes allowing him to have an improved sight by seeing through all and much further.

He was also noticed by some dragons and dragon slayers from Dragnof and became a very popular person in Dragnof, known as "Black Dragon Slayer", but was never approached due to the fact that he was fears and that he always leaves after killing the dragons, the only thing that is known about him is these beautiful deep red eyes, black and red clothes as well as a long black / gray scarf.

In a forest close to the Dragnof kingdom, Sora was present under a tree while making final checks and preparations before going to the Dragnof kingdom.

"System, I hadn't thought about it all this time with all these fights but did I have a starter pack?" asked Sora quite puzzled to know if he had a starter pack and if so, what would he receive? Even if he didn't expect much after all, it's still a starter pack.

[Yes Sora, you have one. Do you want to open it?]

"Yes please" during that month, Sora had become more polite to the system since he had been the main reason for her survival since that time.

[Opening the starter pack ... 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%]

[* Ding * Congratulations, you received a family protection pendant x1 and the technique "Hand of the Void"]

Sora raised his eyebrows and opened his eyes in surprise at what he received. Even if it seemed little, he had the feeling that the pendant would be very useful to him and that the "Hand of the Void" is a very powerful technique.

"Please give information on what I just received"

[Family protection pendant (Super Rare level, unbreakable): a pendant that will protect the wearer in a critical situation, whether physically or mentally, will prevent him from feeling hungry and thirsty, will strengthen his soul to the next level, will feel the warmth of the person connected to the pendant during moments of need and will allow the wearer to know if the person linked to the pendant is dead or alive]

[Hand of the void (active): A technique showing a maple mark on his right hand (see link on the message at the end of the chapter), using the energy of the vacuum and allowing to destroy the soul of a person by putting his hand in the person's chest. Can only be used on people with a soul equal to or less than that of the user.]

"Good" Sora was very happy with what he had received because in addition to an object that could protect someone dear to him, he received a very useful technique for killing these enemies definitively even if he will have to do pay attention to the fact that he can only use one technique using vacuum energy per day.

'Status' thought Sora wanting to check his status one last time.

[Name: Ouma Sora

Age: 1000 100 (18) Gender: male

Race: Dragon - Title: Prince of the Void, Black Dragon King

Level 1

Strength / Power: Rank AA (weak) - Defense: Rank AA (weak)

Speed: AA rank (low) - Dexterity: AA rank (low)

Endurance: rank AA (low)

HP: 150,000

Intelligence: genius

Vacuum energy: infinite

Soul: Earth Soul (80% sealed empty soul)

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Physics: Black Dragon King of the Void (Rank AA (low)) (evolving)

Bloodlines: The Void, Black Dragon King


- Human form: Your human form has the same appearance as in your old life and has the power indicated on your status.

- Black Dragon King form: your Black Dragon King form will give you an overall power of 1 step above.

Example: Rank A (low) ----> Rank A (medium)

(The appearance must be chosen by the host during the first transformation and the name of your form as well as a new title will be added)


Advanced (passive) regeneration: Gives a great regeneration of the wounds, more and more slow according to the gravity of the wound. Regeneration of members will only be available with the [Instant Regeneration] skill.

Fast mind (passive): A mind which can make calculations very quickly, think more quickly of a solution during a difficult fight, very reactive reflexes and instincts, process information quickly as well as withdraw from a "state of panic ".

Advanced (passive) mastery: allows faster mastery of techniques and skills. Allows only to understand and know how to use the technique / skill, to increase the power of a technique, he will continue to use it and gain experience.

Analysis (active): analyzes the status of a person or an object.

Photographic memory (passive): allows you to absolutely remember everything you see. It is possible to delete memories from memory.

Scales of the Black Dragon King of Void (passive): Dragon evolves very strongly, only a person with an equivalent power or weapon or as powerful as the user can damage it. Can also cover parts of the body with vacuum energy to make them even more powerful.

Roar of the Black Dragon King of the Void (active): roar of an extremely powerful dragon using the energy of the void which can destroy everything.

Claws of the Black Dragon King of Void (Active): The claws of a dragon using vacuum energy can tear anything, even space.

Fist of the Black Dragon King of Void (Active): A very powerful fist using the energy of the Void can crush anything.

[Void Getsuga Tenshou (active): A technique derived from the getsuga tenshou of Ichigo Kurosaki which creates a slash of increasing shape using the energy of the vacuum whose power varies according to the energy used.]

[Hand of the void (active): A technique showing a maple mark on his right hand (see link on the message at the end of the chapter), using the energy of the vacuum and allowing to destroy the soul of a person putting his hand in the person's chest. Can only be used on people whose soul is less than or equal to that of the user.]

Mastery of the sword (passive): Master level

Laws: Fire (upper), void (upper), space (medium), time (weak)

Points: 10000]

(I did not note the techniques made of the law of fire because they are the same which uses the energy of the vacuum but using the law of fire and less powerful)

After looking at his status and approving with a nod, he started out of the forest and headed for the Dragnof kingdom at high speed. After a few minutes, Sora appeared before large walls protecting the kingdom and was quite impressed by their size being larger than some adult dragons but still smaller than his dragon form.

As Sora headed for the big door, he saw two dragons at the door while assuming that he must be the guards protecting the entrance. As Sora was about to return, the two dragons blocked her path.

"Who are you and why were you outside?" asked a big red with a suspicious tone because he had never seen this person in front of him.

"I am a dragon slayer and I come back from outside after killing a few dragons" said Sora with a direct tone and an emotionless look which gave the red dragon goosebumps while the green dragon looked at Sora without saying anything.

"Can you prove it?" Asked the red dragon because few people would kill dragons alone because even with dragon killer magic, the dragons were still very strong. Besides, not all the people of Dragnof were slayer dragons.

After hearing this, Sera brought up a black flame on his hand creating with his fire law, which looked exactly like a dragon slayer flame due to the fact that Sora is a dragon. After seeing this, the two dragons began to sweat drops of sweat as Sora extinguished her flame.

"Okay, you can go back," said the dragon hastily as Sora returned to Dragnof. As it began to disappear from the view of the two dragons, the red dragon turned towards the green dragon.

"Go warn his majesty and Sage Belserion of the coming of this man" said the red dragon hurriedly while having a little fear in his voice.

"Unh? Why do you want to warn the majesty and Sage Belserion of his coming?" asked the green dragon, confused.

The red dragon looked at the green dragon like an idiot, saying weakly to the green dragon and yet in a voice that seemed powerful as well as a little bit of fear.

"Didn't you understand ?! That black flame, his red eyes, black and red clothes and a katana ..." said the red dragon as the green dragon started to widen its eyes.

"You don't mean he is ..." before finishing his sentence, the red dragon cut him off

"There is a good chance that it is him, after all, there are not many people with this description"

After hearing this, the green dragon flew quickly towards the castle to be able to inform the queen and the Sage.

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