8 Date

Today is a day of rest without a fight for Sora.

Sora was in his room after waking up, taking a shower, and always dressing in the same clothes that are cleaned overnight by putting them in the system inventory.

After that, Sora strolled around the palace aimlessly, taking advantage of the calm of the morning to relax, then heading to a balcony overlooking the whole kingdom.

After reaching the balcony, Sora leaned on the railings, putting his hand on his chin and thinking about all that had happened so far.

Since he had arrived, he had not had time to take time on his own to be able to reflect on all that had happened since his death. Whether it's his death, his meeting with Sera, his reincarnation in the world of Fairy Tail and everything in between.

He managed to keep calm during all of this, when most people would have already lost his mind. He doesn't know if it's because of his [Quick Mind] skill, but he is glad it happened to him.

All these things that happened to him took him from this hell that was his past life, gave him meetings with beings who are dear to him like Sera or Irene, emotions he thought lost forever.

Thinking back, he wondered what would have happened if his family had not died? He would never have met Sera and Irene, never reincarnated in Fairy Tail. But if he had had the choice to live this adventure and these meetings or to return to Earth with his family still alive, what would he have chosen?

Sora closed her eyes all thinking about it as the sun rose and the wind hitting Sora making his hair fly with the sun on it. If this scene would have been seen by anyone, he would be completely hypnotized by the beauty of the scene which would look like a magnificent painting.

Except that this scene was well seen by someone and that person is none other than Irene. When Irene had risen, she had gone towards the balcony on which she was still going to empty her head. When she got there, she saw a scene that will forever be etched in her head and heart. Sora with that hair floating in the air with the light engulfing it as if a god had come down. This scene fills Irene's eyes with fascination while warming her heart; as Irene recovers from these emotions, she heads for Sora.

Sora sensing a presence, turned to see a blushing Irene when we could see his confusion at the reason for the blushing of Irene.

As Sora continued to look at Irene with a small smile, Irene breathed heavily as she started to speak.

"Sora" said Irene still blushing with a little timidity in her voice.

"Yes ?"

"Would you ... would you like to go out with me in town today?" Asked an embarrassed Irene hoping for a positive response.

Sora was a bit stunned that Irene asked him that, which was clearly a date, although it certainly didn't exist. But he was happy because it was an opportunity to get closer.

"Of course with pleasure" said Sora with a big smile.

Irene was so happy that she turned to rush into her room to surely change her outfit as she said to Sora.

"We will meet in front of the palace in 1 hour"

"Okay," exclaimed an amused Sora, seeing Irene, who looked like a little girl who had received permission from her parents to buy a toy.

With that, Sora decided to go to his room to prepare.

Upon arriving in his room, Sora noticed that he had no other outfit than the one he was wearing.

"System, do you have free clothes?" asked Sora, insisting on the free one since he had no points left. 10,000 points had been used for the laws and the remainder gained by killing the dragons had been used for the provisions that it was still in the forest.

[Yes Sora, you have in your inventory, a white shirt accompanied by a small black jacket with black pants and white shoes]

"Thank you"

[No problem]

Sora quickly put on his outfit and looked in the mirror. He looked really fresh and dashing with this outfit. He also noticed that his blond lock had become a little gray, which was probably due to his dragon shape.

After finishing preparing, Sora headed in front of the palace, where he was to meet. After walking, Sora arrived in front of the palace and opened his eyes wide as little redness appeared.

Before him was Irene, dressed in a magnificent red dress that married perfectly with this scarlet hair, she looked like a fiery fairy. Accompanied by her charming smile, she would make any man fall, even Sora was blown away by her beauty.

Sora went to Irene who had noticed it, with little blushes when she saw Sora dressed in other clothes than the usual ones.

"So let's go ?" Sora said with a sweet charming smile on his face making Irene nod.

Sora and Irene then left for the city to enjoy the day. They started by buying Sora's favorite skewers to eat them while walking around the city, they tried a bunch of little foods that Sora had never eaten, Irene was amused by Sora's head when he ate food , it was the only time when he saw him with expressions like this, she was happy to see that he appreciated their date. After they finished eating, they moved on to an activity that Sora dreaded: shopping while Irene rushed to the stores, playful, to try on clothes asking for Sora's advice each time. After a whole afternoon of shopping, they finally left the stores to redirect to the palace, forgetting to buy food on the way at the request of Sora; he ate a lot because on the one hand he was a dragon and on the other hand he discovered that he liked food very much, he now understood characters like Son Goku or Luffy, eating was really his favorite activity .

After entering the palace, they went to the balcony to look at the stars as the final bouquet of this wonderful meeting. As he watched the stars from the balcony, Irene spoke.

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"Sora" said Irene still looking at the stars, turning Sora's head in her direction.

"Yes ?"

"I want to tell you that I ..." as she turned to Sora, she suddenly felt something pressing against these lips as she opened the doors wide in shock but quickly closed her eyes enjoying their kiss.

After a few minutes of vigorous kissing, they parted while Sora spoke immediately after.

"I love you, Irene" said Sora with a beautiful smile and a loving look.

"I love you too" exclaimed Irene in tears as she threw herself on him by wrapping these arms around him while cuddling his head against Sora's chest. She was so happy that her love was mutual, that she finally found this protective and warmth in the person who matters most to her, the one she loves the most in the world. While Sora said nothing, always with his smile and loving gaze, enjoying this moment.

After parting from their hug for a few minutes, they parted while Sora pulled a pendant from his pocket.

"It is a protective pendant, it will protect you in hard times, will make you feel the warmth of the person linked to the pendant when you need it, to know if the person linked to the pendant is alive or deceased and some other features . Of course, this pendant is related to me. " he said as he put the pendant around Irene's shot.

Irene looked at the pendant around her neck which was a red stone like Sora's eyes attached to a golden chain. Admiring the pendant, Irene formed a magnificent loving smile and a thoughtful look as she placed her hands on her chest holding the pendant as the most precious thing.

"I will treasure him forever"

After their declaration, they went to Sora's room and then began to do the "act" with love and tenderness. Then they both fell asleep with Irene's head on Sora's chest while wrapping those arms around him forcefully as if she thought he was going to leave forever.

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