13 Colère d'un roi dragon

Sora could be seen in the sky, crossing it at an unimaginable speed.

It emitted a terrifying, authoritarian and suffocating draconic aura that spread across the battlefield, which stopped all the fighting going on as all the dragons bowed before this draconic power and the slayer dragons were sweating cold, sobbing and terrified of this aura.

It was all the rage that Sora held back since the start of the war, especially with regard to Irene and her daughter. It was a subject with which one should not laugh.

On his way, dragons imposed themselves and gathered against him to kill him.

Although quite a number of dragons gathered, they were still under the influence of Sora's aura which subdued them and made them even weaker and defenseless.

When Sora saw this, a threatening, cold, merciless glow appeared in his draconic red eyes.

"If you want to die that much, then so be it" coldly and dryly say Sora without remorse and compassion in his voice.

After saying that, his body began to transform, grow, reveal scales and wings of a black as dark as the night.


A magnificent black dragon with red and gray scales appeared. He gave off both a divine and demonic air. Accompanied by a roar that shook the sky and turned the earth upside down, filled with anger.

The roar and the aura was so powerful that the whole continent heard it. Terrifying humans and warning dragons was the power of a king, a dragon king.

The whole continent has understood from whom this rage came, from a being that one should not go against, beyond all. However, some beings were only surprised, nothing more.

This roar and this aura was especially intercepted by a being who, unlike all the others, was neither terrified or surprised but excited. An excitement that made him get a devilish and bloodthirsty smile.

"A dragon king ..." muttered the being as he set off in an unknown direction.

Back on the battlefield, all the dragons wanting to impose themselves were paralyzed with fear, unable to move. Even when he wanted to flee, he couldn't, he couldn't move their bodies.

Followed by this paralysis, they all started to fall to the ground in a rapid and heavy manner while they were scrubbing on the ground while forming craters under them, still paralyzed.

Meanwhile, Dragon Sora stopped in the air and got into a standing position. When he got into a standing position, very high from the ground, he opened his jaw and a spiral of black fire to begin to appear in front of his jaw.

The fire continued to build up forming a spiral black fireball (like the rasengan) in his jaw as the air started to get very hot and the earth to melt.

After a few seconds, Dragon Sora closed its mouth by swallowing the black fireball, tilted its head towards the dragons on the ground and opened its mouth.

'Roar of the Black Dragon King !!'

A roar of black flame was directed towards the dragons on the ground who saw their life passing in front of them. The roar was getting closer to the ground as it started to melt, you could even see the weakest dragons as melting in the merciless heat comparable to the sun for them.

When the flames hit the ground, the ground disintegrated and an explosion of flame was unleashed with unfathomable power.

After a few minutes, the explosion of flame dissipated, giving way to a quantity of smoke that was spoiling the sky.

Dragon Sora did not wait for the smoke to disappear before leaving and continuing its journey towards its objective.

Behind him, the smoke was completely gone to reveal a crater the size of a meteorite. If water were present, a lake would surely have appeared, but there, it was rather a sea of ​​black flame which was present accompanied by a number of incalculable dragon corpses.

But on closer inspection, you could see a silhouette, the silhouette of a man. Not a simple man, a strong, very strong man.

Why ? Because this man gave off an extraordinary magic power comparable to that of Sora. He was walking in the crater surrounded by corpses without expression of disgust or others, he even had a smile.

Rung and his group of dragon slayers were seated on the ground, on the buttocks, with eyes filled with shock and terror.

They had of course heard Sora's roar in the distance which had terrified them, followed by his attack which was both dazzling and dark that they could have seen from afar with the earthquake that had accompanied it.

On the ground, shocked and terrorized, they suddenly had a dark expression and annoyed by what they saw in the distance coming towards them. A black, red and gray dragon.

A foul odor could be felt, which came from Rung's urine as well as the profuse sweating emitted by Rung and all of his group.

The only thing they did was pray that Sora wouldn't notice and care about them. Unfortunately for them, they were precisely the reason why he was present, or more precisely Rung.

A few seconds passed, but for Rung and the others it was hours of torture that decided their deaths. Dragon Sora was now in the sky a few meters from them as he looked at the group.

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Seeing the dragon watching them, their hearts tightened, their wet eyes and their bodies trembled in an uncontrollable way, some even fainted, which, without their knowing it, will save their lives.

Dragon Sora then went to the ground and landed violently in front of the group as dust surrounded it so that only its red eyes could be seen, instilling the most terrifying and evil image in the heart of the group that will accompany them to paradise or to hell.

In the dust, a silhouette of a man appeared under the dragon as he walked towards the group with red draconic eyes accompanied by a vivid threatening glow.

The closer the figure got, the more the group saw death dragging them to hell. Yet a question still emerged in their brains, already resigned to death.

Who is this silhouette and why does the dragon not attack it?

When the dust dissipated, the group opened their eyes shocked and speechless of the belonging of this silhouette. A well-known person in Dragnof and across the continent, the Black Dragon King, Sora.

Sora was standing in front of them, looking at them with lifeless and emotional eyes and who nevertheless expressed an unprecedented anger.

But if you couldn't see his anger in his eyes, it was expressed by another being.

Behind Sora, there was her dragon form watching the group with smoke coming out of her mouth accompanied by dripping drool and a powerful and endless growl and a row of powerful teeth that could tear apart a mountain.

His dragon form was maintained and formed from the energy of the void and his anger which explains the expression of the dragon.

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