1 The Lab

I've known pain all my life, living in a lab you don't really have dreams... the only time I've ever smiled is when the scientists let my mother visit. My mother doesn't want this life for me but she has no choice. She is also kept here because of her power to change faces and to gain the memory of whoever's face she has. She's the only person in the world so far to have the angelic bloodline since my father died way before I was born protecting my mother. They've experimented on me many times some being really painful while others are so easy I barely feel it. They have managed to succeed in bringing out my advanced healing and white feathery wings that looks like an angels. I've also got improved senses and some other cool powers that have been appearing every year on my birthday. I've met other kids before but they have already died, apparently there bloodline was too diluted with me being the only survivor because of my promising bloodline which is the only reason I am still alive.

My mother has been acting strange lately. She has been teaching me to control my powers every single day I don't know what she had to do to get the scientists to let her in everyday but I'm happy to be in her presence. Mother said I have to be prepared because she is going to come pick me up today I'm excited because I don't know where I will be going this time! Mother has taken me to a garden before and she has also let me eat this yummy thing called chocolate. Well that was all inside the lab but it was still an amazing experience..

My mother came today I could tell she felt nervous and fear I could feel her emotions (one of my abilities: empath) She was dressed in a scientists cloak and had a different face that I almost didn't recognize her. She quickly picked me up and put me inside the cloak and even though my face was covered I could smell the scent of blood. I didn't question my mother I never do. She started running faster after we passed the experimentation room. Then a blaring sound came from the speakers making me whimper in pain. I still couldn't control my five senses and I passed out with blood dripping down my ears.

Jane aka Mother

I hold my darling baby in my arms as I run for the exit I've been planning this for years I can't let my child spend the rest of her life here as a lab rat she needs to see the world. I've already poisened the viles of blood they have of my darling and me. I don't want them to start creating monsters using our blood I will not allow it, the world will be thrown into chaos. This lab has ruined my life they destroyed my clan leaving only pregnant woman alive and kept us here. I've seen my fellow clans woman and their children die I'm only alive because they want to see what makes my daughter so special. Other than the fact she is of the purest bloodline my clans woman gave up their energy to my daughter before they died hoping that she could survive.... I got closer to the exit finally seeing the forest that were in my visions, seeing a bit of the future is also part of my power something I've never mentioned to my daughter or the rotten scientists although it is a bit unstable it has been showing me the vision of the forest for years it either means that this one is the only option or its where I die although I don't want to leave my baby girl alone if it is for her survival I will gladly give up my life. I climb up the trees and turn her around I see the tracking chip in her back luckily she is passed out so she will not feel the pain eventough she will probably only feel like a pinch compared to what she has experienced before. I dig my hands into her skin and pull it out. I throw it on the ground breathing heavily as I start to gather my energy to keep on moving... There coming! I start running again hearing the howls of the hunting dogs behind me.

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I wake up to the wind in my face, howls of dogs and my mother's heavy breathing it seems we are still running. I have no idea what is happening but I can tell it is not good I've never felt my mother this tired before even when she was forced to change her face to 134 different people for the evil scientists. I hear the howls come closer and the heavy sound of shoes against against the forest floor. BANG! My mother stumbles I wimpher as her hand presses against the wound on my back I don't remember this one. BANG! She stumbles again and clutches the tree next to her then keeps on running noticeably slower. BANG! my mother collapse I start panicking, the howls and footsteps are getting closer. My mother breathing is slower even though I am a child I can tell something is wrong this isn't the places mother normally takes me when we go out... I start crying....I'm scared.


I can hear my child crying I want to soothe her. She is pulling my arm trying to get me to move but I know I can't go on. I've lost too much blood from the the gunshot wounds. I lift up my hand and put it on her cheek transfering my energy to her as my fake appearance disappears revealing my face. I whisper the words that need to be said before I take my last breath "I'm ok just keep on running leave me here...You need to survive...carry on my clans name...you are my pride and joy....I love you...Run....Run...Run and SURVIVE!...." I can feel the blood filling up my lungs. I see through my blurry vision that she is already drying her tears, that's my girl! She's gives me kiss on the forehead before running away. I lay down resigning to my fate..... The sound of footsteps stop at the sight of my body, the lead guard sighs then asks me "where is experiment 1?" I chuckle as blood pours out of my mouth. I reply you don't even know her name. He looks at me like I'm insane "She doesn't have one" I spit blood on his face in retaliation and say "Its Angelica" He pulls out his gun and shouts with a twisted expression "I've had to enough!" BANG!... It looks like I'll be seeing my husband again.

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