The Billionaire Choice Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The Billionaire Choice


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Synopsis Her life was practically falling apart. Being a law school student and working two jobs was becoming tiresome and hectic as the days went by. Elizabeth willow was doing her best to provide for her family while she still catered for her own needs. She however never expected to find out that she had been sold for marriage by her parents. An extremely wealthy billionaire who was anything but kind. He was arrogant and full of himself. Enrique did not care about anything or anyone. For years, everything was handed down to him on a silver platter, he did not need to struggle to win anyone's attention. Women had been swooning for him, he was extremely handsome and money was just a dash of pixie dust to his already perfect life. When he brings in Elizabeth willow, he expected her to fall for his charms and his looks immediately. he is however dumbfounded when he realizes that he is going to work for the girls affection in trust more than he has worked for anything in his life. he's used to becoming the star. the one who receives and never gives. His life is only surrounded by being in the office and bringing billions into his company. He never thought that his love life would be a problem. But how then, did Elizabeth become his star? What happens when sparks fly and fire ignites into the souls of both Elizabeth and Enrique.