1 Prologue

Four years ago

"Kill her dead when you find her and leave no trace behind!"

Hiding through the hallway in saint Mary hospital, Scarlet knew that she won't have any other chance to run from there if not now. Animals, all of them. She had thought that he was different. After what his twin had done to her, Scarlet had believed his kind words and selfless intention. He was no different than his whole family.

Tears prick her lids and she sobs at one point, right beside the fire extinguisher. She leans her back against the wall and falls in tears. Sobbing and crying at her condition, not even the agonizing pain in her tummy after the C-section could stop her body from shaking. Nine intense months of carrying her unplanned babies but she had cherished them so much as she awaits the arrival of her two miracle angels. A boy and a girl, both were promised to her when she had asked the doctor what she was going to have.

Not only the Dave's has taken that from her, every single one of them has made her alone. She has no one now except for the angel wrap in her purple blanket in her arms. What was she going to do now? What will she tell her daughter? How will she tell her how her twin brother is dead? Natural death would have made it at least slightly better but it was evil that has taken her son from her.

Memories of Scarlet's mother-in-law shoving her down the staircase when they were alone. She can feel her anger, the pain of a mother who had lost a son all due to his lust. Why did she blame her? She didn't do anything wrong. She was the actual victim. All she did was helping her mother clean his room. It was never her intention to wear a knee-length dress. It was never her fault she was dressed to entice, so to say. It was just a second-hand dress her mother had gifted her but she still choose to help her clean the house her mom worked as a maid.

Jared Dave made her fear men. The rich man who bore the lust of an animal. Tearing her precious dress off of her body even when she had begged him to stop. Her eyes became blurry as she felt his lips trailed down her exposed back and sweat drip from her body to her every time he forces himself on her. She remembered how she felt her hair was ripped from her head in a bloody chunk and scratches with bruises marked her body.

Being held face down and having no mercy from the man she barely knew. Man who had been nice to her every time she had come to visit her mother. Her 18th birthday became a nightmare the moment she chooses to leave her shabby flat to help her single mother just so they could spend her birthday earlier.

His cruel words played in her ear while being held face down, "Happy birthday, angel." His breath stinks of alcohol since he just drank after a fight he had with his dad. His clammy hands grabbing her apart and defiled her as she cried for mercy and help that never came.

As soon as he finished doing his inhuman deed, Scarlet still lie face down on the bed and sob. Her body was in pain and she can feel his release flowing down her thighs. Surely her blood would be there too since she was a virgin and it broke her heart to know her first time was taken harshly. She hears his jeans were pulled quickly and strings of curses left his lips as he quickly leaves the room. Not a word of sorry or any effort to help her.

His leaving the room in a rush attracts the maid's attention and when missing Shea, an elderly lady in her fifty enters, her scream was the only sound she heard before Scarlet passed out.

Scarlet's daughter's cries woke her from her thoughts. Her eyes were closed and her wrinkly hand was making a grabby motion at her. Probably hungry for cold, she didn't know but one thing for sure, they weren't safe there. As long as the Dave's are still there, she would be a goner. She had to leave. The sound of alarm breaking the silence of the hospitals made her shocked and her baby cried even more. The sound of heavy rain hitting the building can be heard loudly from the inside. Scarlet crawl near a curved part of the wall next to her to avoid detection.

Doctors and nurses running around the building as they search for Scarlet made her terrified even more. They would drag her back to the room filled with the evil family. She didn't want that. The fact that her son was killed by the matriarch of this family hurts her but there was nothing that she can do.

Quickly she covers her daughter's face and ran as fast as she could till she found the door to the basement. Peaking at whatever around her, she ran for her life until she steps on the street and walks till her feet reaches a bus stop. The cries of her baby pound her head and her feet were swollen and all scratched from the road. Her body wet from the rain and the chillness of the night sky causes her to shiver so she wrapped her bundle of joy tightly against her chest so she wouldn't feel what her mommy is feeling.

When a bus finally shows up behind her, she enters the bus slowly with the driver ignoring her existence, not an ounce of care for the woman doing a hospital robe and just stared ahead. Limping to the end of the bus, Scarlet sat on an empty seat, and a sigh of relief escape her lips when the bus starts to drove away. She turns her back head and in her chest, she whispers the words of goodbye to her past, her pain, her precious mother, and the cruel life she has left behind. Time to start a new.

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