The Billionaire's Second Chance Book

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The Billionaire's Second Chance


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[HIATUS] Shanaya Arora had lived her life peacefully without any drama, that is until Dhruv Kapoor decided to make a return after eight years, bringing along with him a storm of desire and a promise of companionship for a lonely soul like hers. Burdened with the weight of her past, Shanaya tried to avoid him, denying Dhruv another chance at breaking her heart. But fate had other plans. Destiny crossed their paths again and again until they finally gave in the urge to resist each other. With equal efforts from both sides, they almost rekindled their old relationship only to have it gradually torn apart by someone totally unsuspecting. Will Dhruv and Shanaya see past the misunderstandings and fight all the obstacles to finally have each other? Will Love conquer it all? Or will a wolf in a sheep's clothing succeed in separating them so far away from one another that they can never find their way back again?


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