The billionaire's rough love Book

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The billionaire's rough love


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open it ,open your mouth for me now so that I can remove the scent of that bastard from you; he said . No! stop, you are hurting me ; I exclaimed. you will do it of your own or I will make you and you know that it will be worst .so, be a good girl and open it for me with your tongue out; he whisper near my ear in his husky tone. Ichika Williams half Japanese and American girl has a very pure soul who was always happy even in a small things, until she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her. little did she know "that rainy night will change her life forever". Xavier Black the ruthless CEO of the multinational company, everyone feared him, wherever he goes ladies admire him and drool over his handsomeness but no one had a courage to approach him. will the blooming flower like her fall in love with fire like him? will her heart come alive again? -------- Note- people who love excellent grammar please ignore the mistake and this is my original work. hope you all enjoy my stories.


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