The Billionaire's Kept Woman
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The Billionaire's Kept Woman


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What is The Billionaire's Kept Woman

Read The Billionaire's Kept Woman novel written by the author TheIllusionist on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering romance, action, , firstlove, billionaire. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Warning!!! This novel contain scenes that are not suitable for children. That includes on killing, suicide... torture... and R-21 scenes Keira Del Carlo sold her virginity in the auction to save her mother and a billionaire bought her for more than 4 million dollars. Her life turned upside down when she signed the papers that the billionaire gave to her that night after she gave up her innocence. Alessandro De Alegre was a vicious billionaire when it comes to business. But behind that merciless attitude, there's a soft spot that only meant for her. He has been searching for his first love for a very long time until he found a lead that she's in an auction. He took advantage of it to have her back and made her sign the marriage contract while she's not herself. She didn’t even recognize him, and that’s when he found out that her memories with him had been erased. All her time with him, he gave her everything including the Golden Age Entertainment that should belong to her. She lives with him without knowing that she's married to him the night he took her innocence and imprisoned her in his villa. She lives thinking that she’s the mistress. P.S. Book Cover Not Mine, got it from Pinterest. Kudos to the original creator of the image.


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I'm in love with this book. It's very promising and I really like that Author is providing Edited chapters which makes Readers more than willing to read it further. A great Female lead story. I personally enjoying it. ❤️❤️


This is fun to read and I can't wait for her to find out that she's not just a Kept Woman or a Mistress! But she's actually the wife... ohhh sexy Alessandro... I started falling in love ,😍😍😍


.................................................. Author you done a great job and also it's really great. but if I'm gonna be honest. you're missing the feelings needed ln the Story. but still really appreciated your hard work so. it's nice. also it has a unique Storyline but some parts are little weirdly constructed and also some parts sounds kinda blunt . I hope you'll do well in the upcoming Chapters. so yeah, pour your feelings while writing and yes you have my support and also I'm your biggest fan. haha! Good Luck! !!


oh my geee! this is a different one! I like the start and I hope that it kept going. Please update more chapters dear author!!! 😍😘 Its steamy one too... make sure to cover your eyes!!! 🙈🙈


ML IS SICKENING AND CRUEL, Read the fewer chapters and I can't even continue anymore. Doing the deed When the FL is on periods is nothing but the act of sick mind no matter how much you say that woman is your wife... ML doesn't even have a respect for her else he wouldn't have even did anything while she was sick. Totally Disappointing


Filipino?? 🤨😏[img=recommend]︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎


I love this story. So deep and complex, but very real. I can't stop reading it. [img=recommend] Great.Great.Great.Great.Great.Great.Great.Great.


What!? This book totally deserves a raise! The first sentence caught my attention so much!! It's scary and I loved it! The plot? [img=recommend] Very bravo, contiue the good work dear author <333


This is good! Highly recommended! Good luck, sis-author! Make sure to rise it up. Oh, can you please make it more erotic... hehehe. joke! But please?


I just Love Love Love this story!!! I’ve been intrigued from the very first chapter. The ML and FL are great together and love the supporting characters as well. I’m hoping for a happy ending for them


This book was so good, I did not want to put my iPad down for a second, I loved the characters so much each one of them were amazing, the plot was amazing throughout the entire book from beginning to end


I like that the villain caracter played in the story is a female lead with such power and devilish personality...that's the most interesting part..


The story is going on ... intersting n suspesious... ever one should give to try for author for...there.. appreciation....I love the story..💓💓💓😍😍😍😍😍😍keep going...n plz upload more episodes ,...


It's interesting story including romance , thriller , craziness, friendship , ahh..I just love this kind of story , everyone go to try at least once , then after thay will b addiction of this novel , I appreciate to writer for this kind a story 😁😁😊😊😊😊😊😊😊




Just read a brief of story but it looks interesting and promising. I like this kind of content hope it does all the way 🥰🥰 keep up the good work author.


I am soo sold on the romance itself. It's steamy! It's cute! It's beautiful! I fell in love with the story from the synopsis itself and as I read on, I found the story to have its own depth. Conclusion- Definitely recommended read!!!


I feel like I have LSS with reading. or let's change that to last updated chapter syndrome. I can't wait on what would happen next! Please update more!


A flash marriage where the heroine didn't know that she's married? Wow, that was something. I wonder how things would go on. And what's with her past and she had amnesia?


Nice but don’t know how to redeem coins!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊


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