1 Finding a fake wife

Wei Lang sat in the backseat of his car as it made through the D city streets on a raining afternoon in October. Wei Lang's car came to a stop in front of a blissful waterfall. After a few minutes of waiting, another car came and parked next to Wei Lang car and join him at the back seat

"Is there any chance to talk my way out of this?"

"No, there isn't," replied the lawyer. "Your grandfather has decided that if you do not settle down by the end of this year, all Wei's assets will go to trust fund of varies charities."

"When is he planning to announce his decision?" asked Wei Lang

"Next month, on his 70th birthday party."

"Ok, thank you for the heads up…" replied Wei Lang as he watches the lawyer made his way back to his car and drove.

"What do you suggest, Lee?" asked Wei Lang. Lee, his second in command and his chauffeur.

I think we should first go and grab something to drink and brainstorm our next move," Replied You Lee as he turns forward to drive the car.

Wei Lang sighed and squared his shoulders. "I guess we do need some scotch whiskey to make our brain function," replied Wei Lang as he looks through the window.

Twenty minutes later, they got off the car as they made their way to the Dusky club that owned by one of his close friends. They usually sit in one of the private booths but this afternoon, they decided to sit on the bar since it was in the afternoon and there are not a lot of people here.

"Wow, aren't you starting the party, early my friend?" asked the bar attendee who also happened to be the owner of Dusky club.

"Yang Yang, can you first give me a shot of scotch before we talked why I am here ?" replied Wei Lang

After having his first shot of scotch, Wei Lang felt refreshed and free from worries.

"I found out that my old man was serious about give his inheritance to charity if I do not settle down, can you believe that?" How many times do I tell him that I am not a family-oriented person," Wei Lang sigh as he signals his friend to add more scotch in his glass?

"Well what do you expect when all his friends had become a great-grandfather, and his only grandson does not want to settle down?" replied Yang Yang

"So, are you suggesting that I should marry someone I do not love, or accept their arrange marriage?"

"I am not saying you accept their arranged marriage, and I understand that you do not believe in love after what happened, but you can find your own bride?"

"You mean a fake wife?" asked You Lee

"Well, I did not mean that?" Yang Yang replied

"I think I like Lee idea, I have to find a fake wife, and once I inherited my grandfather wealth, I can divorce her. No string attached, damn I knew you will think of something Lee..." replied Wei Lang as they high five each other.

"Now that we have an idea on how to make you get the inheritance, where can we find a woman who will agree to this arrangement?" asked Yang Yang as he serves another drink for all of them.

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