The Billionaire's Contracted Wife [Tagalog] Book

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The Billionaire's Contracted Wife [Tagalog]


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A contract that should have been as simple as the paper it's written, turned upside down when Tanaga met Ashley and wanted her not only as a mother of his Heir but also his woman in bed. == CEO Tanaga Jones, Billionaire, single and not interested in having a woman in his life. [Until he met Ashley Gusman] Tanaga needed an heir for his empire, but he doesn't want a wife. He decided to contract a woman to bear him a child. [Comes Ashley Gusman] === Ashley Gusman a young Filipina whose one goal in life was to give her family a better life. She would do anything to achieve her goal even if she must become a surrogate mother for a Billionaire Heir. === What's written in the contract was straightforward. 1] Procedure to conceive the child: To be determined, 2] If successful and the child is a boy, the mother would receive a generous Ten-million dollars and free to leave, without the child. Contract terminated. Come and Journey with me and read how Billionaire Tanaga would do everything in his power to keep Ashley Gusman from leaving after the contract was fulfilled. ==== Other books by the Author: 1] I Accidentally Married a CEO [Completed] 2] The President's Daughter: Royal Whirlwind Romance 3] The Billionaire's Sons Meets The Tycoon Heiress 4] Torn Between Twin Brotheres Please! Check it out and support by voting and gifts. Thank you! If you want to chat with me. Join me in discord: https://discord.gg/CwtEzBG ************ Disclaimer: This novel’s story and characters are fictitious. Certain long-standing institutions, agencies, and public offices are mentioned, but the characters involved are wholly imaginary.


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