The Billionaire's Contracted Wife [English]The Billionaire's Contracted Wife [English]

The Billionaire's Contracted Wife [English]


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Tanaga: "Bear me a child, and you will get 10 million dollars." Ashley: "Marry me, and I'll give you everything you want." Both: "Deal!" **** A contract that should have been as simple as the paper it's written turned upside down when Tanaga met Ashley and wanted her not only as a mother of his Heir but also his woman in bed. == CEO Tanaga Jones, Billionaire, single, and not interested in having a woman in his life. [Until he met Ashley Gusman] Tanaga needed an heir for his empire, but he doesn't want a wife. He decided to contract a woman to bear him a child. [Comes Ashley Gusman] === Ashley Gusman, a young Filipina whose one goal in life was to give her family a better life. She would do anything to achieve her goal, even if she became a surrogate mother for a Billionaire Heir. Thanks to: marichat_nettenoir for editing some of the latest chapters. Check out her book: 'The maid's daughter.'

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