8 When Worlds Collide

Chapter 7

"I don't like this." Syrup turned to her sister, Pudding, as she looked towards their relatively new arrivals. The ones who claimed they were from some 'United Nations'.

"It's just another World Government." She muttered distastefully. "Peace preaching slavers."

They had been outside the walls of Italicia for days and it was getting on her nerves. The amount of rogue pirates she could have kicked out of their home during that time, the distance covered on the grand waves, the bounty she could have collected…it was annoying having to sit still and do nothing.

"Politics." She spat in disgust. So much talk. No action. All sensitive. She had learned firsthand that true change did not come from words but rather strength. Never once had she doubted that belief. The words of politics was a formality and nothing more.

"Well, they sure seem different from the World Government." Her sister, Pudding, leaned back against the wall of the Wedding Vow. "For one, they didn't shoot us on site."

The admiral's eyes only rolled at her sister's attempt at humor.

"Aww come on! Don't be a killjoy!" Pudding pushed herself off the wall and walked towards her sister. The said sister which happened to be applying a thin layer of poison on her blades with a cloth. "Come on, stand up!As if you need the poison anyway."

"Don't stand near the edge." A slight green glow was added to the black blade of Enma.

"You're sounding way too much like Peros you know? Lighten up!" Pudding stared as her sister flicked the blade as a single drop of the green liquid was flung off the tip of the blade and off the deck.

"… Mama will come soon. Do not disgrace our family in front of them." She sheathed the blade back into its scabbard before it disappeared into nothing. Recalling the blade back into the soul-realm.

"I know what you mean is 'Don't disturb me now because I'm focusing and you're too loud.' I also happen to know that you know that I'm too stubborn to listen to anything you say." The three eyed girl smiled brightly at her words as the feared Devil of the Seas only sighed at her words. She white, perfectly lined, teeth showing in a full grin.

"I've made it my life goal to annoy you." Syrup could only let out a breath of reluctance at having a sister like this. Was this what all sisters were like or was it just her? "No seriously though. What do you not like about them?" Pudding asked in an attempt to get her sister to open her mouth a bit more.

The admiral straightened her back as she pulled her hair back as she began putting it into a ponytail. The long, curly, light pink hair fell down in a tangled mess before she decided it was time to answer her twin.

"They claim peace and yet they are clearing funding an invasion." She began listing off. "It seems not all member states are represented within their army. Not to mention they seem awfully focused on resources rather than rescuing their people."

The Devil of the seas walked up to the railings as she stared at the camp that the otherworlders had made. Their thin, rectangular, iron barracks and their military vehicles arriving by the hour.

"Exclusion of the few, ignorance of the pain. Inaction for the needy and action for selfish gain. A sword of justice towards their foes and a blindfold for their reasons, the scales of balance discarded."

Her orange eyes burned bright for a moment as they stared directly into her sister's. "Does this not remind you of a certain group?"

"Come on, you're overdoing it. They're not that bad."

"Not bad. Just similar."

"To evil, you mean? But isn't that us?" The three eyed negotiator giggled at her sister's words. Truthfully they were in no position to judge others in their morality.

"Perhaps. But I have no disillusion that I may be a hero of justice or the light. I am merely stating that I do not hide behind grand words or fake actions of benevolence."

Pudding walked up behind her twin as she wrapped her arms around her. Light, pale, skin wrapping around the tanned arms of her twin sister. She stepped to her side before giving Syrup a pat on the back.

"At least you didn't kill those Rose Knights." She said as she chuckled.

"I should have taken them prisoner." Syrup said in all seriousness. It would have been the better play in retrospect. It was just that she thought they were so worthless that after the suppression she let the princess deal with them.

"Let's just be happy that we didn't cause a diplomatic incident, huh?"

… …


"DIE BARBARIANS!" Bozes screamed at the top of her lungs as she lead the horse-back cavalry towards the peace-discussion table.

Syrup looked up in mild interest and raised an eyebrow at the rather familiar looking figures rushing towards them. Kicking up dust and pebbles as they rode towards them with their swords held high. That made their intentions rather clear.

"Princess?" Pudding asked in an awfully friendly tone towards the Saderan representative. "Would that happen to be yours?"

"DIE!" Bozes screamed unhelpfully.

The said princess had buried her head in her hands in fear, embarrassment, or worse as she mumbled something about the end of the empire. It lasted for only for a moment before the princess recovered her bearings and looked up.

"Please don't kill them. They don't know we are having this meeting." The princess replied. "Spare them please."

"Permission to fire, admiral?" The octopus Fishman asked. The cannons on the various snail ships and even the Wedding Vow itself had locked themselves onto the rapidly approaching (yet pitiful) force.

"Negative" Pudding looked back towards the Fishman and then towards Syrup. "I know it's not my place to say but killing them will make my job a hell of a lot harder. Tell them to go shoo or something Sy Sy"

"Negative then, Commander Blue-ring. Stand-by in case something happens. I will handle this." Syrup narrowed her eyes at her sister. "And stop calling me that."

"Why~? It's cute! Sy Sy!" (AN: Pronounced See-See)

"Yes admiral." The Octopus Fishman lowered his head as he stepped back before barking orders into the den den mushi on his wrist.

Once again, Syrup could only sigh at her sister's antics. What could she do against a sister who had made it her life's goal to annoy her?

Behind them the JSDF forces had also gone into chaos as their guns were raised, ready to fire on a moment's notice. Syrup's eye met the familiar man's eye for a moment, what was his name…Itami?… before she turned back to the approaching horde.

"Brace your minds." Was the only words the Devil whispered before she let the color of the Supreme King loose.

… …


POV Princess Pina Co-Lada

This was definitely a diplomatic incident.

Or at least it would have been if not for the fact that the Saderan Empire was in no position to demand anything from the Totta Representatives.

A dozen noble knights with broken bones and half a hundred more with light injuries. In any other case this would have been taken as a declaration of war…except that war was already declared…and they were losing…badly.

Not to mention that nobody could even prove that witch had done anything at all. One moment she was fine…then some weird pink and black lightning streaks was visible around the witch for a second before her mind decided it had enough and shut down after a moment of unbelievable pressure.

It was akin to being choked out as she had quite literally fainted from the pressure…not that she knew what that felt like.

She had just fainted onto the table (faceplant) but the Rose Order Knights had it much worse. Once whatever that was reached them, they themselves had also lost their minds and fell to oblivion but unfortunately it had also applied to the horses. According to sir Itami, they had 'tumbled like dominos'. A relief that no one had died…yet humiliating all the same. To lose without having drawn a single blade or arrow.

It was already bad with the otherworlders from the Jay-Es-Dee-Eff and the You-Knighted-Nations chuckling at her name (what was wrong with her name? Some were even singing it in a tune!) She didn't need her own knight order rushing the more barbaric yet equally dangerous of the two otherworldly factions if not more.

Thankfully the Jay-Es-Dee-Eff side had agreed to treat her Knight order…which she had gratefully accepted. It may have been a bad sign to accept the favor of an enemy but she decided it was worth the risk. Giving herself and her soldiers to learn more about the otherworlders without being too pushy. She had to give it a go.

It had been a number of days since the 'talks' began and it seemed like there was little progression. Every noon the representatives from each faction would sit at the 'table' at the no-man zone before talking about every little detail before leaving the rest for another day.

So much boring talk droning on and on…it felt was she was watching her father deal with the senate. It seemed like politics did not change even on other worlds. The only 'real' progress made was the temporary ceasefire on Italicia between all factions (responsibility on the management falling onto Totta Land) as well as the ceasefire between the Empire and the Jay-Es-Dee-Ef. Unfortunately the new arrivals of the You-Knighted Nations stayed silent while the Totta representatives showed their rather…passionate response…to continue their war.

Followed by a portion of their military force leaving to continue their raid further into Empire territory, it showed that their words were not just bluffs. They meant what they meant. She still clearly remembered what that three eyed girl had told her.

"War does not end on pity, princess." Her two normal eyes looking at all those seated on the round table while her third eye, the one on her forehead, locked with hers. "Were you so delusional to the believe that your presence here had stopped the grief of the mothers who lost their children? No…our force marches on Princess. They will continue to do so until our people are returned."

The fact that the three eyed girl was also technically a princess did not help her position at all. She could not demand her respect in either position or strength…and she truly did not know whether it was a good thing or not that their mother would be arriving soon. Seeing three of her children, she had developed a healthy fear of their family.

The third princess of Sadera did not know what sort of person the queen of Totta Land would be but she was not looking forward to it at all.

Well…at least she would be given the opportunity to speak at a larger stage in the other world. After all, they were all invited to the You-Knighted Nations.

"Princess! You must come out right now!" Her trusted knight, Bozes Co Palesti, burst her way through the tent flaps as she immediately knelt down in front of her princess.

"What is it Bozes? Tell me." The princess instantly knew that something big must have happened. While Bozes was always a rather emotional and 'reactional' person, she would not have acted like this should small have happened.

"The Queen…no…the Giant of the Totta Land had arrived!" Bozes exclaimed.

Outside the tent, the princess could hear the movement of troops and their monster steeds as the Jay-Es-Dee-Eff and the You-Knighted Nations both moved as if they were possessed. All of them in panic, fear, and confusion…while all the noise were drowned out by the deafening roar of thousands of Fishman celebrating the arrival of the Emperor.

She could feel her heart beating against her bones as she thought about meeting yet another monster. This time the ruler of the people who had beaten back hers so easily…so trivially.

There had to be peace…otherwise there truly was no hope for the Empire.

"This war must end." Bracing herself for what was to come, she left the safety of her tent.

… …

POV Koji Sugawara. The Negotiator

She was a titan. There were no other words that would be used to accurately describe the person in front of him.

Well…maybe beautiful, or youthful, or even powerful may have worked but it would not have had the affect the word 'titan' would have. He had seen his fair share of beautiful women, youthful women, and even buff, powerful, muscular, women…it was just that he had never seen a women (or man) who stood at around 10 meters.

It just so happened that the Totta representative (damn you Pudding) had forgotten to inform him that her mother (Mama) was practically a titan.

The Queen (Emperor) of Totta Land was dressed…unknown. Literally. Whatever she was wearing was covered by a large black cloak from shoulder down. The flowing cloak sewn with the flag of the 'Union' or whatever they called their military force. A white skull embedded on a shield with two spears crossed under the shield.

The towering presence of the woman was simply staggering as the entirety of the Fishman fell to one knee as she neared. Even the monstrous snails and the various beasts they brought with them lowered their heads at the Emperor's arrival.

*step* *step* *step*

Each step shook the earth…or at least it felt like it did. There was no shaking under his feet…there was no rumbling or anything…and yet as the women approached he felt it instinctively under his skin that what he was about to greet was something beyond humanity.

*step* *step*

Looking straight he saw the soles of black and golden boots which was as tall as he were. He looked up to see the face of the 'ruler of the seas'.

Truly, she was beautiful (not his style though, too tall). Quite like the other girl who he had seem multiple times but more…mature and way larger. Dark orange eyes, deep pink hair which reached down to her lower waist, a sculptured jaw-line which somehow did not take away her delicate lines. Her look was overall very masculine yet definitively feminine in identity.

"It took a while to jog here. But I guess it's good to stretch once in a while." Her voice was deeper than he had expected. Her words carrying weight…majesty…and authority. But what was more important was…

"You speak Japanese?" In shock he forgot all of his manner, customs, and every lesson he had learned through his job as he asked the Royalty of another world casually…too casually. He was about to ask for her forgiveness when the queen gave her reply.

"Let's just say that the souls only speak one language." She chuckled lightly before she squat down and extended her right hand. "Charlotte Linlin, Queen of Totta Land, Captain of the Union Pirates, Emperor of the Sea, I guess?…and most importantly the mother of these trouble makers." She glanced a look at the two girls who were on the mech-steampunk ship.

The three-eyed girl had a palm over her face as she shook her head. The stoic girl of the two merely looked away at their mother's words. Hmm…could they hear us at this distance?

With both hands he gripped her index finger. "A pleasure to meet you your Majesty. Koji Sugawara of the Japanese Self Defense Force, a representative of the 'Nippon-Koku' government. It is my pleasure to lead you to our world. The 'United Nations' await you."

… …

POV Vinsmoke Reiju

"This is sooo boring!" The large, two horned, obnoxious (self proclaimed) man called Oden exclaimed. During their trek across the plains in the new world, the two of them had (by necessity) bathed in the same streams and creaks…and while she was sure that the man in front of her was most definitely female biologically…whatever floats your boat as the saying goes.

The new new world, for a lack of a better term, was much…subtler than she had imagined. For her it was nigh perfect. For Oden(?), it was not.

The duo had escaped from the Aurtria Island where the Union had made their base and onto the mainland.

"And here I thought the New World would have something exciting!" The oni prince(ess) hoisted his club on his shoulder as he looked across the endless grasslands. Apparently that was all there was to this world. Grass, grass, and tall grass.

"Why didn't fight the Charlottes then?" The Germa princess glared at her (excruciatingly loud) companion. It wasn't exactly her plan to have a partner in escaping to another world but truth be told she enjoyed the company. She would rather not be so alone anymore.

"And fight against my saviors? No thanks!"

"Then why were you exactly hiding from them?" She challenged.

"They, uhh, don't know that I think of them as my savior."

She pretended not to have heard the oni as she looked down at the hand-drawn map she had taken from one of the Union ships. She instinctively felt a tug in her heart as she recognized the familiar format of the map. The lines were drawn exactly how the Germa forces (and by extension they themselves) were taught to draw them.

It seemed the bio-technology of the Germa was not the only thing the Charlottes had taken from them. She didn't know if it was something to be proud or mad about. She didn't feel much…quite literally.

Her feelings to her brothers were neutral at most. They existed in her life and from the time they had spent together she had some sort of bond to them…but losing them was like losing her raid suit. Enough to feel loss but not enough to grieve.

Her father…Judge on the other hand she knew what she felt. Regret. Regret that things had turned out like this, regret that she had failed to convince and save her father…but most notably regret that she had not left sooner.

The life of peace as a nobody had given her more meaning than royalty ever had. If she knew she could stay under the radar of the Charlottes forever, she would have stayed there…or perhaps find Sanji one day…maybe…but no. She was smarter than that to believe in that naive, idealistic, thought.

The seas were wide and one wrong haki-sense from a highly skilled Charlotte and it would have all been over. She needed to run to a place entirely new. To uncharted waters even beyond that of the end of the New World. Thus, the new new world.

"Do you even know where we're going?!" The oni questioned behind her.

"Not really. Judging that this map seems to be over a couple weeks old." She muttered. "The boundaries have probably changed. Or at least the natives seem to say."

They had quickly learned over the last few days that Oden should avoid the settlements of this world. She had lost count of the number of times the people here either tried to run/attack/pray/bullshit from/against the giant oni. Well…seeing as literally everyone seemed to stand about the same height as well as lack some horns on their heads, it was understandable.

That being said, it didn't help with her herself going in. Mostly due to the fact that these people didn't speak 'Blue Standard'. Blinded by the belief that everyone from her world somehow spoke the language no matter where they were from, she came with the ignorant view that somehow the natives would speak it as well.

She learned that lesson rather quickly.

"Come on smart girl! You must have some sort of plan. I'd rather stop having to steal bread at night." For such a large figure, she sure complained like a little girl.

"It's a risk, but I'm willing to take it."

"Take what?"

"Here." She put her index finger at the point where the map marked with a rather large 'TARGET'. "The locals have been talking about the 'Men in Green' along with the Charlottes. It's all they've been talking about these days."

"And what about it?"

"It seems the Charlottes are not the only newcomers to this world." She had initially merely hoped for enough time for the Charlottes to forget all about her in this world. To run so far in a different, unexplored, world that they would never find her…but coming here a better alternative had just presented itself.

"So you're going to them?"

"Yes. And it seems that they are being challenged." News of Italicia had reached them recently. It wasn't easy to communicate but she had understood enough. It most likely was just a scout force…but a force that managed to force the Charlottes to a standstill was no joke. If she could just…just go to them. If they were reasonable…

"I'm out." Surely, this Oden had come for the same reason.

"Good, then we go to Alnus…Wait, what? Why?" Her thought process came to a full halt as she processed the oni's words.


Did she not realize what this could mean? They could finally be free of the influence of the Charlottes and the world! Sure…she would have to see for herself what sort of people they were but it was definitely a risk worth taking.

To have a power to hide behind and no longer have to fear every time she went out for groceries, to pull down her hood during day, to stay inside and hold her breathe every time a Charlotte stepped foot on her island.

This was a chance to truly live in peace. Away from the liberators who saw her as an enemy.

"Not for me I'm afraid. Sorry princess." The Oni leaned down to meet her eye to eye. "You see, I can tell that's what you came for. You want to bring your knowledge to that negotiating table and get you a nice cozy place away from everything Charlotte. Am I wrong?" Oden said.

She couldn't disagree.

"Well, I respect that. You do what you want to do. Not my place to say, really. But the thing is, the reason I crossed over to this world is fundamentally different from yours." The oni grinned widely. So widely that she was able to make out the sharp canines in the corner of her grin.

"I crossed over to explore this world. To explore a place so daunting and far that not even Oden himself did not explore during his travels. To discover a place so new that not even the Pirate King himself did not set foot on. Is that not exciting?" The self-proclaimed Oden spread his arms wide. "I'm going to challenge this world. This land has a task for me…I'm sure of it."

The oni puffed up his chest as he (tried) to looking daunting.

"You sure you don't want to come with me? I'm sure it'll be fun!" He offered.

"No thanks." She replied. "I'm guessing this is where we split?"

"Yeah. But hey, how much for the map?" The oni rubbed his hands in an attempt to look pitiful. It failed miserably.

"Not selling."

"It's not yours anyway, come on."

"No. Go away"

… …

POV Charlotte Syrup. Admiral of the 5th Union Fleet.

Alnus Hill

"So, what do you think?" Koji asked her mother as they slowly walked up the hill. The surrounding town had gone into lockdown as to safely parade them towards the 'gate'.

"Hmm…it is rather impressive how you have managed to build and do so much in such a short time. And you say these people came on their own accord?" Mama responded. "Not as impressive as Aurtria though, huh?" She whispered lightly towards our direction which only caused Pudding and myself to shake our heads.

A crowd had formed around us as the resident, the soldiers of JSDF, and various others had taken to peer out of their windows and wherever they were to take a good look at us. Must be surprising for them to have yet another otherworldly people coming to Alnus.

They walked without incident all the way up to the gate. Unconsciously, she had the smallest of smiles on her face. It was something she sensed after all…something she knew that nobody else did.

It seemed this war was already won regardless of what had happened, is happening, or will happening.

"Shall we?" Koji pointed towards a Humvee before he held the door open for our entourage before doing the same for the Saderan representatives on another Humvee.

"I must apologize your Majesty. We do not currently have a vehicle that can accommodate you." Koji lowered his head in a sign of apology.

"It does not matter." Mama waved off the concern as they stared down into the gate which reminded them of the deep dark sea. "Let us be on our way." With that, Mama (without permission) walked through the gate and vanished into the darkness inside the gate.

… …

I let my observation loose as I scanned the entire square of Ginza.

'Constant Vigilance!' Mama would say.

And constantly vigilant she was. Each exploration, each scouting, and each moment she was vigilant. Her surroundings always kept under her senses and the people around her even more so.

The entire square was packed with both people and modern weaponry. Thousands of people cheering in welcome, crying in protest, screaming in anger, holding everything from banners to sticks. Behind them and between them from various vantage points were military personnel spread across the entire square and beyond.

Some quite well hidden…well…it couldn't hide from her senses however.

Nothing noteworthy of danger. Well…at least nothing towards herself, Pudding, Mama, and a couple of Fishman. The piercing power of their weapons were simply too weak, their explosions not hot enough, and overall just didn't pack enough strength.

Maybe they may have a chance at breaking through the outmost layer of her skin (no haki) if they resorted to honorary melee combat…but Earth's combat had developed much differently.

She knew. Oh she knew.

Of course she knew. She was a reincarnated soul after all.

She had prayed, prayed hard to whatever deity that brought her here, to never bring her back.

She prayed when she saw the familiar military that it be another world…any other world. Perhaps a magical fantasy land or a steampunk dystopian government. Anything but the world she came from.

And just now she had stepped foot on Earth. She could feel it in the air…this was the one. The very same.

She hated it.

She hated it to her guts.

"Just asking though, will I fit inside this airplane of yours?" Mama asked, breaking her thoughts.


"Shit…" That was the first time she heard Koji swear.

… …

JSDF Intelligence Division

Name: Charlotte Linlin

Role: Queen. Captain.

Title: Emperor of the Sea (?)

Species: Unknown. Seemingly Human. Incredibly tall (10m *approximation*)

Observation: An easygoing personality. Flamboyant. Incredibly tough in action and words. Seemingly likes to be casual in talks. Can assume to be strong as she is a giant.

Still have yet to understand how something like this is possible.

Name: Charlotte Pudding

Role: Negotiator

Species: Unknown. Seemingly Human. Three Eyes

Observation: A young friendly negotiator. Her display of using tactics such as 'carrot and stick' as well as timely use of reassurance as well as threats. This girl is an experienced negotiator. Believed to be that her analysis skills are beyond what is considered normal.

Despite being a negotiator, it has been reported that she can casually jump off a 20 meter high railing and remain perfectly uninjured or harmed.

Name: Charlotte Syrup

Role: Admiral of the 5th Union Fleet

Species: Unknown. Seemingly Human

Observation: Stoic. Almost does not talk. Ignored all attempts at communication besides her sister and her subordinates. Only visible next to Charlotte Pudding or on the ship.

Reports state that she 'may' be incredibly powerful.

Strange power to knock people out from a distance by increasing the pressure on the mind. Approach with caution

Name: Charlotte Cracker

Role: Admiral of the 3rd Union Fleet

Species: Unknown. Cracker human. Biscuit human.

Observation: Too little info. Shown to be afraid of her mother. Pushed around by his siblings (Charlotte Syrup and Pudding). Apparently strongly stupid and stupidly strong.

… …

Switzerland, Geneva

United Nations

The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization whose purpose is to maintain international peace and security, develop friendly relations among nations, achieve international cooperation, and be the centre for harmonizing the actions of nations.

Over the years since its founding in 1945, the United Nations has been in the focal point of various international incident which would either make or break history. The UN had proved their worth of being the true successor of their failed predecessor, the League of Nations.

Yet one thing remained true; as international the United Nations were, all of their business and actions remained Earth's alone. Never in its history did the UN interact with extraterrestrial beings…until now.

*click* *click* *flash!* *flash!*

The red carpets were rolled out as VIPs from all over the world arrived in their over-the-top secure vehicles. Presidents, Ministers, Chairman, and more stepped on the fabric while huddled by dozens of bodyguards in black suits. Each of them visible for little more than a moment before they were led inside the building.

Reporters and members of the media swarmed the building as they tried to get a glimpse of possibly the most important meeting in history. The Swiss guards trying their darn hardest to keep the crowd from pushing onto the carpet itself.

For hours the various leaders and representatives of the world arrived…until only one remained.

"When are they going to come?!" One journalist grumbled.

… …

Inside the General Assembly

A surreal sight was present within the assembly on this day. Where representatives and delegates of member nations were replaced with the head of states themselves. In the seat of the American delegate sat a tall middle aged man. With a clean cut blonde hair neatly pushed forward and up, blue eyes, and a well ironed suit he was the definition of a western politician.

Here the man sat putting his two hands together, locked deeply in thought, at what had happened…and what was to happen. The next hours and possibly weeks would be crucial to the development of his country.

"Mr. President, we have just received news of the Special Region group have reached the Geneva airport. They will be here short of two hours." A secret service agent who stood behind him told him.

"Two hours. I wonder if that is too little or too long." Dirrel, the President of the United States of America, possibly the most powerful man in the world, whispered under his breathe.

He narrowed his eyes as he looked across the large hall and found his two rivals…and they as well staring back at him. He hid his smirk under his hands as he looked between the two.

"We must gain access to the Special region…if possible without them."

A mere hundred meters away another leader of one of the world's superpower was locked deeply in thought.

Dong Dechou, the Chairman of the People's Republic of China.

Months ago when he was notified of the existence of the 'Gate' to a whole another world, he was overjoyed. This was his chance to secure the future of his nation…of the great central nation; however that dream was brutally crushed under the hammer of reality.

As much as both China and Japan benefitted from each other economically, they were far from political allies…no, they were barely not enemies. The thousand years of conflict and bad blood the two nations had with one another could not be erased by a decade of tourism, anime, and Peking duck.

Even before anything had happened after the first day, he knew exactly what Japan would do. Truly, it was so textbook that when it happened, he should have claimed the happening for himself and might as well have declared himself a prophet.

As he predicted Japan initially tried to monopolize the gate and the entirety of the Special Region for themselves. Yet, it was common knowledge that every problem is more than it seems and every solution has a flaw. Unsurprisingly, Japan immediately went crying to their favorite world superpower, the United States of America.

Surely that bastard Dirrel would have negotiated some rights to the Special Region for themselves using their military assistance as a bargaining chip. In a desperate attempt, he had called the Japanese Prime Minister himself and offered China's military aid in exchange for access to the gates…only to be ignored (politely) as expected.

He looked up to see the bastard Dirrel smirking slightly under his hands. After years of dealing with that bastard, he had one day learned the ability to read his emotions better than nearly anyone.

There was no reason to hate that man personally but after leading the nation of anti-American sentimentalism, it must have gotten to him as well. He sighed inwardly as he thought about what he had a week prior.

A new faction. A powerful faction had appeared from the Special Region. One strong enough to apparently push back the JSDF and force them to surrender one of their targets. This…this…was an opportunity.

Establishing this new arrival as a clear threat in front of everyone would force Japan to open up the gate with everyone. Not just the United States, the NATO forces, but even to China. When faced with a threat large enough to threaten them all, surely they would not play dumb and risk annihilation?

America can have all the resources they want and Japan all the prestige. He just needed to send his people over to the other side of the gate. Even their mega-cities made to hold and accommodate 30 million people were beginning to bulge.

His trust in his people were absolute.

"For the people." He said to himself.

For the Russian Federation, the existence of the Gate was nothing short of a potential disaster. A whole new world untouched by the industrial devastation…abundant in all resources. It was this paradise which was bound to lead to the downfall of the Federation.

After the fall of the Soviet, it was through Russia's vast resources in which it exported that kept the nation from crumbling further. Decades later, the nation was still reliant on the exports of its natural resources to fund the entire country. Oil, wood, fur, and whatever graces Earth mother had blessed them with.

Being the largest and one of the cheapest sources, Russia had established itself as the supplier of national resources in the modern world…but the existence of the gate changed everything.

'We must destroy it.' Zyuganov, the president of the Russian Federation, thought in his head. Else Russia be replaced with another…whether it be Japan or those cowardly European nations. Worst of all America.

The gate could give rise to Japan as the next global superpower…and Russia already had enough enemies. The motherland did not need another pro-American hypocrite to go against it.

The gate had to be destroyed.

The Arrival of the Delegation of the Saderan Empire, Italicia, Totta Land, and the special witnesses.

In the great halls of the General Assembly, one old man sat at the head of the high table. An elderly Korean, slightly balding, with thin round glasses. He had a rather small frame which looked even smaller as he hunched over his seat waiting for the new arrivals.

Despite the situation, the man leaned forward peacefully. His lips relaxed in a peaceful manner as his half-closed eyes looked around at the new members of the council.

"It seems we have a rather important guests gathered today." Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations, hummed to himself as he drummed his fingers against the side of his head.


The sound of the great doorway opening caught the attention of the entire hall. It was obvious who it would be…well, there was only one faction missing after all.

The door opened revealing a number of figures. Some…rather more eccentric and different in size than the other.

"From the Special Region! Announcing the arrivals of Princess Pina Co Lada of the Saderan Empire, Lady Bozes Co Palesti of the Rose Order of Knights, Rory Mercury the Oracle of Emroy, sorceress Lelei La Lalena, and Tuka Luna Marceau the Spirit Magician…the elf. Accompanying them is the representative from the JSDF, First Lieutenant, Koji Itami, the Hero of Ginza." A female voice sounded over the loudspeakers for those who spoke English. For the others, the earbuds that they had on was translating the words in real time, introducing them to the new arrivals.

Heads turned as the mentioned names walked out from the gate and into the assembly as some delegates shook their head about the various titles that some of them held. The Saderan representatives took their seat at the front of the assembly as they were helped to their respective seats.

"Aren't they too young to be here?" Some members whispered to one another as they took in the appearance of their guests. With the exception of the blond one called 'Bozes', it seemed as it none of them had reached adulthood.

Yet, the arrivals weren't over. The new new arrivals…the ones they had heard so much yet knew so little about had also come with them. This…Totta Land as they were called. Eyes were peeled off of the Saderan guests as they turned their attention to the door once again to see perhaps the most bizarre beings.

"From Totta Land, the world beyond the Special Region, her majesty Charlotte Linlin, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Charlotte Pudding, the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Pekoms, the Admiral of the 3rd Fleet Charlotte Syrup, and the Knight Tamago."

A Japanese delegate quickly snuffed out his laughter at the name 'Knight Tamago' before he utilized his years of practice; instant poker face…but it was soon broken as the figures walked into the light.

The first person had to duck under the high door, which stood at over 9 meters, as she made herself welcome in the great hall. She straightened her back as she stood at her full height. Approximately 10 meters tall, she towered over everything else in the room. So tall was she that she practically hid the three other figures who followed into the hall after her. The three eyed girl pouted slightly while the other sister remained silent.

The odd knight, the tall egg-shell protected knight, merely took the teacup from atop his head before taking a sip and putting it back.

The delegates and leaders all around the world could only gawked at the entrance, unable to believe their eyes at the queen's immense stature.

The cloak she wore when the JSDF and UN representatives first saw her was gone, replaced with a rather impressive semi-formal look. Wearing a white blouse and a dark pink suit jacket. She had a thin red scarf taking the place of a tie complete with low black heels. If she was not 10 meters tall, people would see her to be a rather eccentric politician.

The Secretary General of the United Nations did not give into such impoliteness. Years of dealing with some of the world's most arrogant and egotistical assholes had trained him to remain professional under any circumstance. While others stared with their mouths hanging down and eyes wide open, he stood up as he gave his address to the group before him.

"Welcome! Welcome to our Earth. My name is Ban Ki-Moon and I am the Secretary General of the United Nations. We are pleased to host this meeting. I hope we can put aside our differences and work towards a peaceful resolution."

"Indeed. The previous days have been quite nerve-racking, hasn't it?" Linlin chuckled. "Talk about an inter-world war."

Her joke wasn't taken very well in the hall as her words were translated. All while her daughter, the actual negotiator, sighed behind her. She would have to remind Mama to use less words related to violence. Another world or not, people didn't seem to enjoy the prospect of war with the Charlottes.

The secretary general chuckled (forcefully in politeness) as he gestured for the members to be seated. Since there was no chair large enough to seat the Queen, she remained standing at the back. Leaning on the high walls as she stared at the meeting which was about to begin.

Linlin looked across the hall as she looked at the hundreds of people which had filled its assembly. Possibly some of the most important people in the world. It would be something like the 'Reverie'…except that she had never been properly 'invited' to one. It was ironic that she would be taking part in a peace meeting with the world leaders of another world rather than hers.

"Representatives of the Saderan Empire, please rise and take the stand. The floor is yours."

Princess Pina held her hands trembling as she was ushered to the steps of the 'You-En Stand'. She was already overwhelmed, her mind bugging, as she took in the wonders of this world. One day had simply not been enough for her to collect her nerves together to face whatever was beyond.

Even in the senate when dealing with the ambassadors of enemy factions, weeks were given to them at a time…sometimes. If the land was strong enough to be considered a legitimate threat then they would tread carefully. If not…it was like how she was treated; rushed and forced to stand against whatever they threw at her.

The lights, the artificial lights of some lightning captured in a glass bottle shone down at her, blinding her, as she took each step to what they called the 'podium'.

*step* She was dealing with the most powerful force in the world.

*step* In a world beyond hers.

*step* Where every nation seemed to hold the power to destroy hers on a whim.

*step* Why was this war even fought…? Why couldn't the generals who led the legions through the gate have thought ahead and sent force scouts instead of their full troops?

*tap* She stood behind the wooden podium. Immediately she could feel her stomach groaning as her two hands clutched the side of the podium for support. As much as she hated being in this spot, she was grateful for the existence of this wooden frame. Maybe this was why it was here in the first place? So that those like her would not faint at the first sight of pressure?

She looked up and immediately felt the pressure of the world crushing down on her. The dark faces of countless men as they scrutinized her every move. Large black boxes with dark mirrors on the end seemed to trace her movements, hoisted from behind by men. The gazes of those few individuals which seemed to pierce through her entire being; the minister of Japan, the ones she learned a minute ago as leaders of the world's superpowers, and the Totta Land representatives themselves. Truly she had stepped onto a stage beyond what she could handle.

Unlike her father in the senate, she was no power here…and she doubted if her father would have any here as well. Probably not.

She remembered the Totta ambassador, Pudding, claiming that this was the true face of the Empire. Was it true? Was this who they were to their neighboring Kingdoms, people, and demi-humans? Was the only reason that they had been able to blind their eyes and dance under the torchlight of their self-proclaimed light-of-civilization due to their strength? For it all to fall apart the moment they encountered a superior foe.

They had been blind. Too blinded by their own ego to realize that anything other that the status quo could exist. Their challenges as a nation had ended centuries ago and their Empire was held together with unquestionable might. The same 'might' which seemed so trivial in front of what these beings possessed.

She had to 'redefine' her terms of victory. When fallen into the den of a dragon, one did not hope to slay its head. It hoped for survival and escape…and that was exactly what the Empire needed at the moment.

The terms of victory was to leave alive with no harms done further to the Empire…and to guarantee the dragons would leave them alone for something else.

It was a simple logic after all that many minor kingdoms and countless tribes had done to the Empire. In return for providing their endless mercy of not slaughtering them outright, they would provide them with gifts in return.

A tribute.

That was how things worked.

She took in a deep breath as she began her speech.

… …

"This is bullshit." Syrup muttered as the princess's speech continued. "All those deaths of innocents and all she has to say for herself is forgiveness, god's mercy, and mining rights."

"The core of her message is peace and reconciliation." Pudding whispered back. "Not that it's what she really thinks, that is." Her smile darkened. "She's just hoping that by cutting off the tail she could save the head and body."

Syrup sat deeper into her comfortable, padded, seat as she narrowed her eyes at the princess. "It's not even her tail." Her eyes floated around to the others seated in the hall. "And some of these imbeciles are planning on taking the deal."

"…I will do all that I can as the Imperial Princess to restore all that was lost. So please find it within your hearts to give the Empire a chance. I believe that with unity, much more could be done." With those closing remarks the princess left the stage.

There were some applause here and there but it was mostly out of politeness. Everyone here in this hall knew what the words of a politician sounded like. Everyone knew that amount of political power a third princess of a concubine would hold in a medieval-roman world; close to none.

But more importantly everyone knew that what she had offered was the smallest part of what could have been offered. A small part of a whole new world…untouched.

Pudding had to hold in her snicker as she read the thoughts of the people around her. It seemed that as much as they hated each other, most of them were in unity this time around.

'Why receive the tail when you can have it all?'

It was simple mathematics. It was simple logic.

America needed the resources. China needed the land. Japan and countless others required everything the new world had to offer. A small trade deal would put them at an advantage when dealing with the Empire…for a short while. But then what? What happened when the Empire inevitably fell as countless other civilizations did when encountered by a higher, technologically advanced, society?

The offered deal would give nothing more than a mere taste…while legitimizing Japan's claims of danger in the New World would give the UN member states a reason to send their forces into the Special Region. For a chance to take a bite of the cake.

"Disgusting…" Syrup muttered. "Not a single one of them is worthy. If I had been sent to exterminate these pests, they would receive no mercy."

She didn't move as Pudding put a hand on her shoulder before patting it softly. "Maybe you'll have a chance Sy-Sy. Once they bring out their guns you'd be free to swing your blade."

"Representative of Totta Land and the Union. Ms. Charlotte Pudding, you have the floor."

She stood up before turning around to give her sister a wink. "But until they do, this is my fight."

… …

"I hope my English is alright. If it is poor, I hope you can find it in yourselves to forgive me. After all, I've only had a couple hours to learn this language." The three eyed ambassador began.

"Though I must say I am surprised that this language is your prime language. So many inconsistencies…so many of these 'grammar exceptions'. It was quite a nightmare to learn." At the sudden revelation that the ambassador now spoke English, many heads looked up in shock while others chuckled at the slight joke.

"In all seriousness I am here to represent my country, Totta Land, and during our short time together, I would like to share that world with you. Our world."

She smiled as she met eyes with her mother and sister at the back of the hall. She could see that her sister was trying to seem disinterested but she could feel that her senses were on her. Seriously, such a…tsundere? At least that's what this world's people had called people like her.

"In just the day I have stayed in this land, I have already noticed the vast differences between our world and yours. Your world…it is peaceful. I can feel the tranquility in the air, the serene, the silence from the absence of the blood spilled on your lands. Tensions exist…surely, I can feel it in this room among yourselves…but overall, it is peaceful. Your world wills you to be peaceful."

She looked down at her two hands. Hard hands strong enough to grind stones to dust. It was mostly from the genetic implants and the modification she had received but there were traces of coarse skin from gripping her guns, her knife, and of course the spear. Here she had already shaken the hands of dozens of politicians, ambassadors, negotiators, and even guards. None of them had hands as rough as hers.

"Our world, however, has a different mind." She began. "I have seen the democracy of your people work. It is a beautiful thing to put the minds of the people directly into power. I believe it is… 'Of the people, by the people, for the people'?"

She looked around the room to see some nations nodding. Some more smug than others.

"Unfortunately, this too has been suppressed by the will of others. Whereas your world has accepted the will of the people as the truth, we have accepted the will of the world as ours. An oppressive, uncaring, force which has torn apart our world and has ensured they will remain separate. For centuries this…force…of the world has blinded us and forced us to be subservient. Silent, if you will.

This force I am talking about it nature itself. I'm sure you've had your fair share of 'natural disasters' but I assure you that nothing comes close to what we often treat as 'daily occurrences.' We have come to be accustomed to waves the size of skyscrapers and tsunamis that reach the clouds itself. We have come to accept the lightning barrages which leaves entire islands barren and empty of life. The magnetic forces of the line which flips gravitational directions and mess up the natural laws. We've come to realize that it is not our place to question why or how but rather when.

This has been the norm for centuries. When ships sail the line, you question whether they will return. Thousands enter the line, hundreds are lost to the waves, a hundred more to the mist, and the remaining to those who lurk within…waiting.

There are forces which resist these natural way of things. The first is the Government. The largest and perhaps the most powerful. They dominate our world and used to be everywhere. They have done the impossible…but they lost their way. They have accomplished what had to be done by sacrificing the reason it was done in the first place.

Corruption has seeped to the root of this organization with their leaders hailed as living gods. Nations around the world are forced to pay a 'heavenly tribute' just to receive the protection and maintain their status as a member of this 'world government'. These kings believing themselves to be of higher footing without realizing that they are nothing more than puppets on strings.

The billions of people of the blues live in ignorance of the horrors which has been, is being, and will be done to them. Harvested for manpower like crops to be thrown against the enormity of this world in a futile attempt to snuff out all those who resist their oppression in the name of 'justice'. Their flags wave high spreading hatred and sorrow to new colonies discovered and new civilizations conquered. All in the name of spreading the light.

Then there are those who resist the world altogether. Those who make no excuses and throw themselves towards certain death. We like to call ourselves many things; adventurers, liberators, warriors, and perhaps even travelers…but the world knows us under a different title.


All those who reject the rule of the World Government are automatically branded with this title as 'hostis humanis generis', the Enemy of humanity.

Inferior beings to be scorned at, criminalized for existing, and sentenced to execution. Setting foot in the sea in search of our dreams is a crime they cannot forgive.

We are stripped of all our rights as sentients as we are forced to battle the endless might of the world and the government until we fall…until we don't.

And that is our humble beginning and the founding of our nation. We are a nation which goes against the will of the world, the will of the people, and fate itself. When the waves tried to drown us, we sailed for greater heights. When the cannons of our enemies sought to sink us, we fired back…and stood victor.

We are a nation tempered in the fires of war. A nation which has fought against the weight of the entire world and has not only endured but thrived. In the last twenty years of our world's history, the laws have been rewritten and the lines have been redrawn.

There is a now a sea which remains beyond the reaches of the world government. The 'Shin-Sekai (The New World)' . It is still a dangerous sea to cross and yet those who manage to transverse the waters will find a haven waiting for them.

A haven for those who wish freedom from the government, for those who wish for redemption, a second chance, or simple drifters who have found their way to our waters. We are a nation of Pirates who have survived the so called 'Justice'. We are now a world Superpower."

She looked around to see a room filled with stunned people. She could see the fear in their eyes, the doubt in their minds, and their suspicions. Yet, she had not finished her speech.

"But please do not pity us. Pity is for the weak and we are anything but. After all, how many individuals or organizations can take on the world? To bear the crushing weight of the world and manage to push back.

Our nation is filled with those people. Those who had refused to bow to power and instead set sail in search of greater ideals and freedom. At the end of their search or journey, they came to us to give us their support against the world.

This is the way our world is now and I believe it will continue to be so. Depending on the ages, the balance of power has shifted from the central order and the individual. You are witnessing a time when the balance is tilting.

So do not put your morals on us for you have no idea what we have done and gone through. Even with this explanation, you do not know our world. You cannot sea our world nor feel it in your bones. You do not sense the ocean in your heart as it calls for you.

Your peaceful resolutions and your pretty words…they are admirable. I admit that such a method is enviable to our people…but the reality is that such methods will come crashing down with the waves and wiped clean of trace with the tides.

We have a different solution, after all. Our nation…

It was born from the idea of rebellion.

It grew from the idea of resistance

It stood on victory against the impossible.

Because of this, we are strong. So strong that we are feared by the very entities which once sough to snuff us out like a candle. We are strong that our name acts as a beacon of warning, of blood, but also hope.

So forgive our hesitation in any idea you will undoubtedly pitch. Forgive our mistrust in your words which we will not bother to hide. So forgive us but I will let you know what we think."

She took in a deep breathe as she prepared for the room to burst into anger at her next statement.

"The Union plans on continuing the war with the Empire. They must pay for what they have done on our people and on our land. We plan to continue this war until all of our missing people have been found and recovered.

If the Empire does not want to be brought to ruin, I would like to emphasize the fact that the Union does not tolerate the idea of slavery at any level.

For a nation so focused on the freedom, expression of the individual, and unity by choice, the idea of slavery is horrendous and goes against everything we stand for. We do not care what you think of slaves or their rights…but if everything we have said does not compute, then please understand this."

She looked directly at the Saderan representatives who looked as if they had shit themselves.

"What you had attempted to do on our side was not a declaration of war. It was slaughter. It was genocide. On that hour you and your nation has made your stance very clear. That you are willing to kill men, women, and children with no mercy. You have tried to take what is ours in the lowest of ways.

Your actions are unjustifiable, incomprehensible, and unforgivable. You may call us pirates if you wish but even we have standards. There shall be no peace between us until an end has been reached.

As ambassador, I offer you the same choices I offered a hundred other nations: Give us what is ours…or be annihilated."

… …

Syrup wondered about her sisters words. In theory…they were correct but she found herself unable to agree. After all…she knew she was lying to herself. She knew herself better than anyone…she was what she was capable of.

She wasn't talking about being able to call down literal meteors, blow off the top of mountains, sink islands, or bend space as she wished. She was thinking about the blood which stuck to her hands…innocent blood.

When an exterminatus was ordered, it would often be her that was called to duty. It was her duty to make sure that the island would never have a chance at re-establishing what they had done in the past. Sometimes it meant assassinating the entire royal bloodline and their relatives…other times it meant sending the island the oblivion.

In a guilty way, she knew it deep inside her heart that she found blasting the island to nothing to be simpler. They had always given the civilians a week's worth of warning to get the hell off the island through hijacking all of their transponders before they arrived.

Once the bombings began, the only ones who could reach their distance were those on enemy vessels or their commanders. Enemies whom she could slay without a single blink. When the island burned red and the island began to collapse into itself to be sunken into the depths, she found herself thanking that she did not remember any faces.

They were nobodies…blanks. Overall a threat and an enemy to her family…one which had to be removed. But she knew, she knew, that it was impossible for her hand to be clean.

How many royal children had she slayed? How many innocent soldiers who were drafted up against their choice? How many civilians who could not find a way off the island? The faces of the lost haunted her occasionally. Their screaming and pleas for mercy lost to her ears as she did what she had to do. She was a horrible person. She knew it…but somebody had to be the devil.

How many…how many lives did she claim just to save her own?

Countless…probably. But it sickened her to know that she was confident in her answer.

She would do it again without hesitation.

Her heart beat slowly in a subdued rage as she truly began to understand that she had retuned to this damned world. A world which had given her nothing…only to leave her with less than nothing.

She was perfectly content to leave this world and let it die naturally. It was a cursed world after all…but she just had to check one thing. Just one little detail she had been…scared…to check.

She leaned forward as she took out a (stolen) phone before she opened the webpage and typed in a name.

A result came out. An old photo she recognized.

*thump* Was this pain? Anger? Something felt off.

She couldn't breathe. She couldn't hold on…

She turned around in alarm to see Mama looking at her with wide eyes. Her senses told her it was…worry, confusion…then shock.

She saw Mama's hands reach out towards her but it was too late.

Her devil fruit ability had already activated. Her mastery of space finding her destination near instantly…after all it was a place embedded inside her memory. She could not forget even if she wanted to.

Her eyes locked with Mama's as she finally realized what was happening and attempted to use her own powers to lock the space around her. She felt the sudden spike of stress from her sister up on the podium, although her poker face must have kept it hidden from the others.

Pulling her into the folds and away from this place to a place far far worse.

And she was gone. And she had work to do.

… …

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