1 Jan feifei.

In a cafe filled with people with looks of anticipating the drama, a young girl of 22 years stood in front of a couple. The man was a well known famous business man and the woman was a famous alluring star. The woman leaned against the man giving the woman in front her a look of disdain.

"Jan feifei, will you stop pestering me. I told you I don't love you anymore. Moreover wanwan is pregnant with my child. I plan to marry her." Tian long said with utter disgust. Tears started spilling from Jan fei fei's eyes.

"Will you look at yourself before coming near long." the woman added shielding her now protruding belly, then giving a provocative look to Jan feifei. The sadness in feifei's eyes faded leaving only disgust. Tian long was her boyfriend now fiance for five years since high school. She loved him really much thinking that he also loved her but she was wrong. Looking at that bitch's belly, that was almost seven months old, feifei revealed a bitter smile.

[tian long has been cheating on me for seven months how stupid am I.] Wiping her tears, she revealed a beautiful smile that stunned tian long causing lin wan to grimace in jealousy. Taking large steps towards The couple, she gave tian long a big slap to his face. Tian long who did not expect that had his face slapped. That slap was powerful and he ended up on the floor in a disgraceful manner. "A cheating bastard and a bitch what a perfect match." leaving those words, she glared at lin wanwan and her short petite figure sashayed out of the cafe. Lin wanwan seemed to have come back to her senses after Jan fei fei left. "long are you alright" she screamed.

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