The Big Bang Assassin (The Big Bang Theory)

A police officer from the Military Police of the State of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, is killed while setting up an ambush to capture drug traffickers, and when he wakes up he finds himself in a waiting room at a hospital. Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this novel, except my own original characters, do not belong to me, as does the book cover. If the original author would like me to remove it, please get in touch. English is not my native language so any mistakes please forgive me

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Chapter 48 Scar

"Blood… you're bleeding!!" Leonard shouts before passing out and hitting his head on the table and sliding to the floor.

Paige and I looked at Leonard and looked at each other before I felt a needle being stuck in my arm.

"Oh, Paige, be careful with that needle there, depending on where you put it, it could end up taking my virgin... oh stop"

"Shut up, look at how you come home after I take my eyes off you, I don't remember you getting hurt when you were hitting that building left and right" Paige says very irritated while suturing my wound on my right eye.

"Viih viih viih" I whistle casually and say "That was circumstantial, I was taken by surprise, so it doesn't count"

"Okay, I believe you will have a very large scar, after all, what happened?" Paige asks, curious to know what caused me to be injured to the point of almost going blind in one eye.

"Well, it was when I was trying to domesticate these little guys here" I say to the eagles who were looking at me with curious eyes from above the chandeliers.

and then Paige directs her furious gaze at the eagles, realizing that they were being blamed for that the female eagle jumped on top of the male who was injured as if saying "It was him, not me"

Seeing both of their cute reactions, Paige pouted and then started punching my stomach as she spoke.

"D o n t d o t h a t e v e r a g a i n" For each letter there was a different punch

"Stop Paige, is this how you treat your patients?! what a lack of ethics" I say while joking pouting before being received by a punch stronger than the others

"Aargh" I cry out in pain as I say "Changing the subject, I will be hosting these little guys here for an indefinite period of time, meaning they lived with us, so get used to it" I say as I stroke my belly to ease the pain.

"hmm" Grune Paige as she looked at the eagles, and then looks at Leonard "and what do we do with him?" Paige points out Leonard who was passed out looking like a Toy Story doll when a human comes close.

"Take him to bed, do what, he's just a child, and see such a scene is indeed scary for anyone" I say as I get up and go to the third floor with Paige following right behind me and asking "Don't you were you going to get Leonard?" and I respond with "Priorities, Priorities" I say while I show 2 eggs in a small basket of twigs

"ah" Paige nods and curiously watches the eggs With their parents watching to see if Paige won't do any harm to them

Despite showing some confidence in being around Connor, the eagles are still suspicious when it comes to their young.

When I go up to the second floor I go to a room that no one was using, I placed the nest in the middle of the bed carefully, and I opened the windows and doors for the eagles to come and go.

When I finish laying the eggs I feel the flapping of wings behind me and I feel a weight on my shoulder and another one passed by and went straight to the nest snuggling in the nest.

I look at them both and say "Okay, time to choose the names" while I was thinking about which name I would give, I look at a book that already came with the house with the name Harry Potter, and I have an idea, Andromeda Tonks and eduardo Tonks, but let's abbreviate it as the larger female will be Andromeda, and the male that is smaller will just be Tonks.

"Alright, you'll be Andromeda, and you'll be Tonks" I say proudly before my gaze is drawn to the mirror, even though I know I was injured, I hadn't seen what the wound looked like, it still had visible stitches but it was visible. to know what the wound was like, there are three marks from top to bottom on the right eye the size of a middle finger (Very similar to, Shanks)

"Connor, Leonard!!" Paige tells me to hurry up "It's okay, he'll be fine, just 5 more minutes"

I say as I stare at myself in the mirror and run my fingers over the scar before being pulled by Paige's arm down the stairs.

"You didn't have to be rude, you know?" I say indignantly to Paige "You who are being rude to our guest, look at him all splattered on the floor and you looking at yourself in the mirror" she says angrily that somehow looks cute on her

Giving a sigh I pick up Leonard and take him to the room on the first floor and put him on the bed before putting his asthma pump next to him so that when he wakes up he doesn't suddenly die.

As I was leaving the room I see Paige making tea in the kitchen, it was a little late so it was perfect.

As we sit on the balcony to watch the scenery and drink tea, I hear Paige talking as she gracefully sips.

"Girlfriend, right" she says in a proud tone "Don't be too happy, it was circumstantial, it was to make things easier in the future too" I say to her while I don't take my eyes off the landscape that surrounds me

"serious? Wasn't it because you were jealous of Leonard looking at me with those sparkling eyes of his?"

"If you want to think that way, so be it, but I haven't decided if you're the right person for me…. It's still in the evaluation process" I say calmly

"that's enough for me" Paige says with a giggle, and I hear a noise on the Pager I was using, it was a number I had never seen before I finish my tea calmly, before heading to the phone I had on the second one.

Dialing the phone number I hear a voice

"Connor, is that you?" George asks on the other side of the phone, seeing that it was George I say

"Yes, that's me speaking, have you found a suitable house?" I ask him as I sit in a white armchair with a coffee table in the middle

"Who is it?" Asks Paige who sat in front of me and I answer "it's George, he called me"

"Yes I did it, let me tell you it is beautiful, it has 3 floors, and many rooms, but I called you for something else, I wanted the address of your new house so I could drive there to return your car, I bought one for Me, its name is LM002 Lamborghini, I always wanted to have a brutal car like that" George speaks with enthusiasm

"An LM002 lamborghini, I feel like I've heard of this car before, but anyway congratulations one day I'll go spend some time there, take care of Sheldon and Missy for me, Bye" I hang up the phone hurriedly because Leonard was awake and bumping into everything around down there.

  -End of chapter-