The Bewitching Infamy Book

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The Bewitching Infamy


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Shayan is no longer a kid who needs his parents to decide in every step he takes. He is tall, handsome. His hair black. His obsidian black eyes only intensifies his glare whenever a girl approaches him flirting. He with his gold hearted brother and two naughty cousin sisters, is starting a new life at college, and away from their parents. Ala is just as serious girl with dry sense of humor. It is almost impossible for a boy to approach without receiving a death glare. Her big chocolate brown eyes don't even need any effort to scare them off. But this is not the only thing in life, Right? Will their journey to get post graduation in college will remain boring or day after day they will face events which will change their lives forever? Something never changes and sometimes your efforts are not enough to give you what you want. Unless, you actually try. Right? Or in this world, is it better if we lose hope and just drag ourselves to our end? Let's find out. Author's note - This story is totally my imagination, my real work. It will even highlight a mindset in our society that needs to be changed or not, it's upto you to decide. I have full rights and no one will be copying my book ideas or characters. Enjoy.


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