The Betrayed Hero and the Idol

What if a hero from another world was betrayed and given a chance at a peaceful life?... more>> What if that hero was able to save Hoshino Ai from her determined fate? What if... Hoshino Ai was able to shine brighter than ever, with love absent of lies? A hero having just slain the Demon of Corruption was killed due to his great political power and the Goddess that sent him to that world feels immense guilt, that even after years of fighting and a life filled with tragedy he was never given the peace he deserves. So... she gives him another chance to live a peaceful life, one filled with love and family. And maybe he'll save an Idol along the way. THIS FIC ISN'T MINE THE AUTHOR IS OmegaLul1234 AND IF HE WANTS I'LL DELETE THIS PIECE OF ART

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chapter 29

Chapter 29 – Marriage

So I guess I would soon become a father of four, huh?


Aren't twins meant to be rare?

Like 1% rare!?

And Ai just went and had two of them.

Haa... well, I'm not complaining that much, it just... changes some things.

I'd need to get a new crib, rearrange the nursery, and then get some more bottles and diapers.

Lots to do...

"Mama! Papa! You're back!"

My excitable daughter runs up to us after we open the door, her little arms trying to wrap around my waist to no avail.

"So? Am I getting a new little brother or a new little sister?" She asks with enthusiasm.

Looking past her, I can see Aqua peering over past the couch.

Guess he's also interested.

"Well... do you want to say it, sweetie?" I ask Ai.

Placing down her purse, Ai sets her hands on her hips and pushes out her chest, striking a pose, before making a declaration filled with confidence.

"You'll be getting... sisters!"

Well, that was quite blunt.

But that's just like her.

"Yipee! I'm getting a new sister...s? What do you mean sisters?"

I then pull out the ultrasound picture before handing it to Ruby while Aqua strides over to see.

"What she means, is that you're getting two little sisters, not just one." I answer.

When Aqua sees the ultrasound, his eyes widen in surprise as his mouth gapes open.

"...Twins." He mutters, barely louder than a whisper.

"Twins!?" Ruby exclaims with some enthusiasm.

I'm getting some deja vu from that word.

As Ruby and Aqua take in the news, we begin walking into the living room, Ai leaning her head on my shoulder on the way.

"So do you want to look over some names tonight?" She asks.

"Sure, but I was going to give you a massage tonight." I reply.

Ai stops walking.

"...With oil?" She asks with an unusual seriousness.

"With oil." I assure.

She audibly gulps before continuing toward the couch, her legs closed a little more tightly together.

"G-Good." She responds shakily.

I could see the tint of red on her cheeks while her lips were curled up slightly in anticipation.

How cute.

After doing multiple healing magic massages both for Ai and the baby, I decided to add oil and physical stimulation to the routine, which led to some arousing moans from my now fiancee, both from the massage itself and the... things, that happened afterwards.

I guess she was excited.

I will aim to not disappoint!

----- Ai POV - 2 Months Later -----

A few months had passed since I had become engaged, and I was now halfway through my pregnancy, the baby bump now obviously visible.

And it was finally time for me to become a married woman.

The guest list for the wedding was... depressing, to say the least.

There was Ichigo, Miyako, Aqua, Ruby, and then Tatsuya, Cassius' bandmate, as well as his fiancee.

I had met Tatsuya a few months ago when Cassius invited him over, and he was quite surprised when he saw me.

Apparently, his sister was a big fan, so I did him a favour and gave him an autograph for her.

Either way, after the momentary shock, we got along pretty well, and thankfully, he held no disgust towards me having babies and a relationship while doing idol work.

Cassius said he was trustworthy, but I still held my reservations.

But then I found the reason why he trusted him.

His girlfriend of nearly a year was my old coworker, Ari from B-Komachi.

That was a surprise, to say the least.

Being in the same position as Cassius, I quickly understood why he trusted Tatsuya so much.

B-Komachi was still doing well and still viewed as one of Japan's best idol groups, with all the members sharing the spotlight equally after my departure.

I was never able to get close to the other members of B-Komachi, due to both my private life as well as the subtle dislike they all held towards me taking the spotlight.

But now, without that stuff getting in the way, I was able to make my first real friend in Ari, both of us being able to understand the troubles of idol work and how to balance it with our personal lives, bringing us closer together.

Anyway, the wedding.

With no family and an extremely small friend group, we decided to hold the wedding in our backyard, with the privacy being an added benefit.

So here I was, clad in a white mermaid-style wedding dress with my hair done up in a bun.

And oh how amazing did I feel.

A wedding like this, close and intimate, was something I've always dreamt of.

After all, for a lost little girl searching for love, where else would you find it if not in a place like this?

But it was always a distant dream.

I had never seen myself in the place of the bride like I was now, I was always a spectator.

But after meeting Cassius, the dream of a perfect wedding started to become more clear, and I was the bride rather than the spectator, while Cassius was the groom.

And now that my dream was coming true?

I just couldn't keep the smile off my face.

"Are you ready, Ai?"

I then turned my head to President Ichigo, who would be leading me toward my future husband.

"Of course!" I respond cheerily.

He then tips his head down, his eyes that were slightly watery staring into mine.

"That's a good smile... Ai, I'm proud of you." He says before patting my head gently.

"T-Thank you, president."

Is this what a father feels like?

It's... nice.

I'm glad my children will get to feel this way for the rest of their lives.

"Then let's go." He says before looping his arm into mine.

"Yes, let's."

Sliding the backyard door open, I take in the scene before me.

Everyone who was sitting in the white chairs that formed an aisle stood up as I took my first steps forward.

Raising my head, I then see Cassius.

His face set in his usual charming smile while wearing a tuxedo, emphasizing his handsomeness and making him very... delectable.

Mama likey.

I then watch his eyes scan over my figure, taking in every inch of my body, sending shivers down my spine.

His face becomes redder as his fists clench.

Looks like someone's excited~

I guess he's always had something for me in dresses, hasn't he?

We will definitely be consummating our marriage tonight, dear husband.

Although, it won't be the same routine as usual.

Have to keep the babies safe, after all.

Walking forward with a steady gait, it doesn't take long before I'm face to face with the man I love, his head gesturing at Ichigo who then produces a set of rings in a box.

My emotions skyrocket, my skin brimming with heated passion and itchy with anticipation.

But I do not cry.

I force myself not to.

After all, I would hate myself if my blurry eyesight messed up my vision.

I want to take in this scene as perfectly as possible and keep it in my memories forever.

If there was music, I couldn't hear it.

Because right now, I was only able to focus on the man in front of me.

A man strong enough to carry a nation- no, a world on his shoulders, yet gentle enough to lull me to sleep when I'm tired.

His face glowing in the sunlight, I once again take in every pore, every handsome feature of the man in front of me.

And he was going to be mine.

All mine.

...Was I always this possessive?

Maybe it's just because I never had someone to possess over, or perhaps it's only Cassius who made me this way.

"-And I promise to love you, no matter what happens."

Huh? Was Cassius talking?

I was too lost in my thoughts to listen, but I'll let him do anything he wants to me tonight as forgiveness.

But, I didn't think this was how wedding vows were supposed to go?

"So, Ai. Once again. Will you marry me?"

But that's fine.

I like this much more.

Although it would be kind of funny to say no here...

"Of course."

I won't ruin the moment.

He then takes one of the rings before gently grabbing my hand, his finger rubbing a soothing circle across my palm before sliding the ring over my ring finger.

A perfect fit once again.

My body feels hot and I feel ticklish all over.

This is really happening, isn't it?

It's not a dream.

I then take the other ring and place it on his outstretched finger.

A plain silver band... it looks good on him.

"Haa... you may now kiss the bride. Damn kids."

The last part wasn't necessary, president.

Cas then wraps one of his arms around my waist, gently pulling me toward him while the other gently lifts my chin.

My breath gets caught in my throat as I see his face inching closer.

And before I could break out of my stupor, his lips pressed against mine while his hand caressed my jaw.

His tongue only lightly prodding my lips instead of invading my mouth, it's not one of his kisses that displays his lust and need

It's one of his gentle, loving kisses, the ones that I love the most... outside of the bedroom at least.

Separating our mouths, I open my eyes to see a small string of saliva still connecting us before Cassius' tongue breaks it off.

He then bends down to whisper into my ears.

"Miyako said she'd watch the kids so I booked us a love hotel. Be ready."

I quickly nod my head as my core flares up in excitement.

Uuu, even with the second set of twins I still want it!

You've made me a really dirty girl, husband~

----- Cassius POV - 1 Week Later -----

Looking down at my new passport, I couldn't help but smirk in satisfaction.

Because the 'Cassius Anemoi' that was there before was now replaced by 'Cassius Hoshino', a reminder of my new marital status.

Putting that aside, I should focus more on today's activity.

"Papa! Aqua! Come on, hurry up!"

The beach!

Originally, we would never think of doing something like this with Ai's... circumstances.

But alongside her popularity slowly declining, she's really changed physically as well.

Aside from her bulging belly, she had also started to wear her hair up while letting a few strands loose, and ever since the wedding, she's been giving off this... aura.

A mature aura, completely different from her usual idol facade.

Although she thankfully still showed off her naturally cute and airheaded side sometimes.

It's what makes her really endearing after all.

But yeah, suffice it to say, even the most staunch fans of Ai wouldn't recognize her right now, and if they did...

Well, I suppose I haven't had any human opponents to practice my swordsmanship on recently.

"Yeah yeah, we're coming." I hear Aqua grumble from beside me.

Looking at my son, a complicated expression forms on my face.

I had become somewhat of a doctor, specializing in midwifery, if that's what you call it, much thanks to this little guy.

He gave me a few websites and documents all relating to problems that can happen in pregnancy, and through my own research, I knew that one of those was hand-typed.

...I guess he's a genius?

I've tried not to make it affect my view of him, as I know the worst thing for a gifted child is for their parents to latch onto their success.

...But that can only go so far.

I mean, come on! This was medical school-level stuff! No wonder he found school boring.

Grade school is definitely gonna be a drag for the little guy, even without that ridiculous name.

So stay strong!

Making our way over, I started laying out the blanket and umbrella while Ai took Ruby to the changing room.

"Are you going to try swimming? You know how to do it now, but I'd still need to watch over you guys." I ask the silent Aqua.

"Tch, no need, I can swim by myself now."

Guess he's in a bad mood.

Ai was fairly loud last night... sorry, Aqua.

"But remember last time we went to the pool? You tried to swim without the floaties and-"

"Aah! Stop it, stop it! I get it, you can watch us!" He cuts me off while flailing his hands, face set in a deep shade of red.

"Hey guys~! We're back~"

I turn my head at Ai's call, my eyes opening wide as soon as she comes into view.

A black two-piece, perfectly rounding out her chest and plump thighs, with a white coverup loosely hung across her shoulders, showing off her beautifully pale skin that showed a few of the marks I left last night, while her hair was put up in her usual bun but this time with a cute blue ribbon holding it together.

And if all that wasn't enough, I couldn't for the life of me keep my eyes away from her belly.

The sight of a pregnant woman, one bearing my child, was oddly... erotic.

Could this be a personal fetish, or is it just me?

Taking a deep breath, I compose myself as the two make their way towards me.

Placing their clothes under the umbrella, Ruby pulls Aqua along to build a sandcastle, thankfully within our view, leaving me alone with my arousing wife.

Wife, huh?

How nice does that sound?

Stretching across the blanket, Ai sheds her coverup before looking up at me with a familiar playful glint in her eyes.

"Can you put some sunscreen on me, husband? Don't want to get a burn~" She says while erotically shaking her hips back and forth.

...I might regret wearing such loose shorts in a public area.

Gulping down my saliva, I take out the sunscreen from the bag before squeezing some on my hand.

"Sure, I'll get right on it. Healing?" I ask.

"Yes please~!"

Well, let's try to enjoy this very precious moment.


Opinions on possible reincarnation for twins?

I plan for one twin to be normal while the other is possibly reincarnated.

Here are the options (note that if they're not dead in their stories, I'll be changing said background story slightly):

-Normal set of twins

-Danmachi: Ais Wallenstein, Freya

-Mushoku Tensei: Ariel Anemoi, other girls

-My Hero Academia: Eri

-Re:Zero: Satella, Emilia, Rem

-Other/Submissions (note that if I hadn't read/watched it, I won't do it as I don't know the character, sorry.)

-Cursed Option: Hikaru