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The Beta System


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An intelligent four year old boy, Clinton, is bestowed with the Beta System. Being told that 1 year later, the world will change and everyone will have a system, and there will be intense contest against people of other planets 5 years later to determine which planet gets to survive, Clinton will do what he can to be the strongest person that no one can defeat and save his world. .... Or not. Watch as Clinton dominates everything with his insane luck. *Warning: This is an op mc novel, if you don't like op mc then don't read.* *This is just a hobby of mine, so don't expect any regular updates. Probably just gonna write once in a while when I feel like it and when I have ideas.* *Also, if there are any inconsistencies, sorry, cause I do tend to forget what I've previously written. Please tell me if you see any, and I'll try to fix them.*


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