The bet
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The bet


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What is The bet

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After many years of chasing her dreams she decided to stop being a perfectionist, to stop trying to be the very best in everything she does. Jo decided to put her big dreams aside for a little while. She decided to live life to the fullest and forget about perfection. After all, nobody is perfect. Jo needed to reset and she planned to do this far away from her normal, everyday life. She took a few days off and decided to visit friends, most of whom she hadn't see for years. That's when the trouble began.

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Dear Readers, I am happy to introduce my book in a 'new' version. Let me know if you like it. All support, comments, votes, reviews, etc. are appreciated.


Most writers don't know how to start a novel or should I say make the first three paragraphs worth reading but, you my friend did it. I have trouble writing in 3rd P.O.V but you showed me the way. Your writing quality is wonderful and I love the way you built up your characters. Nice job.


wow. I'm speechless. the story is too good! definitely recommended for the others to read![img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


A very entertaining book! The idea of a bet may seem ordinary and superficial. But what if you can win if you lose and win if you fail? As you go into the story, you will be torn apart. You wish they lose the bet, so they end up together, but at the same time, you want their story to evolve naturally regardless of the bet.


I fell in love with any novel whose events take place in Paris. feeling good story , dreamy and sweet The author has a very easy language that I like . keep going highly recommended


Beautiful piece of writing with unexpected but surprising development and characters! Keep it up! [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


As I read the story I get interested the plot was very simple and you can easily understand how the story will flow, I'm glad I had a new book to add in my library🤗🤗🤗Good job author👏👏👏


Great story, now I am hungry. It's about mc who has always been a professional, perfectionist from the outside but now her lifestyle was getting boring to her. She should have used tinder or something but she made a bet in drunk state☺️. A bet with her friends was recorded by Thomas (friend) and was posted on the internet for people to see. This can affect her professional image in front of the people from her work. In this, her friend Matthew a lawyer who wants to beat Thomas more than clear his image is with her in it. Will these two only beat Thomas in the end? What kind of changes in their friend circle's relationships will take place with this one bet? Let's see it in the novel's journey. Writing Quality - Great, no major mistakes. Grammar is great. Story development - It is interesting we can see the relationships between the characters now and how they were in the past. We also get to know why some characters are behaving the way. In Thomas case, his hate for Matthew is kind of justified in some way. Character design - The character in the story aren't one dimensional they have layers. Mc herself is the example she is a good friend but she does fight back if provoked. She scheming but she has bad drinking habits. (Don't ask me why these two are connected.) World background - It is similar to our world today just one video or tweet from you can destroy your whole career. World description is done very well, it is detailed yet captivating at the same time. Will I recommend this story? Of course. I will be looking forward to the chapter. Just a suggestion don't read the book on an empty stomach. Keep up the great work author. :)


the synopsis had me intrigued. Jo's journey is really interesting, i like how the Author made each character look more independent without overshadowing the MC, great work author 😊😊😊


Everyone isn't a perfectionist and this is true even perfect people in a not so perfect world do make mistakes and Jo is no exception, although being a perfectionist, she did make a mistake by agreeing to the bet. The synopsis needs a little bit of clickbait(not that I'm an expert myself 😅) but it was intriguing to say the least. Any might I add if you do read this book(few chapters in), fellow readers, be ready to wish you could rip the words out and voila food 🍲🥘🥙🍧🍝🍛🍔🍖 😋 The plot was a 8.8 out of 10 for me Goodluck author in your endeavours!


Wow author! First of all thank you for writing such a great book. It's the most interesting story I've read though I have read more but yours is really awesome! The idea is super cool! Worth A read!


Story of how a simple stupid bet you made in a drunken state can affect your life so severely. Sounds simple? It is! But life is not! I loved how author accumulated such a simple idea with such good execution. I am not big fan of romance genre but honestly this had me glued! The pacing of the story is good and the characters are lovable. World building is also very well done. Use of humor is just spot-on and dialogues are also used well. In this story, you in a way are just confused as what you really want from the character because you want characters to be together but also don't want things to end so fast, and that makes you completely invested in the storyline. I haven't finished reading this completely but I am excited to see what happens in Jo's life as the story progress. Keep up the good work author :)


Romance in Paris, what's better then that classic setting? The plotline and the FMC are really complementing to each other. One magnifies the other's beauty. A simple drunken bet being the driving force of the story and the various incidents in the daily life of the characters being so relatable really stirs a perfect combo of a little fantasy in real life. Besides the author's writing style of telling the story to the readers from a third person pov is the best way I like reading a romance novel.❤️❤️❤️


For starters, amazing story. I like these types of romance plus funny stories. They are just too captivating. The writer has a unique way of writing and describing everything, which is really good. The flow of the story is great, engaging, and easy to understand. Well done Author! Waiting for more chapters.


REVIEW AFTER READING 5 CHAPTERS Ok, so, I don't read romance. But, I gave this a try cuz of the encouraging synopsis and I wasn't disappointed. The description is good and the scene development is truly commendable. The characters are interesting and down to earth. The plot is intriguing and the way of storytelling is quite entertaining. Excellent job, Author!


Really a good book, the author had narrated the scenes perfectly, a new genre for me but I liked it. Was hooked on the story.. The scenes of alcohol really let me remember my college days, way to go author


I have reviewed this book before, but now that I am midway through it, I have decided to post another review just to let the author know one thing. This is Premeditated Abuse! hahaha how can you hook me so bad that I start to lose sleep just reading chapters after chapters! haha. you are doing great author-san! 💐💐💐


This story has a nostalgic atmosphere. I like the introduction of friendship and the budding of romantic relationships., The writing is excellent and it adds to the joy of reading., I've added this in my collection to follow the story of Matthew and Jo., And even Thomas! XD Great job! :)


This should be read by everyone, the author's narration hooked me. It's descriptive enough and the synopsis hooked me too and the title. That's the power of a short titleeee, it could hooked you and make you think why did the author entitled that? give this a read!


I must say, I am impressed with the intricate laying out of the descriptions. It makes me visualize and feel the emotions more. There are indeed layers of raw emotions that the author wants us to feel. I think the readers should give this story a chance because it has so much potential.


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