The Best Friend Finally Gets The Girl Book

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The Best Friend Finally Gets The Girl


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The best friend of the female lead, who has been by her side since forever. Unfortunately, that is me. I have spent 15 years hiding my love for Tang Yixin as her best friend, only for her to choose some other guy. In the first place, I was in the wrong for being too cowardly to confess. On her wedding day, I suddenly died in a car crash. For some reason, I woke up three years in the past, just before she met him. Filled with vigor and confidence, I called her to our usual hangout spot, prepared to confess whether she rejects me or not. Only... Her face was flushed red as she blurted out words so outrageous that I thought the sun had risen from the west. “Zhang Xun, I’ve liked you for a long time, so let’s date!” At that moment, time stopped for me, my mind completely blank. Hey... th-that’s my line!!! *** Just recording this idea over here. I would like to develop it into a story later on, but not now. Might add more tags later.


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