1 I. Tales of love

PS.: Just wanted to tell that how this book is just a bunch of things I write, feel free to start in any chapter you feel more like reading!

I am a person that falls in love pretty easily. But somehow I feel it so deeply it hurts, then I write.

Those are my feelings that I hope I can put chronologically. Probably another chapter about my love's stories will be published in the future. Because I'm like a fool in love with being in love... So, hope you enjoy!


I love you

I think


Loving someone platonically is a dual.

You love him to the core of your essence, but you don't want to love him.

You want him to know you, but you are afraid of his gaze on your weaknesses, and even your strengths.

You want to know him, every cell range inside and outside him, but you want him to come to you.

You want to be with him in bad and good times, but you are afraid of not being enough.

You want to be his castle, his home, but you are afraid to donate so much, for those who just want a season or are waiting for a better offer.

But, when the time comes, in the simple moment that he look into his eyes, or he sends you a message, an audio, a call, a smile. All of these thoughts are suppressed. It stops. You live the inconstancy of that moment as if it were forever, memorize each movement, as if it were essential for life. And after that trail is gone, a peace lasts, an intense but short serenity, which removes all doubts: it is him.

But loneliness returns, as fast as a needle stick, because the emptiness get bogged down by doubts.

That's why to love, even in the truest way, is also to suffer.


I wish you've had come for me today.


I still worry too much about you. I don't want to fall in love with someone just to plug the hole, I want to get over you. I want it a lot, but I also want you to be happy too, and I don't want to feel guilty for doing you harm. I want to believe that your friends will do you even better than they already do and that you will get thought what hurts you. You are an incredible person. And you deserve to live. You deserve the world. Which I am not able to give, not even a little bit. But you will find someone, or maybe you already have, but I hope that you live as much with that person and that you are pleased. Very much.

And I hope I'll too. Very much. And it's okay if you don't come back. One day it won't worry me anymore.

-Five- (I think it is important to point that it's about another person)

I feel butterflies in my belly.

I like when you answer me, even if it makes me ashamed and nervous.

Even without knowing it, you question me, I want to follow this uncertain path just for your patting.

I feel like I get lost being someone else. I feel like I'm a fake.

But not when you come to chat.

I feel a different warmth. I wanted you to feel a little of the same, I wanted to know if you smile in a different way when I talk to you.

And not being sure of that scares me.


He looked at her from above. He was not sure how he felt with that mask that covered his nose. Which only made him sexier.

She stood on tiptoe, used two fingers to pull the mask off his nose and down to his chin, gaining the vision she wanted. His face. Leaning forward, he held her by the waist and she stuck their lips together.

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