The Beauty Inside: Stealing The First Kiss, Get a Wife
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The Beauty Inside: Stealing The First Kiss, Get a Wife


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What is The Beauty Inside: Stealing The First Kiss, Get a Wife

The Beauty Inside: Stealing The First Kiss, Get a Wife is a popular web novel written by the author dewisetyaningrat, covering Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 57.3K readers with an average rating of 5/5 and 14 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 34 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


How did it feel to be a substitute for your own sister to marry an unknown man just for the sake of an agreement? That was what Aruna, a 20-year-old girl majoring in design, felt. She must marry Hendra, a young CEO, the owner of a mega business across the country! It was only a marriage contract. No problem. What bothered her the most was the rumour that Hendra has a girlfriend?? His lover was even an artist! However... What would happen when the CEO suddenly started showing his love attention? Not only that, a young man known as her best friend, Damar, also approached her. "What's the difference between March 21 and March 22??" Damar asked a question. "What? It's not funny."  "March 21 is an International Poetry Day". "March 22..."Aruna was not aware that Damar approached her. "My day begins with my love poem for you," This unique young man whispered right in Aruna's ear.  It made the girl stutter and push Damar's body. Who would she choose? The contract husband or Damar, this sweet-rhymes soloist? Could Aruna's wish to become a widow and return to her house happen over time, or would her heart melt for the CEO? Enjoy the story of Aruna, CEO Hendra and Solois Damar in 'Aruna's First Kiss.' INFO: Instagram @bluehadyan Author dewisetyaningrat Translator: joyenjoy14

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Contract marriage, get ready to enter Aruna's unique world of love. I like this. The CEO's thrilling love or the poetic love words of the poet, Damar. Must try to read this work. 🥰


Very interested story, with unique characters, and storyline is difficult to guess. I am so curious to know the continuation of the story. I give 5 stars to CPA. I LOVE HENDRA SO MUCH😘😘


I thought the story was very interesting. And I hope I can follow it continuously. Aruna's story of replacing her sister for marriage makes this story curious to read. Stay healthy for the author so you can continue to write interesting stories


Wow, the story is finally released. is highly anticipated and always manages to make readers imagine freely to following the beautiful flow provided .. really like it!! 💞💞


Yeay. I love the story. Love all the characters in it. Especially Aruna. Ah suppose I stepped into the world of your novel Thor and became Aruna. I'll date all the handsome boys.[img=recommend]


When reading this book makes me happy. The writer's writing flows like water. I got carried away into the story. I really like romance in novels.


I am really love this story..simple and realistic...make me smile alone...the caracters of people here really strong..and many people smart and funny..


I like the title and synopsis, making me very curious. can't wait for the sequel I make sure the work of this writer is great! let's save it in the library and enjoy!


the story is pretty good. Aruna and Hendra. love starting from an arranged marriage is not easy, but if it is God who unites in destiny. all nothing is impossible. good job❤️


love story stealing the first kiss,get a wife :aruna,CEO hendra very cool [img=recommend]...ILike 😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤ good luck kak dewi 💪💪😘😘😘


I am SPEECHLESS, this book is very unique and has the best plot throughout all books that i've ever read in Webnovel so far 💛😍 i also love the storytelling so much, it succeed in makes me love Aruna even more 😁🤭 great job, author! can't wait for the next update 🤭🤭


This novel has an exciting storyline and a good plot—highly recommended to read!. I’ll wait for the next chap. Keep spirit to continue the story, thor 😊🥰


wow, this story very interesting... I like the storyline,, waiting for next update thor...[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=update][img=update]




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