2 Chapter 1

The day turn out to be so tiring. I felt so exhausted that when I lay on my bed I easily dozed off asleep. Feeling the heaviness in my body, I'm unconscious of my surrounding.

When suddenly I heard a loud thug. I quickly get up and run as fast as I could. Only to see my Mom getting beat up by four witches.

I'm confused why Mom doesn't fight back. Then I saw both of her hands are tied up and now bleeding. Shit, they'll going to pay for it!

I quickly point out my index finger to one of the witches trying to shake the wand she's holding and targetting my Mom. My index finger let out some electric then electrize the Witch. She get hit and threw outside of the house while her body is convulsing.

That one is kinda strong!


I sense that the other two already saw me.

"You run, Misty! Run as fast as you could and don't ever look back!" my Mom shouted at me.

What did she say? Run and leave her here?

That's a No No!

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I am not called Hard-Headed Queen for nothing. So I quickly chanted spells while pointing my finger to each one of them. One are trying to attack me, but my senses are sensitive that everything makes slow down. The other two still trying to hurt my Mom, but I'm not letting them.

Who are they to hurt my Mom?

Then the situation turned out to be so relaxing. I can easily read their next move very easy to me to dodge it. I quickly go to my Mom and try to pull the tie off her hands.

"Stop, the rope is strengthen by a spell. Don't touch it or else it will absorb your energy and makes it more stronger." as if we can talk more of our situation, while she's talking I'm busy fighting the four witches and pulling the tie off.

I can feel my sweat running down on my face and body. I even saw some blood dripping from my hands.

But that won't stop me from fighting.

When I correctly cast away the rope, I immerse some of my electro with it and making it my own.

With some powerful strike, the rope eventually turn into electrifying and deadly.

I smirk. I look at the four witches and they were all shocked.

"How did you..."

"No way!"


"The Empress made it by herself, how could just a teen do that?"

My Mom sitting still and gaining some energy.

"First time, e?" with sarcastically laugh I replied to them.

That makes them go berserk. They attack me all at once. Good thing I have my rope to dodge every single attack they made and bounce it back to them.

Easy as peasy, they are all set to down.

Then I made the rope longer and longer and tied the four witches to each other using it.

And Mom chant a spell to make more stronger and hurtful.

"Karma is a bitch, and I'm Karma and Bitch." my last sentence before I blow their sanity.