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The Beast Era


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Alistar is just a normal and peacuful world 30 years ago with the same level of technology from Earth, until disaster struck the whole world. The heaven and the earth are changing, and countless Portals that leads to a mysterious world appeared out of thin air. All kinds of strange beasts of all shapes and sizes gush out from the Portals, and human beings usher in a critical moment of life and death. These beasts are like the animals from their world but more stronger and some of them developed some unique abilities, they called them Primal Beasts. By using the bodies of the Primal Beasts, Human technology advanced and some scientists extracted the genes of the primal beasts and experimented it with a human. The human that got injected became neither a human nor a primal beast with stronger capabilities than humans and sometimes have a power capable of surpassing other primal beast, they called these humans as Beastmans. Even though humanity can now fight back against the primal beasts with the power of the Beastmans they still send some of their powerful military soldiers and scientific researchers to risk their lives to enter the world behind the portals. They were shocked to discover that their fire arms doesn't work in this world and by hunting the Primal Beasts in their world, there was a certain chance of obtaining a Strange looking orb. Those with stronger mental powers and awakened the primal energy and can use them are able to activate and have a contract with the Strange Orb, the Orb can transform into the Primal beasts’ original combat body, weapons, armors and many others, and they called the strange looking Orbs as Beast Orbs, and a new profession that handles Beast orbs came into being. They are the Beastmasters. And with the help from the power of the Beastmasters and the Beastmans, humanity managed to defend their Settlements from being destroyed and recaptured the Settlements that they lost. A young Beast master who wants to make money to cure his body accidentally became one of the unique humans existing and it turned his life upside down.


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