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Mangrovehas, A place where Studying is replaced by taming dragons and creatures, and everyone have thier system and skills to protect themselves and there are so many tournament fights where we have to wear armour and fight.

Leo was new to that world.

Leo was an dragon lover man who was thin and strong.

Leos abilits:

Strength: 100

Mana: 100

Speed: 50

defence: 100

Stamina: 50

Leos ability was that leo could contronol all the elements and place the element whenever and anywhere.

Leos home was in a big city where there were many dragons and even there is a jungle very nearby.

Leo stuyed in a big school which was famous for its tournaments, there were tournaments everyweek.

It was afternoon 3:00 And the school bell rang and it was the time to go home, everyone rushed home and leo was still in classroom with his friend "Zee"

Zee was an dragon master and zee was water type and his his ability was that he could read the dragons mind and zee could understand dragon language.

Leo was with zee and zee said:

Zee: Leo, come lets go home

Leo: No zee, today I will go to ground and practice attacks

Zee: Why?

Leo: Because i need to be more powerful, there is a tournament in 5 days

Zee: Oh, but first go to home, have your lunch

Leo: No, In last tournament also I dint perform good

Zee: Ok leo, I'm going, Bye!

Leo: Bye

Then zee went to his home leo went to the ground and practiced Still stay attack

Still stay attack:

Still stay attack is a unique attack which can creature a Fire tsunami.

Leo practiced for 3 hours and it was 6:00 and the sun was setting, even leo was tierd so leo went to his home and Mom said:

Mom: Leo, where were you

Leo: Mom i Was in ground, practicing a attack

Mom: But you know what is the time

Leo: Yes mom

Mom: Ok leo, now complete your homework

Leo: I completed my homework in school mom

Mom: Oh, good leo, If you complete your you can play for howmuch ever you want

Leo: Mom, I dint went to play

Mom: Ok ok, now go have your snacks

Leo: Yes mom thanks

Then leo had his snacks and went to his room


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