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The Bearer of Light moved


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Demons that bring destruction and ruin a being that imposes itself halfway between what is divine and what is human with the function of intermediary between these two dimensions. Clara Antonacci, a girl of sixteen, she is in the second year of high school, one school day she shows up in class a new student named Lucifer. She felt attracted in all respects by him and her whole world of her and she did not understand the reason why she was affected by him, and that she had become dominated by him, having the constant need to have him in beside her. She spies on him because he did not convince her, discovering a part of him that did not believe it could be reality and, his whole world, is shocked by a rather shocking and profound truth, he was Lucifer, the Devil, the Bearer of Light, the worst evil it could be, and she had found out she was Lilith, Demon, Queen of Edom. But she did not want to accept this truth and did not want to accept the fact that she was Lilith, a Demon, the demonic forces and he, was the Devil the most terrifying species that exist and for this reason she could not believe they were evil, for this reason that distances him. But when she pushes him away it is as if she was not breathing she was bad and did not understand how it was possible that she was like this for a person she had just met and she comes to discover that she had had her memories erased and with time with flashbacks of the past, she agrees being Lilith the demon and Lucifer the Devil and a fantastic love story is created between them.

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