The Battle Of Arena 1: New Generation Book

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The Battle Of Arena 1: New Generation


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Twins were born at the exact day of the red moon of the demon realm. They said that once the child was born exact day where the red moon rises they will be born having different kinds of magic. A kind of magic that they can unlock it and having a such great mana that is barely being insisted in the other world which is the prophecy started. They thought they were born having a complete family, a peaceful one, and a happy one but no. When the other realms heard about that prophecy they quickly search every kingdom of the demon realm, in every towns, cities, and other more until the only kingdom is the Mephia Kingdom. The first kingdom of the demon realm. The twins are not just a pure demon but they are half. Their mother have to erase their memories and told her husband, the great king of the demons to let the twins live in the human world for the sake of their children safety and which the king gladly did and their mother disappeared. The twins got accepted into many Academies and Universities but they chose to study in the Sayxce International Academy. The one and only first Academy has been build since ages. Due to the prophecy describing them ans good personality they become popular in an instant. There in their Academy they made many friends and also want their wish to come true. Which is to find their real mother. They came back to the other world to study but their another term from that. They are also the secret weapon of the wsr being held. A war of the southern part of the demon realm and northern part where the bad demons lives and many realms will get involv because of the war between the southern and the northern part.


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