"Come on Eren! We have to go now!" A young Jedi in his mid twenties shouts while waiting at the boarding ramp in a hanger which we infiltrated this hidden base through. With him are two other jedi Ven and Shana twin sisters who joined the order together. They dash further into the ship and begin to lift off.

Behind them, is a tall armored jedi with a mask covering his face sprinting with everything he has towards the ramp, but behind him he can hear the heavy thumping of steel boots pick up speed slowly getting closer. The ship then lifts up off the ground the engine roaring and begins to head towards the exit. Right as it begins to exit the hanger the young Jedi Jumps reaching out his arm.

Jalen from the boarding ramp reaches out and grab it as the ship begins to exit the hanger. He pulls me onto the ship as the ramp closes. Both of the young Jedi sigh in relief as the ship begins to speed away from the hanger. "That was bloody close! One second slower and he would have caught ya." He laugh in relief.

Cracking a smile under his helmet he begins chuckling, "Yah just like our time on Malastar." He groans upon being reminded of that accursed place, "By the force that place was horrible." We stand up and begin to head to the freighters cockpit when suddenly a loud.


Rings out from the roof of the freighter, then a blood-like blade of plasma pierces through the roof hatch. "Crap he is on the ship!" Eren shouts distressed, 'of course getting away from a member of the dark council wouldn't be that easy.' He curses to himself.

Thinking quickly he manages to come up with a half baked plan. Not having time to explain he shouts at the others, "I will get him off the ship, soon as I do, hit the jump immediately do you hear me Shana?"

She turns her head to look at me, "What are you talking about?"

Without responding he uses the force to blast the hatch open and leap through it onto the roof. The salty wind of the ocean whips past him as he uses the force to balance himself.

Rain pours down on his helmet as lightning cracks in the distance, slowly turning to face the Darth Lord he sees a tall well built red skinned man smiling sinisterly at me his blood red blade in his hand hums in a calm rhythmic manner the color of his blade dances upon his shiny black armor, steam rising from the blade as the cool rain water evaporates on contact causing it to sizzle.

Eren turns to face the sith and he grasps the cool curved steel handle of his saber holding it in front of him. He slides his right foot behind him and ignites the weapon. With a *hiss* a white plasma blade with a hint of icey blue emerge from the hilt.

The temperature of the surrounding area around him drops nearly twenty degrees the moment the saber is ignited. He then raises it into a classic form five stance aka Djem-So. This form of lightsaber technique is made for those with overwhelming strength. It's used to launch brutal attacks and completely overwhelm your enemy.Narrowing his eyes and focusing on his breathing he prepares himself for the inevitable clash with this embodiment of darkness that stood before him.

The sith erupts cackling in a raspy voice, "Hahaha how interesting! That frosty aura, the color of the blade, your shining white armor, yes now I remember. Your the so called prodigy of the order, the youngest ever jedi knight, the Frost Jedi Eren."

Raising his blade he points it directly at Eren, "Your talent is wasted in the Jedi Order, become my apprentice and I will grant you power unimaginable to the Jedi. I Darth Vass member of the Dark Council offer you a place at my side. What say you young Jedi?"

'Like hell I am going to join him. You know, sending him there actually sounds kinda fun!' Eren chuckles to himself. He lets a small smirk cross his face as he strengthens his legs with the force and dashes towards the sith swinging his saber in a downward slash towards the man's right shoulder.

The Sith reacts with lightning fast speed parrying the slash before launching a counter strike at the young jedi's torso. Twisting his body as Eren just barely manages to get his saber in the way as the force of the Darths strike sends him flying backwards. 'What incredible speed and strength. Looking at the amused look on his face it's obvious that he is far out of my league, but lucky for me my goal isn't to beat him. If we faced on the battlefield I would rather not think of what would happen.' He shudders at the thought of facing the sith in an open field. Even with Eren's mastery of lightsaber combat, the level of experience is just too great for him to overcome.

Using the distance he gained from the slide he raises his arm and launches a dozen force ice needles towards him. Cackling the sith twirls his saber at extreme speeds to create a red whirlwind of death easily blocking my assault.

"Oh? I heard you were adept in Force Ice but to be able to gather the water molecules in the air and then solidify them like that, now that is force given talent! Show me more! Make yourself worthy to die at my blade! Your blood shall stain these waters! Come, I will send you to your doom!" The Darth Lord's voice echos out empowered by the darkside and his lust for battle.

"No thanks I don't feel like dying quite yet." Eren replies with a smirk, drawing on the force he can feel the individual water molecules floating in the air and attached to the ship, placing his hand on the ships hull he draws all the molecules at high speed towards him as the Sith dashes towards him. 'Now!' He freezes the molecules into giant ice spikes protruding from the ground right towards the Siths gut now completely obstructing his view of me.

"Useless Useless Useless Useless Useless Useless Useless Useless Useless Useless Useless Useless" He shouts in a maniacal laugh as he raises his arm back and blasts a overwhelming force push towards the ice wall of spikes that was rushing towards him obliterating it.

Suddenly his laughing comes to a complete halt as he looks around confused, 'Where did that brat go?' Within seconds his thoughts are answered as suddenly Eren dives towards him from his side grappling him and dragging the both of them off the ship. Darth Zaan grabs Eren's face and rips off his helmet then slams his fist into Eren's face trying to break free. "Damn you you self sacrificing Jedi scum! I will make you pay for this you bastard!" He screams his voice amplified by the dark side of the force.

Eren tightens his grip on the Darth refusing to release him, they slam into the water struggling against one another as they refuse to give in. As the struggle they slowly begin to sink deeper and deeper into the oceans depths. Even with the force enhancing their lungs they can't last for much longer.

Finally, Darth Zaan takes his final breath and goes limp. Releasing the body Eren tries to swim towards the surface but knows that there is no way he will make it in time. With that he whispers "Eternal Ice Prison." Releases a powerful blast of ice freezing himself and the entire ocean around him freezes encasing himself in ice.

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