The Barbarians path to ascension Book

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The Barbarians path to ascension


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On a planet called Khan where different races and Clans drench the lands with each others blood, unaware of the coming danger, The Forsaken Clans, under the Lead the Daedric God Azul, trample over the world on their corrupt rampage. . . . Dane, a young successful researcher and explorer is reincarnated in Khan in the SilverMoon clan. He is tasked by the moon goddess to unite the Clans and combat the Forsaken in their Thirst for blood. Follow him as he explores the mysteries of Khan. . . . (Authors Note) First book on this app, I hope you enjoy as I’m not sure it will be that good but I’m just having fun with an idea I fantasized so yea if my writing is bad please leave some tips as I know I’m not the best writer. My chapters are long cuz I try to capture a lot of detail even if it sucks so yea. Also I do not own the picture I got it from Pinterest :)


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